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  1. camoremi


  2. camoremi


    Ultimate predator decoy. It’s the bow mounted doe decoy. I don’t have Picture. Only used once. Asking $60. I’m located in Peoria
  3. Haha you beat me to it
  4. camoremi

    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Your welcome man.
  5. camoremi

    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Spotter sold
  6. camoremi

    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Not often. I was gonna head up to Prescott this weekend but my truck tires are in some bad shape and soonest Discount tire can get me some tires is Tuesday. We can try to work something out if you’d like.
  7. camoremi

    Vortex Razor spotter price drop sold

    Binos pending
  8. camoremi


    How much for the table.
  9. Looking to sell 16-48x65 vortex razor hd spotting scope. Immaculate condition only selling because it’s not my cup of tea. Rather just upgrade my 15’s . Also selling the new vortex Diamondback 15x56 hd’s that were released recently. Used maybe 3 times. Spotting scope $600 Price drop $550 binos -sold
  10. camoremi

    Temp Charges Wellsfargo

    I think chase may have been having issues also. I tried to pay a bill this morning and it wouldn’t process my payment. Then chase emailed me saying it’s delayed and it went through four hours later. My card was not hit. Or maybe it was and declined. Kinda weird. But I guess I can’t dwell on it. Bad luck. just figured 750 tags. How would I not get drawn with 2 bonus points in 36b.
  11. camoremi

    Pajarita wilderness

    $15for tour. Closed indefinitely due to covid
  12. camoremi

    A few from 2020 with Ward's Outfitters.

    What’s rifle coues run ? Do I bring my own rifle? Dm me if you don’t put pricing out
  13. camoremi

    Pajarita wilderness

    Pretty cool?
  14. camoremi

    Pajarita wilderness

    I’m in north Peoria if you want to carpool or we could meet down there. Look on the bright side it’s like 6 degrees cooler down there. Pm me if interested.