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  1. Crankbait

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    Yes Sir, Daryl can jump in a lake, maybe Roosevelt or Apache. I’ll try the lakes down south!
  2. Crankbait

    Swarovski EL12x50 $2200

    I would be willing to trade for a pair of Leica 12x50 Ultravid HD Plus in like condition (as new). Or another pair of premium glass, maybe Zeiss Victory HT or Leica Noctivids.
  3. Crankbait

    Swarovski EL12x50 $2200

    I figured there would be a coues hunter who could use an upgrade in glass? Maybe a backup or loaner pair of Swaros? Your buddy or son will thank you, price drop $2200
  4. Crankbait

    Swarovski EL12x50 $2200

    I purchased these in January 2018. Only used them a couple times. Not a scratch or blemish. $2200. I would be willing to meet in Tucson. 830-330-4433