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  1. 6 hours ago, Boarman03 said:

    I am confused. If new factory 9mm fmj with brass casings are running at $180 per 1k, why are Scorpion reloads with once fired brass worth $220 per 1k?

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Probably because I heard cabelas sold out from people freaking out.  

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  2. On 2/16/2020 at 7:09 PM, Delw said:

    it looks like the screw was too long and didnt tighten it down bottoming out  or you have a burr or junk between the receiver and the rail.

    Looks at the picture of the receiver and the radius of that rail they look extremely close. its showing you have air 360 degrees around the screw.

    a few thing to look at before you bed it on.

    put it on and look to see if it touchs any part of the receiver.

    look at the bottom of the rail to make sure there are absolutely no burrs or nicks,. hit it with some sand paper or scotch brite.

    if this is a Cheap non name brand rail you may have some issues with it matching the reciever not because its bent as a bent rail the screws will pull it down to the receiver .

    it could have a step from the machining process which nothing will help unless you have the rail re machined or you find the dia of your action get a pcs of metal .010-.025 smaller  dia and lap the rail to it running wet dry 180 grit paper with water.

    what ever you do, bedding it to the reciever with help. unless your screw bottomed out then you will have to grind a tad of the bottom of the screw

    I removed the rail. Doesn’t look to be any burs with all the screws loose and very little pressure the rail sits perfect. Seems like it did not have even torque, I’m not sure if I that could have caused the issue. The front screw literally broke 3 torx bits to get it out. Luckily the screw didn’t snap.  I purchased Devon and am just going to bed it for piece of mind. 


  3. I know very little about guns. I primarily bow hunt but haven’t had the necessary time to practice to be ethical.  So my question is I bought a savage 110 and it already had a rail on it.   I mounted the scope and after I went shooting I noticed there is a gap in the rear of the rail.   Accuracy didn’t seem affected at all but I’m just curious if it’s normal?  I’m assuming it’s aluminum and maybe it expanded/contracted from heat?   Before mounting the scope I torqued everything.  Attached is an image of how it sits now.