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  1. Cooper Rifle- Model 52 Custom, 30/06, 24" special fluted barrel, upgrade to Custom Classic stock + French Walnut AA and shadowline cheek piece, one magazine, GREAT figure in the wood, very few safe marks on the wood, comes with 30mm Talleys and 1" Leupolds. (SCOPE NOT INCLUDED) 7lb 13oz with rings (no scope) Will include 100rds factory Barnes LRX 175gr $2250 shipped and insured; will consider trades for high end FFP/MOA scopes (Mk5, AMG 6-24, NF, March) or Swaro z5 3.5-18x44 4w/BT plus cash
  2. duckhunter175

    CVA Accura MR .50

  3. duckhunter175

    CVA Accura MR .50

    $375- Accura MR- BH209 breech plug, has custom sights (EABCO rear peep/scope rail and a williams/lee shaver front hood), filed out too much on the dovetail so did an unpretty but effective job of locking it in with JB weld. Also included is 3pc ramrod and the original 1" mount with 3-9x40 Bushnell Trophy Scope Killed my CO elk and muley last year with it-- 300gr Harvester w/ 80gr BH209 (by weight) gave me <1.5" @ 150 yards
  4. duckhunter175

    SA Part Out

    $275- HS Precision LEFTY Model PSV069- Rem 700 SA, BDL, bedded (.250" lug), black w/ gray web- weighs 2lb 7oz $100- Timney LH, 511, black, wide shoe, Rem 700 w/ bolt release, less than 100 rds on it $50- Leupold Mk4 (steel) 20moa base, Rem 700 SA, all screws are in good condition $90- Lapua Brass- .243win, 100pcs, unopened Prices include shipping
  5. duckhunter175

    257 Weatherby lives again!!!

    Nice shooting!! Any idea what velocity you got with the 69gr load of H1000?
  6. duckhunter175

    New barrel (Bartlein carbon wrapped)

    gonna be a great combo!! Love the scorched earth-- had a rifle that just got finished... gunsmith matched that burnt brown color PERFECTLY on the metal and it looks phenomenal.
  7. duckhunter175

    Talk me out of this

    If you're going with a folder why not one of the new lightweight folding chassis? If you aren't stuck on folder it seems the CA Ridgelines are to be found for some pretty good deals right now-- they've been known to have their problems but that rifle- ditch the stock, put on a Proof Lightweight (saves 10-12oz), add a set of Hawkins Hybrids and a VX6HD 3-18x44 and you are running in the 7 3/4lb range for your whole rig... even a Mark 5 3.5-18 still has you under 8lbs
  8. duckhunter175

    H1000 and Retumbo

    I've got 8LB of H1000 on the way as well... still no luck with Retumbo
  9. duckhunter175


    haha yup... hit me up about his friend who has an orange recoil pad of all things!
  10. duckhunter175

    WTB: Orange Kick EEZ

  11. duckhunter175

    WTB: Orange Kick EEZ

    Any of you shotgunners or smiths have one laying around?? Orange Kick Eez-- Can't find em on their website anymore and their CS hasn't written me back.
  12. duckhunter175

    Hawkins M5 DBM // Accurate Mags

  13. duckhunter175

    Hawkins M5 DBM // Accurate Mags

    Hawkins M5 DBM, Long Action w/ action screws (4 months old, great condition) 1x 3rd Accurate Mag 3.715 (300wm) 1x 5rd Accurate Mag 3.715 (300wm)-unused $260 for all 3 pieces Would only trade for Hawkins M5 Oberndorf
  14. duckhunter175

    Optics-- Vortex AMG, VX6HD, Seekins, NF, etc