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  1. Jazz

    Mathews bow

    Pm sent
  2. Jazz

    E tag are up

    Saw something weird. the boys have “pending” and yesterday their tag numbers (88,89) were displayed. Today it’s pending with no tag numbers.
  3. Jazz

    Hits already?

    Got hit for 2 elk a minute ago
  4. Jazz

    General Hunt Weather Report

    Should have stayed home for the totty..
  5. Jazz

    General Hunt Weather Report

    We’re heading up to 18b Thursday night. probably camping low, we usually camp high up on the mesas. Not looking forward to inches of snow on this trip- my usual spot is windy enough, and with them probably dog piling all day it’ll be a chore to find them. Will still give it our best shot!
  6. Jazz

    target shooting in the desert

    Nah. It's all state trust. You're probably going to want Table Mesa - far enough in that you're hitting Tonto area.
  7. Jazz

    Who’s in ?

    We're in. Probably won't get picked, but we're doing a focus on 7W this year instead of 7E. Put 7E as a last choice this time.
  8. Jazz

    National Egg shortage

    We're thinking of a cricket farm to augment the protein for our girls..
  9. Jazz

    22 Cricket Rifle

    Nice Hoss.
  10. Jazz

    Cabelas Bighorn 2 tent

    One of the best tents you can buy.
  11. Jazz

    15ft Valco 30hp Suzuki $2500

    Holler if it doesn't go.
  12. Jazz

    iPhone 14 and SOS

    Saw an article today. Apparently it’s live. Those with the 14 can now use the SOS text anywhere in the US to connect to the satellite system for 911. If you don’t have signal, you can text emergency services. Big game changer for those who don’t have a garmin. If you’re thinking about upgrading, that’s a good reason.
  13. Jazz


    I'll take a case Phil! PM me when you can.
  14. Jazz

    7E Scout Cow

    Day 5. Haven’t seen one elk- 7 deer, 22 turkeys and a javelina we named “Chad”. Always fun to hunt 7E though. Except the wind.
  15. Jazz

    7E Scout Cow

    Wow, not what I expected. I kinda found them, but not nearly in the numbers I expected. We'll see what the rifle bull hunt does to them, and what kind of weather is expected early Dec. Hope to get up there this weekend and scout more east of the 89. Most of the water holes were full... don't see myself sitting water on this hunt though.