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  1. Jazz

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    We get them all the time. Out in the bush it's chaps- mandatory. I've seen them when they shouldn't be out. I sweat bullets and more.
  2. Jazz


    It makes sense to do one stop.. but I wont be able to make it. I relinquish my claim on 1 case 😃 I'm sure it'll go quick.
  3. Jazz

    1999 f250 7.3 crew cab 4x4 $8000

    What a beast! Those 7.3's are pure legend. Let's see a pic!
  4. Jazz


    They last for years, they're not that bad nowadays. Perfect for cars and hunt packs.
  5. Jazz


    Maybe we all meet somewhere- that way he can knock this out at once. Just a thought.
  6. Jazz


    I'll take 1. Message me when you can.
  7. Jazz

    Ranger Seat Found at Alamo 3/21/19

    I gotta know.. was it his??
  8. Jazz

    Potable Water Totes

    I should note, the inside is clean and smells sweet.. if it *was* glycerin, game on?
  9. Jazz

    Potable Water Totes

    So I just bought this one. The guy was questionable.. he told me it used to have glycerin. Looks brand new. Can I haul drinking water in this thing?
  10. Jazz

    Pray for Daisy

    Prayers sent for Daisy- and the family.
  11. Jazz

    Another heartbreaking loss

    dang sorry man.
  12. Jazz

    Black Labrador Retrievers $600

    What's left? Boys/girls?
  13. Jazz

    *SOLD *2014 Yamaha Grizzly 450 4x4

    Very nice!
  14. Jazz

    Black Labrador Retrievers $600

    I'm this close..
  15. Jazz

    Archery lessons

    Curious to pricing at Timber Mesa?