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    Swarovski CT 101 Tripod (Carbon Fiber)

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  2. Spotter has mint glass, smooth focus wheel. I’d be willing to trade the eyepiece for a 20-60x and cash (minimum $250). Would consider trade for Swaro 15x56 HDs plus cash from 15’s owner. Spotter and 25-50x: $2200 Located in Flagstaff
  3. Few nicks and dings, but fully functional and no missing or damaged parts. Max height 69” (without head)... no more hunching over to glass. Rock solid and a mere 3.1 pounds. Additional specs can be found below: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/478797-REG/Swarovski_49083_CT_101_Carbon_Fiber_Tripod.html $300 cash or $345 shipped TYD. Located in Flagstaff.
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  6. $35 TYD, located in Flagstaff. Black OR bag is SOLD.
  7. x.enigmatic.x

    Sitka Mountain Vest (M) Subalpine

    Like new, no flaws or blemishes. $100 TYD or $90 cash (Flagstaff)
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    Eyepiece Traded...Please Delete

    Eyepiece traded. Please delete.
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    Kifaru Apollo (Coyote) Bag Only

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  13. x.enigmatic.x

    Kifaru Apollo (Coyote) Bag Only

    Excellent, like new condition $115 shipped TYD $100 FTF Located in Flagstaff
  14. x.enigmatic.x

    Swarovski 8x30 Laser Guide Rangefinder

    This was manufactured in 2005. Warranty was limited lifetime, I’ll find out on Monday if there is a max for second owner. Range is 1500 +/- for both reflective and non-reflective.