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  1. Jazz

    Table Mesa Road & the Bradshaws

    I can see it now.. I live within a softball's throw of that tower.
  2. Jazz

    Table Mesa Road & the Bradshaws

    Not yet. We're pretty determined though! Caught some largemouth and bluegill.
  3. Jazz

    Table Mesa Road & the Bradshaws

    Horsethief Basin 😃
  4. Jazz

    Table Mesa Road & the Bradshaws

    State looking -"Road Closed" signs. Nothing permanent. Just three in the road, with the ability to drive around the easily.
  5. First, I'm going to say the Bradshaws have won me over. I've spent some time there in the past two weeks and absolutely love it. Roads are ok, but the full size Hummers racing around corners present challenges sometimes. Talked to some wardens in the area, and they loved to talk about deer and elk in the area. Bonus. Caught some fish- another bonus. It's 15 degrees cooler than below - love it. Found a few cameras - if you see anyone in a Coueswhitetail shirt doing peace signs it's more than likely me. So- the question I have: Table Mesa Rd E. is closed just about as soon as you get off the highway. Would love to know why. I know the Tonto is in lockdown but that's not for 4 miles down the road. Until then it's State Land. There's a few spots I want to check out- and am wanting to call someone about the closure. I got places to explore!
  6. Jazz

    Beef yearlings for sale

    Your freezer has to be massive! 😀
  7. Jazz

    thoughts on putting up stands early

    Im pretty sure mine are burned to the ground.. but I have to wait until they open to confirm.
  8. So my 10 and 14 year old son drew this tag this year. They are so excited. This will be the 10 year olds first big game trip. We’d love any advice you have. We are not going to be able to scout as we have a wrestling tournament in Vegas prior and we live in California.

  9. Jazz

    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    Honestly, it's a 3 hour hunt. Pick a spot.. wait.. pull the trigger. 4 days of glorious trees and air.. I wish I lived closer.
  10. Jazz

    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    Middle son scored a doe hunt in 12AW. That unit is just awesome. I can't wait. Might snow. Kinda hope it does. He's only got 1 youth hunt after this. We're going to make it count. Hope the fire didn't get everything..
  11. Jazz

    12AW snow fall and driving

    I dont think there's any cell service either- just a fyi. I have a InReach for stuff like this.
  12. Jazz

    12AW snow fall and driving

    That's just incredible.
  13. Jazz

    Time to explore

    There's some new land I wanted to check out past Horseshoe.. there was a fording point on the river. Most of you probably know about it.. it's on the way to Sheeps Bridge. (East of the river) Some of the roads I've walked up north of that point are just ridiculous.. can't take the Trucks. Now that I've got the side x side, I'm going to have to cross in that. I used to do it in the Yukon all the time - I'd just eyeball it. If it was relatively low then no problem. What's a ballpark estimate in CFS to even drive out and check? 300? It's over 1100 now. I'm going to take a pass if that's remotely accurate. https://streamflow.watershedconnection.com/Dwr Or maybe it's Tangle Creek I need to look at and not Horseshoe..
  14. Your in, I let you know all details as I get them, started of as a joke, but now I'm hungry

  15. Jazz

    Where's the Beef? Here! FS

    Cool. Let me know!