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  1. Go2CO


    Estes Park is awesome. If you are taking kids but want good hikes the Emerald Lake trail is great. You can fish in the lakes on the way up if you like and the scenery is tough to beat. Tons of elk, deer, sheep and goats. There's a small stream that runs through Estes Park that I fish while the girls are shopping, its just full of trout! I didn't catch any huge ones but 10-13" all day...its fun.
  2. Go2CO

    Bushnell Legend HD

    Has anyone tried this line from Bushnell optics? I'm just looking for some feedback on them so give me the good/bad/ugly on this lineup! Specifically looking at the 15-45x60 spotting scope. Thanks guys
  3. Sort of lol. Someone said they'd take it but I'm waiting on payment
  4. Sort of lol. Someone said they'd take it but I'm waiting on payment
  5. Sort of lol. Someone said they'd take it but I'm waiting on payment
  6. Go2CO

    Kuiu Icon 3000 pack with suspension

    Is it the ICON or the ULTRA? Can you post some pictures?
  7. The scope is not included in the price but I'll keep it on there if you want..PM me and we'll work something out, just please be fair lol. Its a VX6 3-18x50 (30mm tube) CDS, Fine Duplex Reticle. Talley bases and rings. It weighs right about 8 lbs
  8. It shoots better than it looks guys I bought it to use and use it I did! It's too well made not to do what it's intended to do...and that's shoot deer,elk, bear, wolves,..whatever tag in your pocket needs filled!
  9. I have a really great looking/great shooting rifle that unfortunately I have to sell . It is a Cooper Jackson Game chambered in 280 Ackley Improved (2 years old, 1 hunting season of use). It has several upgrade options that I added when I ordered the gun; upgraded wood to AAA+ Claro Walnut, checkered bolt knob, fluted barrel, spiral fluted bolt, Inlayed swivel studs. The pictures don't do it justice. Cooper has a 1/2" guarantee at 100 yards and it easily meets that standard. The action on these rifles are slick, slick, slick. If you handload it shoots the Berger 168 VLD, Barnes 120 TTSX, 145 LRX and 168 LRX very well. If you don't like those bullets I'm sure whatever you do like to shoot it will handle fine. If you don't reload Nosler makes factory ammo in 280 AI or you can shoot factory 280 Rem ammo through it just fine (I tried the Barnes Vor-Tx 140 TTSX 280 REM and it was accurate). I took great care of it, overall condition is "like new". I am including Redding dies. Check it out let me know what you think. Message me if you want more pictures or have questions. I'm asking $2,850...it cost me much much more lol desperate times
  10. Go2CO

    Gun Smith

    I'm sure there are good gunsmiths closer but Kevin Weaver of Weaver Rifles in Peyton, CO does great work. Decent turn around time and very competitively priced, especially for the quality of work. He just finished a 25-06 Improved for me and it turned out great!
  11. Hey Guys, I have a very lightly used (like new) pair of binos. Vortex Razor HD 10x42. I bought them last year and used them on a few hunts. I put them to use but took great care, they were in the case unless I was using them. I was happy with them but am kind of a gear junkie so am going to try another pair this year. I think the Razor line is about as good as it gets unless you get Swaro or something along those lines. I'm asking $780, I think they go for about $1100-1200 or so depending on where you get them. Their nice little unlimited lifetime warranty is transferable so thats a nice little bonus