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    West Central/Southwest Florida Inshore Fishing

    GO GATORS! I'll be back in Florida spring of 2020 to fish in the Keys and make a trip up to mom and dads in Ocala. Gonna try and do some bass fishing also so I'll keep ya in mind if I run into any issues. BTW I was just down in Vail for my Coues hunt in 34A, my buddy lives off of 83 and I-10.

    West Central/Southwest Florida Inshore Fishing

    What part of West Central Florida? I grew up in Ocala fishing the ONF ponds, Rodman Reservoir, Lake Weir, Ocklawaha river, Harris Chain, gold course ponds and just about anywhere else.....

    Camp Navajo

    Just saw this and sorry that I was not able to help out.

    Plumber Needed

    Took it apart and took pictures of it to Lowes and got the correct cartridge. It wasn't the easiest to get out but I replaced it and now the hot water works. I went ahead and replaced the other 4 in the house so I should be GTG for another 15 years! Thanks everyone for your help.

    Plumber Needed

    No name brand on it...….I'll take it apart and see what's up. Still would like a plumber just in case.

    Plumber Needed

    Looking for a plumber in the West Valley, I have a tub upstairs where the hot water just quit working. Cold water still flows but the hot water does not. I am assuming there is something clogging the line but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance.

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    While camping at the Spring Crappie Fest put on by the Arizona Crappie Association I stumbled upon a rattler that was next to my truck in the early evening. Luckily it was not coiled and I actually saw it since it was not dark yet. Scared the bejesus out of me and it was removed from camp.

    Turned over to Rio Salado Vizsla.

    Thx, just gave him your info.

    Turned over to Rio Salado Vizsla.

    I have some one who wants to talk to you about the Vizsla but you can't accept messages. I'm not gonna leave his number on a public forum so how would you like him to contact you? He already has one so he knows what he's getting into.
  10. IAMMAC

    Camp Navajo

    I got a cow on Saturday morning this past year. Was looking for a bull on Friday and was going for anything after that. There were a lot of hunters on the East side of the base so we went to the West side Saturday morning and was done in about three hours. Tried for another tag this year but no luck. Didn't run into any archery hunters on my hunt but scouting the few days before I ran into 2 of them on Thursday and they were not successful as of the time I saw them in the morning.
  11. IAMMAC

    Arlo vs Blink

    I have 4 Arlo's and need to charge them about every other month or so depending on how much use they get. You have free storage of videos for 7 days and then the videos get deleted. You can have up to 5 cameras with the free account. If you have any particular questions just let me know.
  12. I have had the privilege of going on a hunt with American Hero Adventures this past year for javelina and it was an AWESOME experience. If you're not former military and don't qualify for their program but you would still like to go on one of their hunts all you have to do is buy a raffle ticket for one of their trips. All of the proceeds go to help offset the costs of the trips for the Vets that are selected to attend. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer and if I can't I'll reach out to the Founder of the organization and get back with you. AHA Raffles - https://americanheroadventures.org/raffles/
  13. IAMMAC

    Heavy Duty Storage Boxes

    You can get the yellow topped totes above from Costco for around $9.
  14. IAMMAC

    Where were you?

    Was getting ready for work and ready to leave to go to Luke AFB when my wife, who was working night shift at St. Joe's, called me to tell me what was going on. Hurried to the base before it was on lock down. Didn't go home until the next morning.
  15. IAMMAC

    Starcraft Pop Up Tent Trailer PRICE DROP

    Can I use it for my Elk hunt to see if I like it?