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    Canvas Repair

    So Phoenix T&A do not do repairs anymore. They referred me to little dealer little prices which in turn referred me to North Valley Upholstery on 19th Ave, north of the 17. I will call cozy camper canvas prior to going to NVU. Thanks again for the help.

    Canvas Repair

    Thanks! I'll be calling Phoenix Tent on Thursday. I appreciate all of your help.

    Canvas Repair

    6" or so in the corner by the cab of the truck.

    Canvas Repair

    I have a Kodiak Canvas truck tent that has a tear in it that I need repaired. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm in the West Valley but will travel if the workmanship is good. BTW I need it done by 4 Aug for the trip that we are going on. Good thing I got it out and put it up before being out in the middle of Yellowstone and realizing that it needed to be repaired. Can use it the way it is but I'd like it repaired prior to leaving.

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    Just got back on Monday PM with any questions you may have. Fished all over the Kenai Peninsula. For halibut we went out of Ninilchik twice on J&J Smart Charters http://www.smartcharters.com/ they have lodging that very affordable and nice to stay in. The fish were definitely bigger on the second trip

    First Aid Kit

    In addition to all of the above I also carry a suture kit with different suture material, pneumo darts for possible collapsed lung, stethoscope to assess for said collapsed lung, some type of quick clot for arterial bleeds, different sizes of gauze, gloves and IV supplies. A lot of it I keep at the truck or buggy but use the emergent stuff in the field. Having been an AF medic for 21 years, deployed 5 times and now an ER nurse I feel that I can take care of just about anything that pops up in the field with that set up..


    Nice mess of white crappie!

    wtb 6.5 cr ammo

    If AZ doesn't take you up on the brass I will take 50 if you can spare it. Hornady is what I shoot in all my other rifles. Just bought a new 6.5 and want to start hand loading.


    I just got some Crispi also for the Javelina hunt this year. They were very comfortable for the first time out,
  10. IAMMAC

    Florida has monkeys...

    I used to live in Silver Springs Shores and would go to Silver Springs all the time as a kid. The monkeys were put on an Island because they thought they couldn't swim. Well guess what they can and not they are all over the place in the Springs. The amusement park is now closed and they left all the monkeys they couldn't catch and remove.
  11. IAMMAC

    West Central/Southwest Florida Inshore Fishing

    GO GATORS! I'll be back in Florida spring of 2020 to fish in the Keys and make a trip up to mom and dads in Ocala. Gonna try and do some bass fishing also so I'll keep ya in mind if I run into any issues. BTW I was just down in Vail for my Coues hunt in 34A, my buddy lives off of 83 and I-10.
  12. IAMMAC

    West Central/Southwest Florida Inshore Fishing

    What part of West Central Florida? I grew up in Ocala fishing the ONF ponds, Rodman Reservoir, Lake Weir, Ocklawaha river, Harris Chain, gold course ponds and just about anywhere else.....
  13. IAMMAC

    Camp Navajo

    Just saw this and sorry that I was not able to help out.
  14. IAMMAC

    Plumber Needed

    Took it apart and took pictures of it to Lowes and got the correct cartridge. It wasn't the easiest to get out but I replaced it and now the hot water works. I went ahead and replaced the other 4 in the house so I should be GTG for another 15 years! Thanks everyone for your help.
  15. IAMMAC

    Plumber Needed

    No name brand on it...….I'll take it apart and see what's up. Still would like a plumber just in case.