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  1. EagleEye

    Where can I take my boys rabbit hunting?

    The Jack Rabbit camp that AZGF puts on down in Tucson is awesome for 10-12 yr old kids crazy amounts of big 7-8 lb rabbits down that way
  2. EagleEye

    Nails in tires 504 rd

    FYI 504 rd someone got nails stuck in their tires while scouting seen FB not my truck but all beware
  3. EagleEye


    Sorry to hear Talk to very neighbor 2 blocks each way and ask if they have cameras, my parents had same thing happen few years back and the SUV was on someone’s camera 5 houses down led to cops finding them
  4. EagleEye

    Woodbury Fire

    I think they could have put it out sooner, just watching and allowing a man made fire go for weeks isn’t exactly nature’s way. Cost is the cost. still hope I get the deer tag there
  5. EagleEye

    Woodbury Fire

    Is it true the contractors and firefighters get paid more if it lasts more than 30 days? Seams like one tanker drop would have put it out when it was only 100 acres. Now $60,000 every time that plane leaves the ground? When the fire was small can’t pull the trigger on the money?
  6. Usold c abelas Alaknak tent and wood stove,pics are of actual tent everything is there
  7. EagleEye

    Spot Messenger yr price / competitor??

    Thanks guys
  8. Anybody know of other options I have a Spot And really like for hunting outside of cell coverage Colorado AK ect but they jack up there price every year by $50 or more been with them over five years started at like $99 yr now up to $180 plus some other fee they just emailed me about Thoughts?
  9. Anyone in here in the east valley that rents out camper or toyhauler looking for something for the javelina hunt feb 23rd thought to try here first before craigslist Have a Tundra very comfortable pulling trailers just going to Florence area Need it to sleep 4adults 2 Kids PM me thanks
  10. EagleEye

    Unit ten elk ?? On the Bo not seen one elk

    Congrats to all who tagged out super tough hunt only glassed up 5 bulls total in 5days Think I will keep flinging arrows long as I can
  11. EagleEye

    Unit ten elk ?? On the Bo not seen one elk

    Lol thanks all good one theee miles away now cant find him again lol
  12. Thanks all Matt hooked me up Thanks Again