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  1. camoremi

    Any pest guys that serve the west valley

    Urban pest management (480) 784-7960. His name is Chad
  2. camoremi

    Wild Mustangs

    last time I saw these horses they looked gangly and malnourished. Aren't they feral? Not wild
  3. camoremi

    Ulmer Edge

    I like shwacker it's a similar design
  4. camoremi

    Some Guns

    Wish I had the money for the 20ga. Bump
  5. camoremi

    GSP pups for sale

    Ttt great looking dogs
  6. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    . Maybe we could work something out where I buy the supplies? I'm not far from north phoenix. Maybe I could learn about reloading
  7. Picked up a 300 win mag. Deciding what I want to try. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of trying 165gr federal premium bonded
  8. Nice rifle Tracy I just picked one of these up last week
  9. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    . Will I have a coues left? I'd say yes as long as the shot is well placed and it isn't close range with a .300 WInMag. There is quite a bit of energy screaming out of that thing at 50-100 yards, but at 500 yards (pretty common for Coues) I'd say you'll be just fine provided the shot is well placed. thanks bud
  10. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    I might get into reloading next year. But I may try that scirocco
  11. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    Is that a factory ammo I can buy off the shelf? Or do I have to reload. I haven't got into loading yet.
  12. camoremi

    new pics/Stolen SD Cards

    Great pics
  13. camoremi

    Few Coues Pics

    Looks like he's smiling
  14. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    . Will I have a coues left?
  15. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    this is a real good one for coues. That's what I was thinking
  16. camoremi

    ISO: Whisker biscuit

    I had a ripcord before my current rest they do have awesome customer service. My set screw fell out I called them and they sent 2 for free. Guess I got extra incase it happened again
  17. camoremi

    ISO: Whisker biscuit

    Try a qad I love mine
  18. camoremi

    Zeroing your scopes!!!!

    Same thing here
  19. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    I'm looking at HSM Berger vld in 168gr
  20. camoremi

    Bullet selection

    Ruger m77 300 win mag topped with a vortex viper hs 4-16x44mm
  21. camoremi

    Now this is a fish!I

    That's awesome
  22. camoremi

    Scope rings

    I bought a 300 win mag the other day. My plan was to wait a little bit before a scope then I saw a viper hs 4-16x44 in cabelas bargain cove. What are doe tough yet affordable rings I can purchase?bif it's online some links would be nice
  23. camoremi

    Scope rings

    I have a ruger m77 so I think I need bases made for that specific rail type. I think I'm going with warne
  24. camoremi

    Picking out a scope

    Doesn't matter if your the original owner. Check cabelas bargain cove. I picked up a vortex viper hs 4-16x44 for $380