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    FS: Swaro 2x Bino Doubler

    Swaro 2x- used on SLC 10x42, glass is perfect, comes with soft case. $150 shipped TYD
  2. duckhunter175

    FS: Swaro 2x Bino Doubler

  3. duckhunter175

    SA Part Out

    $225- HS Precision LEFTY Model PSV069- Rem 700 SA, BDL, bedded (.250" lug), black w/ gray web- weighs 2lb 7oz $100- Timney LH, 511, black, wide shoe, Rem 700 w/ bolt release, less than 100 rds on it $50- Leupold Mk4 (steel) 20moa base, Rem 700 SA, all screws are in good condition $90- Lapua Brass- .243win, 100pcs, unopened Prices include shipping
  4. duckhunter175

    Custom .338 Lapua…. Best deal you will find

    What reticle AMG is that?
  5. duckhunter175

    ISO Kuiu Verde Jacket/Hoodies

    theres a guy on rokslide with a size L verde 1.0 rain jacket
  6. duckhunter175


    what barrel contour?
  7. duckhunter175

    Left handed cowboy holster

    Think it would fit a Freedom Arms 83 in .454, 7.5" barrel
  8. duckhunter175

    ISO 7mm SAUM Brass and EPC/PPC/AR9 Lower

    I have four boxes (80rds) of Remington 7saum, 160gr Nosler Partition- same lot
  9. duckhunter175

    2021 37A Bighorn Hunt

    Great pics and congrats!! Glad to see there is hope for those of us non-max point holders!!
  10. duckhunter175

    WTB: 3 Lug Parts (SilencerCo)

    Looking to buy the SilencerCo 9mm muzzle device and the 3-Lug Mount 9mm Muzzle Device - M13.5x1LH threads-- Part# AC2602 3-Lug Mount (9mm)- Part# AC2447 Located in DFW, will pay for shipping
  11. duckhunter175

    WTB: 3 Lug Parts (SilencerCo)

    Neither part is restricted-- one is basically the threaded attachment to the muzzle and the mount is the part that attaches to the serialized item (suppressor). Found and close please.
  12. duckhunter175

    7mm Remington S.A Ultra Mag 140gr (4 Boxes)

    will it ship at that price?
  13. duckhunter175

    Bartlein Carbon Fiber 7mm

    $700 (shipped)- Bartlein CFW #4, .284, 24", 1-8.5T
  14. duckhunter175

    Bartlein Carbon Fiber 7mm

  15. duckhunter175

    Bartlein Carbon Fiber 7mm

  16. duckhunter175

    HS Precision R700 SA *Lefty*

    Black, 700 LTR take off, 3 studs, short action, never bedded, perfect condition $200 shipped
  17. duckhunter175

    HS Precision R700 SA *Lefty*

  18. Have the following (prices include shipping) $1750- Vortex Razor AMG 6-24x50 FFP/MOA, ebr7, box+goodies plus VORTEX THROW LEVER AND SEEKINS RINGS $1150- NIB- Swaro Z5 2.4-12x50 BT/4w $SOLD- Leupold Custom Shop VXIII Long Range, 4.5-14x40, 30mm tube, Impact 45 reticle, 1/4moa CDS dials on windage AND elevation Interested in the following optics/items as trades/partial trades: Leupold VX6 (HD or not) 2-12x firedot (any), TMOA or Impact reticles Trijicon Accupower 1-8 MOA/FFP GREEN OR RED Burris XTRII 1-8 FFP (#201018)
  19. duckhunter175

    Lets Trade Glass! AMG, Swaro, Leupold

    SWARO SOLD AMG updated
  20. duckhunter175

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    How quick are those things coming out of the muzzle?!
  21. duckhunter175

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    Man this was a fun thread to go back through and revisit!! My only two elk so far are cows, one that fell to my bow and then most recently in 2019 a CO muzzleloader hunt with a CVA Accura MR. I'm still building points in quite a few states as well as some lotto and other draw hunts so I should have a rifle tag in my pocket in the near future. As such I built my 'elk gun' early and then tried it out on Wyoming mule deer this season. 338RUM- Currently shooting 250 LRXs and have 250 Bergers and 270 ELDX loaded up for testing. Borden Timberline Titanium (Wyatts cut- 3.825) Proof 24" 1-9.4 Ryan Pierce 5 port Ti Brake Manners EH4 w/ short front rail and 2 QDs TT Special Flat Murphy Ti Rail TPS Super Low 30mm Rings Razor AMG 6-24x50 Total Weight is 9.5lbs
  22. duckhunter175

    XLR Element Chassis for Remington 700 SA

    How difficult would it be to convert to LH?
  23. duckhunter175

    22 N backpack hunt

    Profile shows he was logged on a few days ago.... let's hope he brings something back to the table!
  24. duckhunter175

    Big Bo Ranch (Unit 10)

    @UggRedBilly How did the hunt go??
  25. duckhunter175

    22 N backpack hunt

    @Orezonan how did the hunt go?!