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  1. Jazz

    Crown King Fire

    They're on "Ready". Hope they can get it under control quick.
  2. Jazz

    Buffalo draw strategy

    I just did. First time.
  3. Jazz

    Youth cow unit 22 help

    That's a greats story! Congrats!
  4. Selling a 5 x 8 Utility trailer. The Ranger just doesn't fit on it, so I'm selling this one and getting something a little bigger. Maybe a 6 x 10. Lights work. No jackstand. It's a hand me down from the in-laws, so I have the title- I never transferred it over so It'll go straight to the buyer.
  5. Jazz

    The Draw

    Putting in for 4 Javelina - 18b.
  6. Jazz

    7E Bugles

    7E Cow / Dec. I know they're not going to be where they're bugling then- if they're even bugling now.. I was just going to check the water and listen. Haven't had a chance to go up. I'm doing a pretty good weekend scout coming up next weekend from White Horse to Babbit Lake.
  7. Jazz

    That was fast

  8. Jazz

    That was fast

    Oh man! Sorry to hear that..
  9. Jazz

    That was fast

    I treasure the time in the kaibab. We both were looking forward to a few days in pine trees and somewhat cooler temps, brought enough chow for at least 4 days. We arrived Thursday..someone in our favorite spot (turkey hunters I think) so we just found another spot down the road and set up camp. Friday morn we head out and get near the spot we were heading towards..and by 7am it’s all over. I told him next hunt just to bring a cot and a sandwich. We decided to head back home and put her in the freezer. Ethan gets it done in 2020. Only 1 year left - hope he gets drawn 2021.
  10. Jazz

    Rotomold Coolers

    Scouting today.. had 2 bags of ice in the cooler. Melted before half the day was over. Now that's not typical, it was hot out- but I'm looking for a new cooler. Something close to 80 quart- so I have to ask: Are all rotomolds pretty much the same?
  11. Jazz

    12AW Youth Oct

    Was going to bring a jacket.. saw the temps with a low of 50. I don't think I've seen a 50/80 at Jacobs Lake on a hunt! We'll still bring everything for the freak snow storm, but it's looking like it's going to be a lot warmer this time around.
  12. Jazz

    7E Bugles

    I've waited to go inbetween hunts.. Any bugling? Spending the next 2 days crawling South to North in 7E.
  13. Jazz

    OTC Elk questions

    I'm looking into it for the Dec Verde Valley hunt for the middle son. I've spent some time up there this weekend and it's a great area. I'll be scouting soon- about an hour away.
  14. Coconino is probably the closest? Maybe somewhere north of Camp Verde. Fire restrictions in place.. shooting is ok.