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  1. Jazz

    Woodbury Fire

    oh man- Angel basin is in the middle of that. I loved hiking there..glad they saved the ranch.
  2. Jazz

    Get those apps in fellas!

    Any guesses as to when the cards are going to get hit?
  3. Jazz

    Garage Conversion

    Good advice. I should clarify- I'm looking to hire an outfit possibly that will do it.
  4. Jazz

    Garage Conversion

    Thinking about converting the garage into a studio with a bathroom. Any recommendations?
  5. Never met a grizzly. I’ve seen “The Revenant” though. In Arizona I carry a Sig 220 or a Glock 21 as backup on hunts. I do have a S&W 44 629 classic that I’m pretty good with. If I were to hunt Alaska I think I’d take a .500 S&W in a dockers clutch. Someone said earlier, nothing like a 12 gauge slug to deter an animal that size, but dang they’re heavy.
  6. Jazz

    Snake fence does it work?

    It works. Theres a ton of videos on how to setup the mesh. Has to be like quarter inch.
  7. And it's only getting bigger. 6200 Acres - mandatory evacs of both areas. The season is here.. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6375/
  8. Jazz

    PSA 6.5

    I only heard good things about the viper.. but what kind of glass would you put in there?
  9. Jazz

    PSA 6.5

    Oh yeah. I plan on taking it hunting 😃 Maybe I'll get one of those Kifaru Gun Bearers.. I love the package. I think I might even do a Viper HST on it. Some great videos on youtube with 6.5 and Elk..
  10. Jazz

    Sitka Jetstream

    My middle son loved my jacket so much I gave it to him. With Fathers day around the corner, I'm thinking Sitka Jetstream. Would like it be comfy around Dec/Flag hunts.. anyone have this jacket? What's it rated to really?
  11. Jazz

    PSA 6.5

    Thinking about moving to a 6.5 in an AR platform. Anyone have one of these? I hear they're VERY accurate. Especially for a semi.
  12. That is the cleanest ride I've ever seen.
  13. Jazz

    Tacos are back

    Sounds like a great time!
  14. Jazz

    Decent Lion

    Mebbe. It's actually pretty far from the cam. I'll check it today and see if there's any others.
  15. Jazz

    Decent Lion

    Looks well fed too.