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  1. Jazz

    Girls Trip

    That’s just awesome!
  2. Jazz

    My son's first deer

  3. Jazz

    More 12AW success!

    Ethan was a trooper. Pretty cold and windy in the burn, but sealed the deal at 3pm opening day. We were talking .. and realized we saw 1 squirrel and about 76 doe. Not alot of squirrels! And a ton of folks who parked in the middle of the road and were nowhere to be seen. I can only imagine they saw a doe and gave chase. I know the feeling. Hope they scored. 263 yards with his new Creedmoor 6.5.
  4. Jazz

    Thomas did it again.

  5. Jazz

    12AW weather

    Gonna be cold this week in 12AW! Bring tons of warm weather gear for the kids.
  6. Jazz


    I know! 😉
  7. Jazz

    Youth javelina

    Was thinking of 18b and 17b- he’s using a 6.5 this year.
  8. Jazz

    Youth javelina

    So middle son got picked for 18b late November. It’s one of our favorite, possibly muddiest units. I read somewhere that there could be two javelina in a season. How does that work? buy an extra tag? Different units?
  9. Jazz

    The best part.

    Wifey is totally into. Any bones from elk/deer go into the broth. It’s not bad!
  10. Jazz

    Euro with velvet

    Badass. I’m think that’s what she’s going for. I’ll give Bret a call.. he’s close to cabelas.
  11. Jazz

    Euro with velvet

    I can’t compete with that.
  12. Jazz

    Euro with velvet

    Cool. Who did you go to?
  13. Jazz

    Euro with velvet

    Not sure how this is going to turn out.. Wife wants a euro with velvet- is that possible? Heads been in the freezer since day 1. I’m reading that if the fluid isn’t applied in a day or two there’s no chance. Can a taxi do something?