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  1. roadbomber1

    SOLD SOLD Cheap trail cams ($100 for all 3)

    I have a couple of these it’s crazy how well the videos and pictures come out expecially for how cheap the cameras are I was really impressed. I just changed the sensitivity so I will see if it helps with the leaves if not the sd card will fill up fast again
  2. roadbomber1

    Nosler Ablr 210gr .308

    I have got them grouping a little better now especially with retumbo but I’m down to 3 pounds so trying to save it for my 7mm and stick with h1000, I’m gonna go test some different seating depths this weekend and see if they are worth keeping. Are you shooting the 212gr eldx I thought about trying those. I keep hearing horror stories about Berger’s but I love the 195s out of my 7mm I destroyed a Coues at 1142yrds 1 shot and a bear the next day at 684yrds then my buddy’s dad used my gun that same day on a 630yards Coues all 1 shot and done. I guess until I loose a critter I’ll keep shooting them, if they were to fail it would probably be when I get a chance and the biggest deer I’ve ever seen.
  3. roadbomber1

    ProChrono Chronograph

    I won’t sell the magneto speed well maybe for 500$ and just buy another one
  4. roadbomber1

    ProChrono Chronograph

    No thanks I have a badlands I wouldn’t mind the outdoormen long range pack though
  5. roadbomber1

    ProChrono Chronograph

    I have a competition electronics ProChrono chronograph with blue tooth device, everything works good It’s still in good condition. I just bought a magnetospeed which suits me a lot better for what I’m needing. I have all the paperwork and everything that came with it. I think they are around 130 new plus the blue tooth is like 40$ so I’ll sell for 100$ located in Gilbert Shoot me a text or call if interested Brian 480-259-five seven five six
  6. roadbomber1

    Toto open country MT

    Brian’s Tire pros in Mesa Installed 295 18s on my tundra for 1285otd
  7. I have been playing around with the accubond long range 210gr out of my 300win mag with a 1:10 twist and I just don’t think the gun really likes them I have tried multiple seating depths from .25-.75 off the lands. Used retumbo and h1000 just wanting to try something different either the Berger 210vld or the Hornady edlx 212 willing to trade Projectiles or sell I have 300 rounds of factory 2nds (blemished) id sell for 40$ per 100rounds. I also have a bran new box of nosler Ballistic Tip 140gr .284 I bought but will never use I would be willing to trade or sell as well maybe take 30$ for them.
  8. roadbomber1

    2018 Hoyt RX-1 Verde 29” Draw 70lb **Like New**

    What up Derek I think so if you buy the 20$ module pretty sure.
  9. roadbomber1

    2018 Hoyt RX-1 Verde 29” Draw 70lb **Like New**

    That's a great deal did the bow sell already?
  10. roadbomber1

    WTB RL26 powder

    I think bear mountain has some
  11. roadbomber1

    Nightforce ATACR, GUNS FS *PRICE DROP*

    Great deal on the nightforce that's the price as a nxs
  12. I can sell you a bar 300 win to mount that rail on
  13. roadbomber1

    Swarovski 15x56 for sale

    Someone will pick these up I'm sure and 1500 is a pretty fair price as well.
  14. roadbomber1

    Want buy Swarovski 80 Straight spotting scope

    There's one in the adds rights now for 2200
  15. roadbomber1

    Browning 30-06

    Great price on an awsome gun I have the same one could never let it go. Good luck with sell