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    That's how we do it. We always plan on a primary and secondary glassing spot in camp the evening before. Often the parking spot for a prime glassing spot is pretty obvious. We try to get out and plan on being at our spot well before sunrise, but occassionally someone has beat us to it. If we arrive at our planned parking spot and there's a vehicle there already, we head out to "plan B" spot. I prefer to not share glassing points with other hunters during the season, and I'm sure they don't want to share with me either if they beat me to it. One case we experienced was being at our glassing point about an hour before sunrise. Froze our azzes off until sunup. Shortly after a group of bulls was headed our way, with a nice 6x the boy wanted to try for. As we are watching them, and they are almost in range and position for a shot, they stopped, then busted out of there about an hour after sun up. Shortly after noticed a rather portly guy huffing his way up the top of the ridge, skylining himself, instead of using the military crest on the opposite side of the intended glassing area. That was frustrating, but nothing worse than that. He came up, talked to us, parked himself about 50 yards away and started glassing. We just got up and left after a bit. Can't understand encroaching on a glassing spot where someone has established themselves, especially walking in during prime glassing hours. Too scared to walk alone in the dark I guess. I've sometimes made the walk in when it is scouting season and shared a spot, and visa versa. Usually makes for a good time meeting other hunters. But not during a season.
  2. daverp

    Looking for water slide rental for Grandkids bday

    How old is she? We bought this for the grand kids last summer. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KUL0D4Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 $100, and keeps the younger ones entertained all day. Kids in their early teens likely won't appreciate it as much though. Kids depart, it gets deflated and put in the shed until next visit. We've set it up a half dozen times, and still going strong. There are some out there that are larger / taller and can accommodate even adults, but saw a couple bad stories out there on some of those with "sudden deflation" and people crashing into the ground causing spinal injuries.
  3. Brother drew early rifle bull for 15a,b and 18a. Have spent countless time in U10, but none in the above units. So we need to start hitting the scouting now. Thinking of starting in 18a, south and north of the 40 for the first trip up in a few weeks, brother seems interested in that area. I plan on spending a week to familiarize and "see what I can see". Look for sheds, glassing points, etc. Get the lay of the land. I'm not currently working (taking time off), he is, so I've got time to invest. Not looking for areas, but rather areas to avoid. Built up areas, heavily hammered areas, etc. Not at all interested in a "Williams Corner" type hunt, but rather an out in the middle of nowhere (as much as possible) middle of the Boquillas type hunt. We have no problem putting miles on the tires and boots. Any of the 3 units meet that kind of criteria? Starting now so I can get custom topo's printed up (not exactly cheap) and don't want to waste time in areas that would be fruitless or frustrating (people, private property issues, etc.). As soon as I can get some topos in, I'm headed out.
  4. Thanks for info. We may stick closer to U10 than further away. NE and SE portions of 18a. Brother coming over this weekend, maps on the way and will be here Friday, and we are going to game plan. Will make the first trip up in a couple weeks and get the lay of the land. Have a feeling September is going to come pretty quick. Good thing is I have taken some time off after the move back home, and unless a too good to refuse offer comes up for work, I should have some decent time to dedicate to burning some boot leather and rubber. Definitely want to spend a good chunk of time familiarizing with the unit. I think at this point the familiarization, along with looking for good evidence of last year's scrapes will give us some decent starting points. Then, the week before, head up and start looking for rutting bulls hopefully around previously identified areas with good glassing opportunities. As for the Onx app, never used it before. Signed up for it, and it looks interesting. Like Google Earth, but with a lot more info. Will take some getting used to, especially being a paper maps kind of guy myself.
  5. So, moved to AZ permanently on 8/19. About 4 days short of residency requirement for the Antelope / Elk draw, so I just got a BP for elk to save what BP's I have to use as a resident next year (will be going into that draw with 12 points). My NR license is valid through June 12. Just tried to purchase a Resident license in preparation for the deer draw, and it won't allow me as I have a valid and current license. I changed my residency status in the portal, and it shows the Resident options available, but won't allow me to select and continue due to having a current NR license. I'll give G&F a call in a couple weeks I suppose once everything dies down for them, but curious if anyone has come across this? Can I apply as a resident with a NR license? Seems to me that would be a big old rejection if I did get "drawn".
  6. daverp

    Card Hits!

