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    For 600 that's a smoking deal folks.
  2. Jazz

    A weekend in 6a with some friends

    Was in 5BS yesterday, it was fantastic. DIdn't get sheds, but found some other cool stuff. Good finds! 22 Elk and an Antelope. Was a decent day.
  3. Jazz

    Elk 101

    Trying to get the elk call thing down. Never done bugles before, am familiar with cow calls.. Never hunted bulls in the rut before! Wife has the archery tag, I'm trying to learn best practices to get close to bulls. I've watched a ton of elk101 on YouTube, and am digging some of the things they do. It'll be Sept, and probably hot, and there's some great water spots in the unit, but I know I'll be hearing bugles all over- having knowledge of calling them in / getting close to them if I go that route will help. Anyone have any good books/video suggestions?
  4. Jazz

    Elk 101

    I'll check it out!
  5. Jazz

    Elk 101

    I'll look into that!
  6. Jazz

    Elk 101

    And I wanna do it properly šŸ˜ƒ But I see the logic.
  7. Jazz

    Monday Check in

    That actually looks amazing.
  8. Jazz

    Coconino NF Road Status

    Yessssss was waiting for this. But it'll have to wait until next week.
  9. Jazz

    Gear Dump - List updated

    How much for all the 100gr broadheads?
  10. Not straightforward. Maybe it's just me. Wife (AKA Elkslayer) is shooting a Matthews Avail at 40lbs (ATM), and about 233 FPS. We did all the calibration stuff. (5 pin). Used the top pin. When calibrating to 60, the sight housing went so low the fletchings would hit. The plan: Get her to 50lbs, (About 250fps) sight in all 5 pins normally, and use the wheel for 60+ shots and calibrate with the bottom pin. Does that sound right?
  11. Jazz

    Spott Hogg Fast Eddie

    Good stuff. Thanks.
  12. Jazz

    Unbelievable Deal on 9mm Ammo

    OMG I've been 80'sd
  13. I think. She's got an ancient PSE Fury? I think- and it's 20+. Thinking about a Matthews Prima. Was gonna hit up AZ Archery this weekend to test drive. Any good bows for the ladies out there?
  14. Jazz

    Wife needs a new bow

    Yeah we bought the Avail. Threw a Spott Hog on it and are going to sight it in tonight. She's super stoked.
  15. Jazz

    Coconino road closures

    https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/coconino/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5341627 When about do they open up? Wanted to get to Long Lake- doesn't look like it's going to be until at least April.
  16. Jazz

    Coconino road closures

    I can wait two weeks. Wife is anxious to check out her unit
  17. Jazz

    BNIB Mathews Avail

    She does at that. PM sent.
  18. Jazz

    New to elk hunting

    Don't skip the cones! šŸ˜ƒ
  19. Jazz

    Fs Ruger Blackhawk 357 Old Model

    Gorgeous pistol.
  20. Jazz

    Wife needs a new bow

    She's 25.5- I assume that can be modified? I'll run it by her. I'm sure she still wants to test drive that Prima. Can't find a archery dealer that's open Sun-Mon- My days off. Go figure.
  21. Jazz

    Draw Results

    Oh that 7W will be a blast!
  22. Jazz

    Draw Results

    That's awesome! I'll have coffee ready at the tent.
  23. Jazz

    Draw Results

    3 7E Late Cow and Wife got the 5BS Early Bull archery. I think we need to do more scouting this year..
  24. Jazz

    Who is raising beef

    Iā€™m seriously considering 2 or 3 bulls. Still doing my research on cost.