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  1. Awesome video! Makes me excited to get my boy out in the woods one day. Great experience!
  2. AZhunting30

    Tag came in the mail!

    Woot! Mine too!
  3. AZhunting30


    pm sent
  4. AZhunting30

    First time tag holders

    4b Bull archery here! Goodbye work productivity!
  5. AZhunting30

    What are you doing to get in shape for elk season?

    Hitting the legs and core hard at the gym. Also, loading up my pack with weights and hiking here in the valley. Come Fall there will be no solace for those elk in the canyons!
  6. AZhunting30

    1991 full size jimmy

    Great looking K5! Its hard to find them in this condition. Good luck with the sale!
  7. AZhunting30


    An awesome, go anywhere vehicle! Good luck with the sale.
  8. AZhunting30

    Few Hunting Items

    Zombie post, back from the dead! Do you still have the Rincon wheels?
  9. AZhunting30

    They are starting to hit CC

    YEAH BABY! Woke up to $135 missing from my account, sure enough AZGFD!!!!
  10. AZhunting30

    WTB Basswood

    Woodworkers Source has a huge supply of exotic woods. There is one in the east and west valley!
  11. AZhunting30

    online elk tag result guessing

    All you folks guessing April are bumming me out! 03/19/14 08:30:01!!
  12. AZhunting30

    37B kids success

    Congrats to everyone! Good to know there are actually pigs in that unit. The only thing I saw were some trophy bunnies!