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  1. CSNeoM4A1

    Kayaking the Santa Cruz...

    I wish them luck. It was flowing over 10k cfs when I checked after the emergency operations center opened up. Not safe at all. Resources were put on both sides in case it overflow and became impassable.
  2. CSNeoM4A1

    Kayaking the Santa Cruz...

    Body pulled out of a car in a running wash today in Tucson. Be careful out there.
  3. Used mine last year. Only negatives I can think of is the extra weight you are carrying for the suppressor and extra length of your rifle with it attached. Not that big a deal. Sure is nice as far as recoil and sound reduction. Everyone still knows you fired your rifle, but it makes it pretty tough to determine from what direction you fired from.
  4. CSNeoM4A1

    Gaia Phone GPS Pulbic Land Map

    Looks like to me you have to be a Gaia Pro subscriber for that to work?
  5. I have been researching that and it appears that an adapter would be required if I wanted to use the standard 5/8x24. I believe I can get a qd mount for the supressor from yhm in 1/2x28. It appears the superlites have enough meat to thread 1/2x28.
  6. Link didn't work. What is he asking for it and where was he located?
  7. CSNeoM4A1


    Willing to seperate the rifle and scope? How much for just the rifle? And where are you located?
  8. CSNeoM4A1

    Remington 700 M40 Long Range

    Not that exact model but still Remington 700 in 308 with the m40 stock that weighs 13lbs loaded as shown. I have used it for 4 seasons but am now looking at something lighter. With an eberlestock backpack using a scabbard it is not a problem but carrying it off center on the side of a pack was uncomfortable. Shooting with the weight of it was a dream, especially with the suppressor ( only the last year not all 4) Hearing the complaints from my hunting partner who carried the rifle while I carried the deer was not so much fun.
  9. CSNeoM4A1

    Hearing Protection

    I used cheap plugs on strings before I splurged on a suppressor.
  10. Is the 7mm mag something I am going to need to out a brake on? I am not too keen on having a brake on a hunting rifle. The largest recoiling caliber I have shot is only 30'06 and don't want to get anything too much more than that, especially in such low weight rifle.
  11. So I found a vortex viper hs 4-16x44 for $335 shipped today and went ahead and got it. Still haven't decided on a caliber although I am leaning towards another 308 just to keep my ammo needs all the same. Either that or the 7mm looks tempting.
  12. So I called sportsmans and they confirmed that the calibers they stock are the same as cabelas in the super lites. Also $200 cheaper.
  13. Thanks. I will be putting a limb saver on it for sure, whatever caliber I end up getting. And yes, I think I am looking for 1 rifle to handle all my big game hunting.
  14. How is the recoil of the 7mm compared to a 30'06? 30'06 is the biggest non braked caliber I have shot.
  15. CSNeoM4A1

    Kayaking the Santa Cruz...

    The DRR Rescue app for iOS and android is good manual that many local firefighters are trained in. It certainly skips most river reading skills but it will give you a good idea of the capabilities of people trained in swift water. Unless you are already experienced, your local community college probably offers a swift water rescue class which should include how to read a river. It wouldn't be totally applicable but would be better than nothing.