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    SIG P365 RH Alien Gear Core Carry Pack

    I'll give this another bump.......


    I have the Glock 40 and love it! I took it to Kodiak on my son's bear hunt and luckily I didn't have to use it. I was shooting the Grizzly 220 hard cast bear load.

    Beretta Model 96 (40 cal)


    C.A.S.T. for KIDS Event 16 Apr 2022

    You can get a hold of Terry, he's in charge of the event not. His email is teebeej@gmail.com The also have a facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/castforkidsfoundation/

    SOLD......Motorguide Trolling Motor

  6. I have upgraded trolling motors so I'll be selling my Motorguide, Digital Tour 82# thrust, 24 volt, 47" shaft trolling motor that came with my Triton. It has the foot pedal and gator mount that will come with it. The boat is a 2006 and the TM came with it, first $250 takes it. Located in Litchfield Park.


    For some they did and others like me struggled.......Still about a week or two from being a wide open bite. Highest water temp we found was 59 degrees on the river end.


    Saw a bunch at Alamo over the weekend.
  9. If you're interested in volunteering for this event as a boater or shore volunteer please use the link below. If you want more information please PM me your email address and I will get the info to you. https://castforkids.org/event/lakepleasant/
  10. IAMMAC

    WTB Marlin 45-70 lever action

    I took one on my son's Kodiak hunt and I fell in love with it, I may just have to get one if I can find one at a decent price.
  11. It was crazy that's for sure. Weather was great all week but the bears didn't cooperate. It's not what you think of when you see it on TV....contrary to popular belief there are NOT bears everywhere!
  12. Well I've been back for a bit now and to be honest I kind of forgot about this post. We made it to Kodiak the morning of 29 Oct by way of ferry from Homer. We met the transporter on the other side of the island in Anton Larson Bay the morning of 30 Oct. The weather that morning was horrible and I was hoping that it was not the beginning of shitty weather for the week. Fortunately for us it was not. We got to Larsen Bay, our hunting area, about 1p.m. and decided to go for a hike and get a lay of the land where we'd be hunting. To say that the terrain is thick is an understatement. It took us about 2.5 hours to hike inland before we got to a "open" area where we could not walk through the thick alders/brush. Even in the grassy areas the grass was 3'-4' high so we had to bushwhack our way through everything. We were only out for a few hours that evening and saw tons of deer sign but no bear sign. Day 1-Started with a 3-4 hour hike to a overlook where we could glass the mountain sides around us. We did end up seeing a bear about a mile and a half across the valley. Here's where the dilemmas come into play......It would take us at least 2 hours to get in to shooting range and who knows if the bear would even still be there when we got into position. Safe daylight began at about 9:45ish and it was dark by 6pm. We found the bear at about 3:30 and had the hard discussion of not going after it because it would take us late into the night if we were able to actually shoot and kill it. We made the decision to come back to that area the next day and try to find him again. Day 2-Started with a 3-4 hour hike and we went in a different way to try and get a head of where we last saw the bear. We made it to the area where we were going to try and shoot the bear from the previous day. We glassed all day and could not relocate the bear nor did we see any other bears. We saw a ton of deer sign and also a few deer do it kind of gave us hope. They did want to shoot and deer yet and wanted to keep focusing on the bear. Day 3-You guessed it another 3-4 hour hike. Even though we didn't see a bear the day before we stuck to this area and in hind sight it was a bad idea. We didn't see any bear and very few deer though there was sign everywhere! This evening we moved the boat about 4 miles southwest down the shoreline. Day 4-We hiked along a stream but believe it or not after the first 1/4 mile the brush got thick again. There was actual bear sign here so we were on high alert walking through the brush/grass. We wanted to hike back to the lake where this stream originates but after 3 hours busting brush we still had a mile to go and decided it wasn't worth the time to get back there and only be able to glass for less than an hour. We ended up finding a bear on the mountains directly to the south of us but we had two problems......1 he was about 2 miles away and 2 he was on the reservation and we didn't buy trespassing tags ($200 per person) nor the tag to actually kill a bear on reservation land ($1,000). We had decided not to purchase either of the tags prior to leaving Kodiak. So we kept glassing until about an hour before dark so we could hike out. Day 5-Hiked along the river again and didn't see anything other than deer on this day. They decided that it was a bear or nothing so we glassed all day in multiple spots and never saw another bear. Day 6-Took the boat back to Kodiak....... All three of us had a great time but the bear just didn't want to cooperate. The other two were able to go duck hunting and got quite a few sea ducks in the evenings before it got totally dark.
  13. We had a person back out of the hunt in Kodiak. If you're interested and able to go shoot me a PM and we'll discuss the details.