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    Are More Elk/Mule Deer at Lower Elevations This Time of Year?

    Alright, thanks y'all. I'll just get out there and see what I can find!
  2. Hey y'all, I am new to the state of Arizona and the West in general. Grew up hunting in Ohio, so I am not too familiar with the elevations elk and mule deer hang out in this time of year when they are dropping their antlers. I live around 7000 feet in the Flagstaff area, and I am going to head out tomorrow to look for some sheds. I just plan on finding a more remote area and hiking quite a few miles to see what I can find. Any suggestions on elevations I should hike around? Or does it not really matter? Thanks!
  3. EverythingWx

    El Nino effect

    I am a meteorologist, and I can confirm that at the present time, it does not appear El Nino is going to happen this fall. As a matter of fact, it has already peaked and is currently not occurring at all. So I would not count on El Nino conditions this year.
  4. EverythingWx

    Questions About Hunting Locations/Rules in Arizona

    Awesome, thanks for the replies! Don't worry, the secret is safe with me
  5. Hey y'all, I am new to Arizona and have grown up hunting whitetails across central and eastern portions of the country. I have never hunted anywhere out west before so I had a couple questions I wanted to ask. I plan on bow hunting this fall for mule deer or whitetail somewhere in the Flagstaff region. Can I just pull over anywhere on the side of the road and walk from there to wherever I plan on hunting? From what I have read on the AZ game and fish page, it sounds like you can pretty much hunt anywhere (with a few exceptions here and there). Is this correct, or are there only certain areas within a zone that you can hunt? Sorry if my questions don't make any sense. I am completely new to this type of hunting, and any information you could provide me would be extremely helpful! Thanks! Cory