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    Scouting tips

    Opens January first I almost drove out to wickenburg this morning just to check it out. Maybe I will make my way out their tomorrow morning. I'm hoping I can find some deer and javelina in the same area.
  2. camoremi

    Custom made tables

    I believe his dad made them
  3. camoremi

    Black Fridayish deals

    It's on their site for $349 right now. If I saw it for $299 I would have bought it
  4. camoremi

    ISO 9mm

    I got the shield. The Taurus has a lifetime warranty. Why would it need one? Spent more than I wanted but definitely felt like a better quality
  5. camoremi

    ISO 9mm

    Looking to get my fiancé a 9mm for Christmas just wanna see what's out their. Looking for something not too expensive so a block is out of the picture. Lmk what you have with a price
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    Purchased all terrain tires for my 2016 ram so these are up for sale. They are Goodyear wranglers tread depth is 9/32. Tons of life left. Asking $300 Obo. Taking reasonable offers. What ya got for trade?
  8. camoremi

    ISO 9mm

    I ended up going with a m&p shield. Seemed built more solid. Great reviews. It was $399
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  10. camoremi

    ISO 9mm

    That's the one I was thinking about trying to get but I dunno if I wanna wait hours to get it.
  11. camoremi

    ISO 9mm

    That's a steal! I wouldn't let my used one go for that! heck, I might pick up a 4-inch! I'd have to find a FFL right?
  12. Glad you had a good time in Michigan. I might have to stop by the shop Friday morning
  13. camoremi

    ISO 9mm

    Under $300. Thinking a s&w or something. Cabelas has a Taurus for $229 on Black Friday but I did not think I wanna deal with the crowd
  14. camoremi


    200? Need these outta my garage
  15. camoremi

    Whole Bunch of 22LR Ammo FS

    Looks like somebody stocked up just in case Hilary was elected
  16. I think I saw a pic of your dog today. Azpdc is very active. Talk to Eddie he is involved in it.Her names kimber and I can't wait to get her fully trainedYeah she was a black and white roan color. Good looking dog. Eddie will train her well She looks black in pics but she is actually liver and roan
  17. From a guy in Tucson it was his first time breeding. But she has very good instincts. I was looking at her pedigree and their are a few field champions in their
  18. My 5 month old gsp. More like 4 months in this pic though
  19. I think I saw a pic of your dog today. Azpdc is very active. Talk to Eddie he is involved in it. Her names kimber and I can't wait to get her fully trained
  20. How active is azpdc my gsp is almost 5 months old would love to get into doing trials just don't know where to start. She is with ed Rucker right now for a 7 day puppy camp
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    Sun city
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    107th Ave &a deer valley
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    Ford Superduty 7.3l Powerstroke

    Don't do it those a great trucks