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    2008 rockwood freedom

    Heater yes. Ac no. Toilet used by previous owner. I go to the bathroom outside.
  2. camoremi

    2008 rockwood freedom

    Looking to selling my pop up. It's a 2008 rock wood freedom. Has 3 burner stove 3 way fridge, toilet, indoor and out door shower. Slide out for kitchen area. Also has an outdoor grill that connects outside. Great little camper. Asking $4,400
  3. camoremi


  4. camoremi


    Bought in August 2016. Less than 10 hours on it. Brand is powermate. I believe it's made by Coleman. Model is pm2000i asking $340
  5. camoremi

    2008 rockwood freedom

    Bump price obo
  6. camoremi

    2008 rockwood freedom

  7. camoremi

    Sig kilo

  8. camoremi

    Sig kilo

    Looking to sell my sig kilo 2000. Works perfectly. Only selling because I'm having twins. Purchased August 2016. Asking $300
  9. camoremi

    Kuiu icon 5200

    Sold last night sorry
  10. camoremi

    Kuiu icon 5200

    Practically brand new. No tears rips or anything. L/xl Frame Pattern is verde. Has both hip pouches as well. $380 cash only. Twins on the way force the sale
  11. camoremi

    Kuiu icon 5200

    We don't know yet she is only 12 weeks al we know are twins. Not sure if identical or fraternal yet.
  12. These will sell once people get that tax money
  13. camoremi

    5th wheel for sale price drop SOLD

    I'd have to sell my pop up to get funds together. Right now is t a good time to sell stuff. Tax returns help sell stuff easy
  14. camoremi

    5th wheel for sale price drop SOLD

    How many does it sleep? Does the ad work?
  15. camoremi

    Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer $3,500

    Wish I had a diesel. I'd sell my pop up to get this
  16. eBay sucks man. eBay and PayPal get their cut if you go that route
  17. camoremi

    Toyota 4x4, 1992

    How much for the dog.
  18. camoremi


    Doubt they are the new hd for that price
  19. I have a mosberg 500 in 12ga. It's ok but I kinda want something different. What would you guys suggest for some quail hunting? Kinda thinking maybe a O/U 20ga
  20. camoremi

    Scouting tips

    Looking for some scouting tips.. I drew a 20b archery tag. I normally hunt 21 and I always see deer or javelina. Only reason I put in for 20b is because I'm 10 minutes from lake pleasant. Long story short I've put about 20 miles and my boots and seen nothing but 1 coyote. I was up near champie off castle hot springs. Kinda thinking about checking out up near black canyon city. Any input is appreciated
  21. camoremi

    WTB Bolt Action .22

    Marlin model 60's are pretty nice and can sometimes be found for $160 used
  22. camoremi

    Mule Tape 2500lb

    Dang I was just saying I need a couple hundred feet of mule tape the other day
  23. camoremi

    CZ PCR. CZ 75D compact.

    Good luck with sale. I just got my fiancé the shield 9mm with thumb safety for Xmas
  24. camoremi

    Scouting tips

    Lmao explains why their cows where shot
  25. camoremi

    Mathews Z7 Xtreme

    Great bow