    Brother got hit for early rifle bull today. Either U10, or U15a/b, 18a. Guessing the latter with only 5 bp's. But still....we are going early rifle bull hunting!
  7. daverp

    Florida Keys

    The keys are great. Never did do any fishing there, though I wish we would have. We stayed on Key West. Was a great time, and will go back. Would recommend a stop on Big Pine Key to see the Keys Deer. Smallest specie of whitetail. I remember reading about them in the old man's outdoor life magazine as a kid, wondering about these crazy tiny deer that swam the ocean from key to key. First time I'd read about Coues deer as well. Couldn't have been but 8 years old, but both these tiny whitetails fascinated me.
  8. Have been absent the forum for a while. I came down with heart issues 3 years ago (corrected via stent, no damage), and mom came down sick. Haven't stepped foot in AZ dirt in 3 years, except for the time I took the future wife of last 11 years to Sedona to propose. Had to turn my U10 deer tag back in unused in October as I couldn't leave mom alone. Didn't apply for elk this year either. Grew up in Parks and Flagstaff. Left my home at 18 years to join the Army for a few years, with an eye at that time of getting out after three, and putting in application with Flag PD. One thing led to another, and I would up doing 10 years in the Army. Korea, Fort Ord, CA, Germany and South Carolina. All those years longed to be back. We moved around a bit as a kid, but the one spot I always thought of as "home" was our secluded campsite up in the Hobbles in U7w. Didn't matter where we lived in AZ, we were up there often for camping, elk hunting, etc. Got out of the Army and got back to AZ briefly for about a year in the midst of a nasty split and custody battle. Then it was off to Kalifornia to stay with family while I continued the battle. Got my son back, but never got AZ back. Wound up staying out here due to solid work, 50/50 custody, and stability. All those years, and countless trips back with the boy to show him what AZ had to offer. Elk hunts, deer hunts, predator hunts, trout in the white mountains. We had a great time, but it was just never enough making those 3 to 6 trips a year out. We had toyed once or twice with the idea of moving, but an elderly mom here kept us pretty much locked in. I'm the only family she had close who could help. Mom passed 6 weeks ago. Then a few weeks later, out of nowhere, the woman texted "want to move to AZ?" I said "sure". She didn't think I'd take it seriously, but I was. Two weeks later, the deal was sealed. Her company offered a transfer to their Tempe office. She accepted. No cut in pay from her current CA salary, which is quite nice. Walking away from a 25 year job that pays nicely - with nothing lined up in AZ - is nerve racking. But worst case, I've got enough to live off of for a few years. Not that I want to do that, and dig into part of the retirement nest egg. Will be looking for work as soon as we get fully settled in. Almost said "no" due to the anxiety of walking away from a 25 year job, but knew I'd kick myself the rest of my life if I didn't make this move. Opportunity may never come up again until retirement, and the timing couldn't actually be better. So, I'm back as of July 1st. Getting house emptied and up for sale (good time to sell!), and packing up. Won't be applying or hunting as a resident this year, but next year, good to go. Almost biggest concern at this point is saving a sufficiently nice bowel movement to deposit on the west side of the Colorado before I cross over for the last time.😀
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    Finally going home. AZ here we come!

