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  1. duckhunter175

    42 sheep 2019 /w vid

    What an old warrior! CONGRATS!!
  2. duckhunter175

    Good Guy Seller List

    Another 👍 for CatfishKev
  3. duckhunter175

    High BC, Fast Twist .257...

    She’s done!!!! The guys at Alamo Precision Rifles put together a really nice rifle!
  4. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

  5. duckhunter175

    .257wby Bartlein Barrel

  6. duckhunter175

    .257wby Bartlein Barrel

    Free shipping
  7. duckhunter175

    .257wby Bartlein Barrel

  8. duckhunter175

    .257wby Bartlein Barrel

    Bartlein #3, 26", 6 flute, chambered in 257wby (Rem 700 L/A) 1-10 Twist, shot 115 VLDs wonderfully Weight: 3lb 7oz Rounds: Under 150, never ran hard Cerakote: Satin Fluting by Kampfeld and chamber by Redneck(of 24HCF), just had it pulled at Alamo Precision Rifles because I'm stepping up to a fast twist for 131gr bullets WILL INCLUDE 1x 100ct box of 115gr Berger VLDs-- this barrel shot 115s under 1.5" @ 300 yards $225 shipped
  9. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

  10. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

    TTT— would consider selling
  11. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

    Looking at the 3.990"-- most of the load data I'm seeing has COAL around 3.9~ with 285 ELDM which is what I'm planning to run mostly and then maybe 260gr Hammers.
  12. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

    Let cut to the chase- I think you need this stock, lol!
  13. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

    An FFP/MOA/ILL March is on the hit list, seems like theyre hens teeth right now... but gotta finish these rifles first-- when the need arises I think it would be prime for an ultra light build-
  14. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

    Plan is to have the 'battery' trimmed down to 3 bolt action centerfires-- the .257 blackjack 'bee', the Edge and then my old trusty 783 6.5cm that gets laughs for a $350 gun with a $2k scope... until it shoots a little bitty ragged hole next to the range neighbors shotgun blast. The .257 and .338 will have nearly the exact same ergonomics (MCS-T, Proof, TT Special Flat, 20 moa seekins) and I'll move my scope in between the 3 rifles as needed.
  15. duckhunter175

    FOR SALE: Manners MCS-T

    Oh it'll fit! I got two of the same stock for doing 2 identical builds.... but on the 338 EDGE I'm going to BDL metal and Wyatts internal box so I can seat the bullets out longer than in a DBM set up. Lot harder to go from M5 back to BDL😖