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  1. Looks like you like to sit on the left side of the couch :-p
  2. camoremi

    Fs Leupold rx1200i

  3. camoremi

    Fs Leupold rx1200i

    Selling my rangefider I've used it probably 4 times. Piece is $225. No trades
  4. camoremi

    Fs Leupold rx1200i

  5. camoremi

    Fs Leupold rx1200i

    bhuntin is suppose to pick it up from me Friday
  6. camoremi

    Fs Leupold rx1200i

    Pending to bhuntin
  7. camoremi

    Fs Leupold rx1200i

    My pictures won't upload I click attach file and it just gets arrows spinning in circle. Text me for pic. 6023236711
  8. camoremi

    Shoot to 100yrd?

    You must be shooting like a 500 gn arrow. Lol yea pretty heavy arrow. Like 480gr
  9. camoremi

    Shoot to 100yrd?

    If your bow is rated at 305 fps your actual speed is probably 250-265fps. My bow is rated 345fps and 70lbs. My draw weight is at 72 and 29.5 draw only getting about 300. Anyway to the point I use a black gold ascent slider site it is 5 pin. My fifth pin is a floater pin I can dial out to 100. Some people also stack their pins. It's a way of figuring out hold overs with you pins. Because mathematically all the pins should be the same distance apart.
  10. camoremi

    30% All Kuiu Gear Sale

    Tried to get a guide jacket and icon 7200. Nothing. Anyone know if you can call in a order and get on back order ?
  11. camoremi

    Bobcat and a lion today!

    Wow awesome day
  12. camoremi

    Triclawps $60. Like new.

    Dang I'm slow. 3rd
  13. Sucks my gf is salary and was working about 70 hours a week for a couple months. It's ridiculous
  14. camoremi

    Guns, ammo and scopes

    How old is the marlin?
  15. Lol fantasy football bud
  16. I'm barely going to do any archery till December hunt but I do have a rifle coues tag
  17. camoremi

    Riflescope Mounting

    I've read that if you have high quality rings you don't need to lap the rings. If you live in the NW valley I have some levels you can borrow
  18. camoremi

    First Crossbow Fox

    Dang sweet
  19. camoremi

    Face-to-Face with a Mountain Lion

    Awesome experience of a lifetime
  20. camoremi

    7 pin sight, Muzzy 100grn broadheads

    Dang I've wanted a 10/22 for awhile too bad I'm broke
  21. camoremi

    17b/19b Muzzleloader Hunt

    Nice first post
  22. camoremi

    Predictable Lion

    Awesome get that cat
  23. Wish I had a bird dog. :-(
  24. camoremi

    Best to date- Unit 22

    Sweet man. They coming in consistently?