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  1. Jazz


    Walmart was out of OTC Deer. (Had to call the front desk - the Sporting goods area was a ghost town, no matter how many times you hit the button). DID find 4 boxes of .410 though. Had to go to the AZGFD office for 3 tags.
  2. Jazz

    7 East Draw Odds

    Nate- I think I have a younger brother on cam from last year.
  3. Jazz

    7 East Draw Odds

    I just talked to the boys- we're going in for 7E cow. (Even better odds). Do the bull!
  4. Jazz

    7 East Draw Odds

    I’ve got this love-hate relationship with 7E. I absolutely love the unit. So many factors on a late hunt, but one of the easiest to draw. Might throw my hat in again this year, but wife is putting in for 5BS Early bull archery.
  5. Jazz

    Ord closed

    https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd985009.pdf My stand won't be too happy. Probably under a bunch of snow anyways. Is the road that bad??
  6. Jazz

    December Tags 2021

    Looks like the base of Ord? Heading that way the first of the year- if there's enough road to drive up on. I'm seeing snow on the forecast.
  7. Jazz


    How much is it in .556? 😃
  8. Jazz


    Yeah my goats are enjoying watching the new waterfront off their house.
  9. Jazz

    Trying to find this ruin..

    That looks alot like Angel Basin?
  10. Jazz

    Capt. Don? On lake Mead. Or others….

    Maybe the Capn has a deal going on? Wasnt able to pull up his website.
  11. Jazz

    7E Cow

    I hope you had as good a time as I did!
  12. Jazz


    Not alot. The goats are splashing in the puddles though.
  13. Jazz

    7E Cow

    We came home empty handed. Was a blast though- everyone had a good time. We were in the right place, just didn't see them. Looking forward to next year!
  14. Jazz

    7E Cow

    Not yet. Hit Phoenix on Wed for something that couldn wait. heading back at 5am for last day. ready to go the cones if I gotta!
  15. Jazz

    7E Cow

    I’m hoping we glass in some active corridors. They love the absolute last minute of light.