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  1. My son is stationed in Alaska and was lucky enough to draw a Kodiak Brown Bear tag (2% draw odds) for the fall hunt this year. We will doing a DIY hunt and will be in Area 16 (Larsen Bay). It should be a lot of fun and great memories for sure. Anyone here hunted on Kodiak Island? If so share your experience so I know how bad my body is going to get beat up and possibly die from a bear attack.......🤪 He shot this caribou Monday morning on Chicken Ridge in NE Alaska.
  2. We had a person back out of the hunt in Kodiak. If you're interested and able to go shoot me a PM and we'll discuss the details.

    WTS 6.5 prc brass

    I'll take the powder. Can meet up tomorrow of that's fine with you.

    6.5 prc 143 ammo

    No worries, I appreciate it.

    6.5 prc 143 ammo

    if you can do you mind picking them up for me? I'm on the west side and can get them tomorrow.

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo

    Text sent.....

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo

    I'll take two boxes of the hunter.
  8. Which is total BS because skaters can bring their skate board on the plane. If you've seen any of the "peaceful protests" over the past year and a half it's the preferred weapon of choice.
  9. Bought it for my wife and she doesn't like it so she want's something different. It's the shape shift modular holster system and comes with IWB holster, Appendix holster, OWB Slide, OWB paddle and Holster mount for a vehicle. We only used the OWB paddle. All for $100, located on the west side, can meet at Cabela's.
  10. IAMMAC

    SIG P365 RH Alien Gear Core Carry Pack

    Still have it if anyone is interested.
  11. I will take any and all info you can and will share. We have a transporter through Kodiak Marine Charters and will be staying on the boat nightly. There are 4 of us going and I am the only one from out of state. From my understanding they are allowed 3 deer and two goats each in addition to my son's Bear tag. The boat also offers duck hunting, fishing, crabbing and fox hunting. I am stoked and can't wait!
  12. Will do. I'll be spending a lot of money on this hunt and I won't even be pulling a trigger unless it's for self protection.
  13. IAMMAC

    Camp Navajo

    For those that have hunted Camp Navajo what are some of your suggestions for a successful hunt? I know the process and requirements to be able to hunt there, I have those covered so not asking about that. I have had a few tips from others on the board already but would like to hear as much as I can since you can only scout the week prior and I'll probably only be able to scout Wed/Thur before the hunt. Not interested in going into the restricted area since it is Archery only and I'd be going solo since my "hunting helpers" don't have the same credentials as me to be able to help out in there so we will be restricted to the Buffer Area. Been looking at google earth and starting to make a game plan but would like to hear from those that actually have boots on the ground experience. Thanks in advance.
  14. IAMMAC

    Make sure your HVAC is up to speed...

    Multiple times had had dropped what he was doing when I was deployed to Afghanistan and came over to the house and fixed it no questions asked.
  15. IAMMAC

    Make sure your HVAC is up to speed...

    Anyone remember PHAZ (Mike) from the old AZBASSZONE days? He had always done mine when he was still around, now I have a buddy that does them.
  16. IAMMAC

    Applying for a New Unit?

    Why not go down to just three choices instead of 5 if the 3-5 pass is going to be "gone" in the future anyway?
  17. Looking for .300 Win Mag in 200gr Swift A-frame. Let me know what you have and I can buy or trade ammo with you.
  18. IAMMAC

    Bass boat detailer?

    Mobile, no but if you're able to take it to him, Bill Kelly does a great job. He's at 35th and Glendale, if you want his contact info just let me know.
  19. IAMMAC

    Poll//. Who has/will get covid vaccine shot

    Not getting it, at least for now. I wait until the emergency order that protects vaccine companies is lifted and then I'll think about getting it. If that never happens then I guess I won't get it.
  20. IAMMAC

    Rejected card bonus point question

    Had a CC issue and didn't realize until Friday after G&F closed. Called Monday morning and was told that there was nothing that could be do since "the server" that manages CC updates has been turned off and no one has access to it at G&F. Silver lining I'll get a bonus point as pointed out by the lady that I talked to on the phone. No worries, my fault and figured since there were issues with the portal maybe I could still update. So I figure what the heck and contact Citibank and talk to them about my issue. They stated that "IF" G&F were to hit the CC that I had used and needed to be replaced they would send a text and or email to verify that I am ok with them charging the hit to the new card. If I don't get drawn was it because I was unlucky or the CC hit was denied and Citibank was wrong with their info. Guess only time will tell. Second silver lining.....My son, stationed in Alaska, was drawn for a fall (Oct-Nov) Kodiak Brown Bear tag in unit DB-216 so I'll be heading up there to help him with that. I should be an experience of a lifetime! Looking into guides its not cheap ($15-$25K) so we are doing a DIY hunt with some friends of his.
  21. IAMMAC

    Canvas Tent Repair

    This was from my post last August after I found out the information. So Phoenix T&A do not do repairs anymore. They referred me to little dealer little prices which in turn referred me to North Valley Upholstery on 19th Ave, north of the 17. I will call cozy camper canvas (75th ave and Peoria area 602.486.3322) prior to going to NVU. Thanks again for the help.
  22. IAMMAC

    Canvas Tent Repair

    They don't do it anymore, found that out last August. Still don't have my truck tent repaired and I forgot who they told me did it but it's off of Deer Valley and I-17 I believe.
  23. IAMMAC

    "Daddy we did it!"

    Same thing. Gonna use a Winchester PDX1 Defender 225gr Jacketed Hollow Point in the Judge.
  24. IAMMAC

    "Daddy we did it!"

    I have a Glock 40 in 10mm with Leopold optic on it that I have killed javelina with. It's a lot of fun! I think I'm gonna use my Judge this year and see what happens.
  25. IAMMAC

    ISO Beretta 92F/FS

    Let me know if you have a Beretta 92F/FS sitting around taking up space and what you'd like for it. If possible the original box and everything it came with would be a bonus.