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    Yes. Picking it up today
  2. clintb


    pm sent
  3. clintb

    CZ Woodcock o/u 20

    text message sent
  4. clintb

    tumbler bullets and ammo

    Where are you located? I'm interested in the Barnes tsx and hornady 338
  5. clintb

    Regs are out

    I'll be in for early rifle, I know you don't have the numbers. I have 19 points, now I have to decide which unit. How 'bout 14 points for antelope unit 10? Hoping for a good year, already have a Goulds turkey tag!
  6. $625!!! But wait there's more! Behind this door, you will also get 2 large trash bags that can double as rain ponchos in a pinch!
  7. clintb

    10 month old GSP

    Pm sent
  8. clintb

    Honda Foreman ES 4x4

  9. clintb

    Honda Foreman ES 4x4

    SOLD 2006 Honda Foreman ES 500 4x4. 425 miles, 76 hours. Electric Shift and reverse. Comes with cover and solar charger, two keys and manual.
  10. clintb

    Winchester Model 70 7mm Mag ($425.00) SOLD!

    Where are you located
  11. Where are you located
  12. How old is the setup? How much use?
  13. Interested, sending a text
  14. clintb

    Remington 700 Sendero stock

    Condition? Asking price?
  15. clintb

    .380 ammo

    Interested, sent a PM.
  16. clintb

    Leupold VX2 3x9x40

    Brand new Leupold VX2 3x9x40. $250.00. Located in Sierra Vista, will ship. Clint 520-249-onetwooneone
  17. clintb

    HS Precision REM SA stock

    PM sent
  18. clintb

    REM 700 Stocks

    Do you know the weight of the short action stick?
  19. clintb

    Boat for sale "price drop"

    If the trailer deal falls through, I'll take it. Tried to send a message last night, but I was clubbing in Vegas, looks like I texted my wife I would take the trailer!
  20. clintb

    Leica 1000R

    Pm sent
  21. clintb

    Leupold scopes

    Pm sent, interested in #2
  22. clintb

    Polaris Ranger 2006 XP 700

  23. clintb

    Montana Rifles 7mm magnum

  24. clintb

    Leupold M8 12x

    Where are you located?