    Won't be moving to Flag unfortunately. That may have to wait 10 years or so until retirement for that. Then Flag, Prescott, Sedona....who knows. Somewhere out of the valley. But will be looking presently to relocate to Chandler / Gilbert area. After living in Kalifornia all these years, close enough for me. The Hobbles and U10 each a bit over 3 hours away. White Mountains about 4. Compared to 6 and 8 to 12 hour drives now to get to those places. The ability to get to places easily for weekends will be life changing. Aside from all the other numerous benefits to being back in Az compared to this chithole.
  10. NR here. Grew up in AZ but left for the military, and never quite made it back (though still have family there and will retire there). To this day the only state I hunt in is my home state of AZ. Oh, it was all about a money grab alright. But not by G&F. It was all about USO trying to jack AZ residents by trying to grab up the lion's share of tags for NR's. I understand the license purchase requirement. Azzhats at USO caused this. G&F is doing what they needed to do to keep things fair, keep a majority of tags for residents, and to discourage the playing of the system by shady outfitters like USO. No way should NR's have any right to receive more than the 10% of allotted tags. The license purchase was never required before USO started their crap. AZ G&F had to do something when the NR 10% cap was lifted for a while there in order to keep a majority of tags for residents. Their only option at the time was was to require license purchase by NR's in order to participate in the draw. May still be a good case for it, but at any rate, once that cat was out of the bag, there was no getting it back in. And I'm sure the continued required purchase of NR licenses to apply for a draw all adds up to not enough to cover legal fees to fight the likes of USO over the years. Not all NR's were, but there were plenty of NR's licking their chops at the prospect of the 10% NR cap being lifted in AZ. Well, what you see now is the result of that greed. The blame lies somewhere, but I don't see the need to put it at the feet of G&F.
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    Hits Started

    Hit for U10 deer. Hoping for some good rains between now and then.
  12. daverp

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    Here's mine. Just a couple trips in on it, but easily the best tent I've owned. Sturdy, easy to set up. I got the 10x10 though. Almost wish I'd of picked up the larger one, but this one is "good enough" room for 2 people, and the big buddy heater keeps it relatively warm.
  13. daverp

    Cold weather tent camping

    Same tent I've got. So far so good. The Big Buddy heater has a circulating fan built in. Though the fan on mine bit the dust some time ago. Now I just use one of these put on a box right behind the heater or clamped to the heater handle, and it does a good job of distributing the hot air throughout the tent.
  14. daverp

    Cold weather tent camping

    That's how I do it as well. CO sensor about head level, and a combo CO / Smoke up high. In addition to cross ventilation. I've had a couple Buddy heaters (a little buddy and a big buddy). I won't stake my life on the low oxygen shut off on those. A big buddy on low or medium takes the chill off quite nicely even on the coldest nights. By "take the chill off" for me, I mean, if it is 15* outside, and the heater takes me to 45* or so inside the tent, I'm a happy camper. Lean over, crank it up to high about a half hour before it is time to leave the sleeping bag, and all is good.
  15. Have a U10 deer tag. With the dry weather and fire restrictions, I'm heavily considering cancelling my trip and turning the tag back in to get my bp's back. Only had 3 bp's on this draw (would lose 2, as one is a loyalty point), but would still like to keep them. For U10, I hunt out on the ranch. It is more about getting "out there" and away from it all than it is about dropping a nice buck. Was looking forward to getting some venison in the freezer, but just don't have a lot of interest in being out and not being able to kick back around a fire at night. Especially as I'll be solo. Could make fore some incredibly boring evenings without a fire. Also have some load workups and action bedding I wanted to vet out before the hunt, and get some longer range practice in with the gong, but appears "target shooting" is out until we get some rains as well. Have been watching weather forecasts and forecast discussions, and it just doesn't look like rain is going to happen in time to lift closures for the hunt. I guess I will hold out for another 10 days before it is time to mail it in, and hope for the best, but not looking good at this point. Anyone else considering foregoing this year's hunt as a result of the restrictions?
  16. Well, certainly didn't see why that would ruffle anyone's feathers over point guard, or lead one to believe I need someone to Teddy Roosevelt a deer to a tree for me, but okay I suppose. I haven't been out in 2 yrs due to a health issue. And as a result I am long overdue and was very anxious to get out for the whole experience, not just the chase and kill. Campground camping just doesn't do it for me. Crowds don't work form me. I chose U10 deer hunts because it allows me to get far out there and away from people, and low hunt pressure. Certainly not for the hunt success rate, which is pretty consistently one of the lowest in the state. Though we typically seem to do pretty well there because we hunt our asses off, and over the years have put boots to ground over a great deal of that ranch and know it well. Keeping fingers crossed, but not looking good. At some point the concept of saving PTO time to be used when I can get out in a couple months for an extended period and get the entire experience I'm looking for after a far too long absence from it plays into my decision.
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    What am I?

