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  1. Jazz

    First Elk!

    If he needs a push in the right direction shoot me a message.
  2. Jazz

    First Elk!

    The boys got their elk on that youth hunt, But this is my first elk. 7E was a hard hunt for me. I found some water that both cows and bulls were hitting at various times of the day. Total bonus, considering most of these elk are nocturnal right now. So I decided to take a walk and find the best path from the waterhole and do some still hunting. Turns out the Lord guided me to a cow about a mile out And I took her down. Day 4 ends the hunt. Took her back to camp and got her deboned. Tomorrow is elk burgers. The family is really looking forward to it. This was a solo hunt for me,And I forgot how everything freezes when you leave camp. That was a pain in the butt. Looking forward to going home tomorrow.
  3. Jazz

    Buddy Heater Repair

    Long hose didn’t work. It still works with 1 pounders. Really needed something for a big tank and didn’t wanna mess with it. I picked up a Mr Heater flex- couldn’t be happier.
  4. Jazz

    7E blind

    During late archery.. anyone had this one? Would love to know how it turned out. Tons of bulls in the area- but they stopped coming after it was setup. oh, they’re back now. But my card filled up on the tree. IMG_3057.AVI
  5. That bear has a helluva limp. Awesome videos.
  6. Jazz

    Elk and Water

    They’re pretty nocturnal right now. When they do come out during daylight I’m finding they tend to favor the early AM. There’s some water in the tricks in the center of the unit. Haven’t checked the cams in a few weeks but I have no doubt the areas that had water then still do today. Cant wait to get this show started next week!
  7. Jazz

    Cabelas alaknak with vestibule

    Yeah what the heck is that??
  8. Jazz

    Pmags and 223 ammo

    It’s a good deal right now. We should start a currency conversion- how many rounds for a 6 x 10 trailer?
  9. Jazz


    So you’re in deer valley at least a few times a week?
  10. Jazz

    Buddy Heater Repair

  11. Jazz

    Buddy Heater Repair

    OK. I think I have my next step. Thanks guys.
  12. OK. At some point I know I've complained about this thing. I have the big one. So I took everything apart - and blew through all the pipes and cleaned it out. I'm trying to pinpoint at where this is failing. With a 1lb tank, it works geat. With a 20lb tank, I get a pilot light, and when I go to "Low or High" it shuts off. Am I looking to replace a regulator? Both sides produce the same result.
  13. Jazz

    Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

    Thanks! This thing is awesome!
  14. Jazz

    Utility Trailer - 5 x 8 -$ 650

    Just sold it. Malcolm, the pleasure was mine sir.