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    Grey ghost, AZkiller you're right... Most of the "long-term" keyboard jockeys on here believe it gives them the RIGHT to be sarcastic when they want to. BUT if your a newbie you're an outsider. Don't you dare be sarcastic! you're a newbie to this forum and you don't know anything about hunting. They group-up if you're opinion is disagreeable to theirs. CW gives them a name like "Advanced" and "Premier" Last Saturday while commentating on the final four, Charles Barkley was talking about forum's and said: "The internet is where fools go to feel important"
  2. 208- I was told that you're the same fool who wants to outlaw ALL trail cameras on public land. You say they cause problems... so a better idea to fix the "problems" out there would be to outlaw GUIDES on public land. I doubt you know much about our handful of trophy units in AZ but our friendly guides make it very hard to have an enjoyable hunt. They stakeout the good water with cams and blinds several months before the hunt. Or they rush in on a screamin bull with a client on a leash and bust things up for the real hunters. All for (lazy) paying clients. BUT here's the REAL problem: THEY are taking an alarming number of our true trophy elk from 'us' who spend time, money, effort scouting, looking for a true hunting experience with a challenge that come with a risk that we won't tag out. Its the 'pride of the hunt' and too many have lost sight of that. We've got caught up in the frenzy that we better kill something with this great tag we just drew... and it doesn't matter if I do the hunting! let someone else do the hunting for me and I can PAY them. geeezzz people Jay I don't know you like this other person seems to but I have heard about some of the things he eludes to. We all sin and we all can be cocky A-holes when the camera isn't pointing at us. What I (and a bunch others) don't like what you're doing on our public land for mostly undeserving clients. (mostly because Im sure you have a sad story or two that breaks our hearts and makes you look like a hero). Its the 90% of your clients that 'can' and should be doing this 'hunting-thing' on their own since they applied for a 'hunting tag.' These guys are taking so many trophy bulls (360-400+) every year, just so you guides can build your reputations as the "best of the West'. You're killing to many big bulls because you have the time to find em for the money. These monsters can't grow fast enough to keep up with demand and the average joe who still has some pride to hunt on their own continues to get his huge bull shot out from under him. It just sucks for everyone.... Suggestion Jay..... convince your guide buddies to only kill bulls in the 350 or less range. For clients who don't have the time, energy, desire to scout and hunt on their own... let them hunt with you but limit them to 350 or less. But thinking it through, you're dilemma would be that you can't justify the huge rate$$ for meager 350 bulls. ahhh
  3. HuntnAZtoo

    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    Murfy your self description is a guy who can't hunt worth a dam and has never even seen a large bull in the wild after a lifetime of looking and busting your a$$. geeezzz those are ur words! ok ok Go hire a guide! But don't act like the worlds greatest hunter when u just show up and pull a trigger. AND help us start liking guides more by telling yours that you don't want to shoot a bull larger than 350. I am sure a 330 bull would just rock your world right?! The final four games tonight were good. Charles Barkley in his classic style was talking about forums and keyboard jockeys and he said "The internet is where fools go to feel important." and where guides go to reel em in... $$$$ Thanks Flagstaffer for the back up. There's more of you (newbies with opinions these people hate) out there, not here. outta here. canceling this account. Man-up men!
  4. HuntnAZtoo

    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    DavElk- idgaf is offering a great proposal. I'd take him up on it. That's the way is used to work! Trade info to help each other out. Doing it for free...not paying a huge fee... and doing it yourself
  5. HuntnAZtoo

    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    DaveElk... pm me and I will give you some good info in unit 1. Hire a guide if you want. I get it and I don't know you. Being in Indiana is a long way away. BUT if you don't hire one... let me know and I will give you some 'free' information that you can use to get yourself started. Elk aren't that hard. I want you to be successful and be able to tell your family about the way you conquered the beast... on you own! It feel so much better than being told what to do and when to do it. There's a ton of self-satisfaction to be had with an AZ elk hunt! Its your choice.
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    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    No Guides. Its so easy to say "hire a guide". However this guy in Indiana is an exception. If you live more than two states away then it is understandable. BUT these days, way too many locals and folks in neighboring states who can do their own scouting choose not to. They take the easy given advise that "you must hire a guide" with such an awesome tag. This is a relatively new 'mentality' in the last couple decades, that antlers on the wall are more important than being a man and hunting a bull elk on your own...for the great experience.. success or not. (Talking to locals here) I know this site is crawlin with guides and friends of guides and I will be told to kiss everyone's you know what. BUT there is a NEW MOVEMENT out there that people are talking about. Its all about getting back to the pride of the hunt and the great sense of accomplishment that you tried on your own (with friends maybe). But to hire a guide is no way to achieve honest bragging rights on the bull that you were shown and told to shoot. Locals hunters.... Man up Movement. Do-it-yourself hunting stories are stories that your friends will respect you for.... not the other type.