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  1. Jazz

    Walking the streams

    I have some videos to watch it looks like. Yeah great start thanks Edge!
  2. Jazz

    Walking the streams

    Lots of water coming down the rivers lately by the house..mostly small streams that finally see some water. Found some interesting stuff walking around. It’s got me thinking of what I really *should* be looking for.. can anyone recommend a resource or book for absolutely beginners in looking for precious metals?
  3. Jazz

    Post up your success in tags

    7E Late Cow .. x2. I love the area. Hope it works out.
  4. Jazz

    Costco is getting emptied

    Out of ground meat too. was there last night to gas up the truck and grab some hot dogs. (My weakness) and the place was fairly busy. Most cleaning supplies sold out and I didn’t think the meat would take a hit.
  5. Jazz

    Processing javelina

    It was pretty deep in the muscle.
  6. Jazz

    Processing javelina

    You guys might be right. ive never had a pig tested- just went off what I’ve heard from others. There was a podcast on Meateater that said freezing for 90 would ensure it would die. The dehydrating process would certainly ensure it. it can’t hurt to do it anyways.. But what’s in that pic? Some kind of worm or other thing?
  7. Jazz

    2020 AZ SOLO JAVELINA - pic and video heavy!

    Great vid! Good footage. Congrats!
  8. Jazz

    Processing javelina

    So there we are. Jerky time. Come across this.. not sure what it might be . I treat every javelina like it has trichanosis and we freeze them 90 days before they hit the dehydrator. any ideas?
  9. Got hit for two tags!
  10. Staring at my phone for a text..
  11. Jazz

    Credit Card Hit

    Yup. ill take 1 in 4 over here. Good luck all!
  12. Jazz

    2020 pig

    We had been glassing the canyons all day. I think the herd magically appeared around 4:30pm at about 480 yards. There’s a lot of wind on the Mesa so we looped around to about 180. The 06 had her tumble down the slope. One of my favorite hunts. Wife was wingman.
  13. I Hope all is well. Sending them up.
  14. Jazz


    This is the first hunt I’ve used a spotter scope on. I got a phoneskope- and I’m glad I was able to make them work well. I found some javelina on an adjacent hill that I never could have seen with binos. also able to get a few shots of a bull elk on Goodwin Mesa on 18b. That was a pleasant surprise. Elk was about 500 away. The j13 managed to rattle it a little.
  15. Jazz

    Plot Watcher

    Seems I can't find these online?? Do they still make them?