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  1. Jazz

    Quads for sale

    Timberwolf 4wd?
  2. Jazz

    5BS - let there be mud

    Wired it!! Haha I'll weld it later..
  3. Jazz

    5BS - let there be mud

    Might need to find a welder first.
  4. Jazz

    5BS - let there be mud

    Drying out.. Looks dry-ish for the week. Will spend 4,5,6th up top to do last minute scouting. Wife is doing 2 hours a day in practice. God I can't wait.
  5. Jazz

    5BS - let there be mud

    Had a chance to hit the area yesterday. Brought the Ranger. The water is unbelievable. Put on about 5 miles. Should have brought my water wings. I imagine every water hole is filled. The 6 I hit were practically overflowing. Sign everywhere. Didn't see elk till 5:30. I'm hoping it dries out a little before this kicks off, all I see are umbrellas in the forecast app for the next week.
  6. Jazz

    Parking on State Land

    heck yeah!
  7. Jazz

    Draw results

    There be deers. I live in 21. I get glimpses!
  8. Jazz

    Bartlett Flathead Fishing From the Bank

    I heard they blocked off the flats- god I hope that isn't true.
  9. Jazz

    Draw results

    21 Mule. Let the scouting begin!
  10. Jazz

    Hamburger recipes

    Use Elk and Ranch dressing packets!
  11. Jazz

    Hits started

    12AW or 21 Mule.. I didn't get an alert though, had to go in and check.
  12. Jazz

    Knoll Lake

    Wind was insane! Had to find an inlet and use the trees as a breaker.
  13. Jazz

    Knoll Lake

    About 100 for 4 traps over 4 hours. And two trout 😃 Well, used a pole for those.
  14. Jazz

    Knoll Lake

    I can tell you on Sunday that it was pretty bare. We had 1/4 of the lake to ourselves. And mackerel works absolute wonders in crawdad traps.
  15. Jazz


    And the pump only lets me go to 100. So I got a hangup ,do the whole thing again and fill it up