    An Anasazi "tiny house"? 😁
  18. daverp

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    Have used Casey's a few times. Always do a great job.
  19. daverp

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    Interesting. May look into one of those. Looking for options for this year's deer hunt. I haven't been out of the woods since I went on blood thinners 18 months ago. When I go out, I like to get waaayy back out there, and often alone. Had anticipated being off them after a year, but doc extended to 18 months, then got hit with another stent, and another 18 months on the anti-platelet meds. Sent me into a deep funk when I found out it was extended to 18 months at first, then another 18 months on top of that with the placement of a new stent. Told doc I was going out anyway. He says "no knives, chainsaws, and stay close to civilization". Told him that wasn't happening. This has been soul crushing staying out of the boonies. Going to be safe, but will take my chances. First set of chainsaw chaps purchased. Always keep a pretty well stocked 1st aid kit in the pack and truck both. Compression bandages, super glue, quick clot, etc. Judging by the way I bleed when I cut myself shaving or in the kitchen these days though, I may need to step up my game. I understand now quick clot can be a bit worrisome, and am doing more research on that. Have carried it for years and don't intend to remove it from the pack, as if things are that bad, a possible heart attack from a clot weeks, months, or years down the line is better than bleeding out in the middle of nowhere if there simply are no other options. But will be looking to add a tourniquet, Israeli bandage, and maybe some other items (in addition to the increased caution).
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    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    They're up for those wondering which tag they drew.
  21. daverp

    Epstein Case

  22. daverp

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Hit. Not a sexy tag, but will be back out in U10, and couldn't be more thrilled. Haven't been in the sticks in 3 years due to a couple stents and blood thinner situation, but am ramped up and ready to go now. It has been too long. U10 will give me just what I'm looking for....a nice low key, low hunting pressure hunt. Get out, relax, and put some time in towards a nice meat buck, and enjoy some solitude and kicking around in the dirt again out on the ranch. Collected a bp for the son. He'll be sitting good to draw a 12aw tag in the next year or two.
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    Carrying Rifle w/Chambered Round?

    Don't want to ruffle feathers, but this is a disaster waiting to happen with most bolt rifles. In that condition the firing pin is resting directly on the primer. One good smack to the back of the bolt when dropped, and that rifle is discharging. Pull your bolt from your rifle. Rotate the firing pin assembly (the condition it would be in with the bolt closed and when firing pin assembly is not engaged by trigger sear). The firing pin protrudes beyond bolt face.....and is resting on primer if there is a cartridge in the chamber.
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    Last Grizzly in AZ

    Was a kid growing up in near Flag in the early 70's. The old man and some of his buddies knew an old houndsman (don't recall his name) who spent a lot of his time in Sycamore. Guy had some outstanding artifacts in is den from his days of wandering the canyon. His den was a mini-museum with artifacts acquired over many years of working that canyon. At any rate, at the time, he was certain of a grizzly he knew of in the canyon back in the mid-60's or so. Who knows if that was a thinly strung yarn or not, but the guy certainly did not seem to be the type to embellish, or have a need to do so. He was of the opinion Sycamore would be about the last place in AZ to give up all of her secrets. Eh, who knows. Was fun to think about at the time.