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    SOLD-2012 Ram 2500 Cummins

    Used diesel trucks always sell for over Blue Book... this looks like a good price for that setup. I wouldn’t take a penny lower than what you are asking and you could probably get 30K to 32K if you aren’t in a rush to sell and there aren’t any issues with the truck. 2012 is the las non-DEF year for the Cummins and great opportunity for a reasonably priced delete and increased performance (for non-emission counties).
  2. x.enigmatic.x

    Swarovski 12x50 EL w/ KUIU Bino Harness

  3. These are not perfect. The objective lenses are in very good condition but the previous owner did not clean the ocular lenses properly and that has resulted in cleaning swirls, blemishes to the coatings. According to Swaro, this won’t cause any distortion, the glass itself must be scratched and the scratch must be dead center or close to center to cause any viewing issues. Additionally, Swaro will replace ocular lenses, I believe it is $50 each, but I could be wrong. $1800 cash, located in Flagstaff
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    Swarovski CT 101 Tripod (Carbon Fiber)

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  10. Few nicks and dings, but fully functional and no missing or damaged parts. Max height 69” (without head)... no more hunching over to glass. Rock solid and a mere 3.1 pounds. Additional specs can be found below: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/478797-REG/Swarovski_49083_CT_101_Carbon_Fiber_Tripod.html $300 cash or $345 shipped TYD. Located in Flagstaff.
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  13. $35 TYD, located in Flagstaff. Black OR bag is SOLD.
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    Sitka Mountain Vest (M) Subalpine

    Like new, no flaws or blemishes. $100 TYD or $90 cash (Flagstaff)
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