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  1. My advice is stay away from the no tresspassing signs that have machine gun pic on them... They actually will kill you. Just a fyi to consider while back there.

    I drove past 1 up a hill to ask permission to hunt there and to my surprise found a house made from straw bails with Windows and everything and a real pissed off crazy dude with a gun and dragging his woman and kid (or hostages?)to truck to meet me at end of drive I assume but I made it to the hay house 1st.. Be careful and stay clear of the desert dwellers they are pretty much sick of city folk shooting their cows and signs and we'll everything.

    On a pig note last 1 I glassed in 20b was feeding in group of cattle L.O.L.

    Lmao explains why their cows where shot

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  2. When is your tag for ? I live near by also and don't have a tag but I have a few herds located from years past.

    Opens January first I almost drove out to wickenburg this morning just to check it out. Maybe I will make my way out their tomorrow morning. I'm hoping I can find some deer and javelina in the same area.

  3. Looking for some scouting tips.. I drew a 20b archery tag. I normally hunt 21 and I always see deer or javelina. Only reason I put in for 20b is because I'm 10 minutes from lake pleasant. Long story short I've put about 20 miles and my boots and seen nothing but 1 coyote. I was up near champie off castle hot springs. Kinda thinking about checking out up near black canyon city. Any input is appreciated