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    Ultimate predator decoy. It’s the bow mounted doe decoy. I don’t have Picture. Only used once. Asking $60. I’m located in Peoria
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  3. Haha you beat me to it
  4. Looking to sell 16-48x65 vortex razor hd spotting scope. Immaculate condition only selling because it’s not my cup of tea. Rather just upgrade my 15’s . Also selling the new vortex Diamondback 15x56 hd’s that were released recently. Used maybe 3 times. Spotting scope $600 Price drop $550 binos -sold
  5. camoremi

    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Your welcome man.
  6. camoremi

    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Spotter sold
  7. camoremi

    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Not often. I was gonna head up to Prescott this weekend but my truck tires are in some bad shape and soonest Discount tire can get me some tires is Tuesday. We can try to work something out if you’d like.
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    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Binos pending
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    How much for the table.
  10. Have any of you hike into sycamore canyon trail #40 ? I’m scouting potential areas to target on onX maps if I draw for rifle it’s pretty much guaranteed it will be a 36b tag pretty much taking 2 Sunday’s a month to scout down there. Fro. Satelliteit looks pretty rugged and the fact that vehicle traffic is prohibited it seems like a good area to hike in to get Way from the lazy hunters that will glass from hills close to roads. This is one of three areas I want to check out so far any input would be appreciated. I already know about potential illegal run ins. So don’t need input on that aspect
  11. camoremi

    Temp Charges Wellsfargo

    I think chase may have been having issues also. I tried to pay a bill this morning and it wouldn’t process my payment. Then chase emailed me saying it’s delayed and it went through four hours later. My card was not hit. Or maybe it was and declined. Kinda weird. But I guess I can’t dwell on it. Bad luck. just figured 750 tags. How would I not get drawn with 2 bonus points in 36b.
  12. Draw is Friday. If my card is hit it will be for that 36b I’m gonna head down to the wilderness area trailhead and just hike around do some glassing on July 6 if anyone else wants to team up LMK I have planned a whole day once or twice a month to head down and I’m breaking the unit up into smaller areas to investigate Goodluck on the draw everyone -Richard
  13. camoremi

    Pajarita wilderness

    $15for tour. Closed indefinitely due to covid
  14. camoremi

    A few from 2020 with Ward's Outfitters.

    What’s rifle coues run ? Do I bring my own rifle? Dm me if you don’t put pricing out
  15. camoremi

    Pajarita wilderness

    Pretty cool?
  16. camoremi

    Pajarita wilderness

    I’m in north Peoria if you want to carpool or we could meet down there. Look on the bright side it’s like 6 degrees cooler down there. Pm me if interested.
  17. camoremi

    Pajarita wilderness

    I’ve never been down there. Just wanted to pick some meshing with good draw odds so I can get out. Definitely be a learning curve on a new unit. My go to is unit 21
  18. camoremi

    Sycamore canyon

    Not saying everyone is lazy. Just a lot of people my age will ride roads in there sxs
  19. camoremi

    Sycamore canyon

    You got a point there. If we don’t wanna go there mist likely that’s where the deer are. 👍
  20. camoremi

    Pop-Up Campers, good or bad idea?

    They have there place. But as stated above people usually start at a pop up then Upgrade. I liked my pop up but it didn’t have ac or a freezer. Also it gets colder because you are basically on sleeping n a board the cold air travels under all night. Now I got a smoking deal on a 21 foot travel trailer and I will never go back. It nice to have all the amenities. Also when your in those hot hunts you can stay out longer because you have access to a shower. Granted it’s a quick army style shower to better than nothing. Every time I hav went on the summer hunts, if I went home early it was from just needing a shower to wash away the misery. Lmao.
  21. camoremi

    Looking to buy a Propane Fire Pit

    They are hard t find right now. I’m looking too. I tried arrowhead Costco. Trailer supply on on grand and 83rd. Also Walmart. Nothing yet.
  22. camoremi

    Son is looking for a *Nintendo Switch*

    For sure a shortage. My niece had to call like 30 stores to find one. Call Costco and see if they have any. They will hold it for you. That’s what she did.
  23. camoremi

    WTB palisade 90

    Looking to buy an outdoorsmans palisade 90 in coyote brown. Trying here before I buy new.
  24. camoremi

    ISO marlin model 60

    Looking for model 60 prefer stainless tubefed. LMK what you have