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    Few years old, still in great shape just used on late rifle elk hunt, has the stove roof protector, all stakes, poles, guidelines are there Stove not included ready to hunt out of just to big for me and my plan this year setup in driveway for serious buyer QueenCreek half price at $700
  2. Not sure if you guys already seen this, sad story, AZ resident, receiver hitch failed went right at him good lessons on what equipment to use when your truck gets stuck.
  3. EagleEye

    Kryptek Sold

    Valhalla pants sold
  4. WTB .243 100gr any places/websites?
  5. Taking my daughter down there soon for her Dec hunt, just wondering safer places to camp? Or places to avoid?
  6. loden green color Like new 36x34 honestly they fit like 34x34
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    Sold Kuiu Tiburon

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    Boquillas Thief!!!

    Definitely report to ranch/hunt manager pretty sure there’s cameras at each gate maybe a truck went though a gate with some horns in back of it?
  10. Anyone know if I move out of state with 10 points and become a nonresident do I keep my 10 points? Go into the next draw with 10 nonres points?
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    Microspikes, Spot Messenger

    Gen 2 Spot Messenger $30 Kahtoola Microspikes XL never used $50
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    Sheds? To Early?

    Any sheds hitting the ground yet?
  13. EagleEye

    Sheds? To Early?

    Lol Any antlers attached to it sounds like easy walk for me?
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    Sold located in Queencreek
  15. Grandma bought this sign for my boy and they lost one now I have two of them PM if any other Bryson InterestEd 3 ft wide 2.5 ft tall
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    Daughters Elk Hunt

    Unfortunately I was not able to get my daughter within her comfortable shooting range. Thats ok the memories, stories, and time spent with her are priceless. Huge Thanks to Dave and others on this forum who helped. Tough hunt with long shots but some very nice elk running around. Video (1).mov IMG_6885.MOV
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    Daughters Elk Hunt

    Just turned 3 and the oldest gets driving learner permit few weeks, times just goes.
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    Daughters Elk Hunt

    800-900yds had big one opening day at 600 just could not let her shoot that far
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    Recent Scouting

    Video_1.mov Video.mov
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    Recent Scouting

  21. Friend sent this to me from back east. Apparently you should not hang your backpack on the same limb as your haul rope.