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  1. Jazz

    Modern Barter

    It's pretty unreal what some of this has turned into. I've always been big on materials. Dogecoin doesn't do it for me. No electric? No money. I'm going to be needing some stuff in the near future- I may just try to barter for everything on the list. We'll see how it goes.
  2. Jazz

    Getting goats!

    That was absolutely fantastic.
  3. Jazz

    Getting goats!

    The wife has a buddy that has too many goats. That means my wife get some goats for free. Spent the past couple of weekends building a pallet house, the feed store down the street gave them to me for free. As far as pallet houses go it’s OK, I’m hooking up the watering system today. literally knowing nothing about goat, I agree to this. Today is supposed to be the day that we get them. I took the opportunity to do some research about goats and what we might expect in the near future. if anybody wants to send a prayer my way that would be appreciated.
  4. Jazz

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

  5. Jazz

    1991 Lowe Bass Boat

    I'd totally buy this. I just dont have the cash at the moment.
  6. Jazz

    1991 Lowe Bass Boat

    How much is that in 9mm?
  7. Jazz

    Leatherman MUT

    If you can ship to Phx for 100, I'll take it. I know you don't really wanna do that..
  8. Jazz

    Spypoint adapter

    Appears so. I wasn’t aware. Prolly send it back.
  9. Jazz

    Spypoint adapter

    I heard a rumour they might kick in for 2022.
  10. Jazz

    Spypoint adapter

    Never had a cell cam before. For $50, I Amazon'd one and will hook it up to one of my favorite spots. I'm hoping this does the trick. It's 3 hours away and will save some travel time and expense. I can't see myself paying $300 for a top of the line until that will get undoubtedly shot or stolen at some point. I used to think that cams in the middle of nowhere were pretty safe.. and then I get pics of people I never thought would make it to the area. Anyone have one of these adapters? I'm hoping you had a good experience. But for 50, I'd try it out.
  11. Jazz

    Favorite Westerns

    Big Jake, For a few dollars more.
  12. Jazz

    Results are up

    One of the boys got youth 5B South - The other and I got 7E Cow - Dec. I've seen alot of antelope in 5B..
  13. Jazz

    Need Your Spots

    Right by the cave! (Maybe a little inside)
  14. Jazz

    Tick Tock

    Now the son and I just got hit.
  15. Jazz


    Yup. Just got 50 for youth.