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  1. roadbomber1


    How much you want for the nx8?
  2. roadbomber1

    Spotting scope?

    I’ve really been debating on getting a spotting scope for years, I have looked through just about all of them at the range but not in any real hunting scenarios. I’ve been putting it off because of the added weight to my pack. My 15x56 slc are my go to and work great but there are times when I would like a little more, I had a hunt this past year and at mid day 900 yrds on the backside of a mountain in the shade I hade 8 coues bucks 2 muley bucks and I could tell they were bucks a few decent ones but still had a hard time telling how big how many points etc. would a good spotting scope make a big difference in those dark shaded situations? Are they really worth the extra weight to pack around? If so which is really the best to go with, looking for clean and crisp out to 2-3000 yards for coues. Still would use my 15s for primary spotting, I know it’s gonna be a to each their own but are the btx with 115 really worth it, atx, stx, big eyes, kowa, nightforce, twin spotters? The few I’ve looked through at coues past 1500 yards just didn’t seem worth it compared to my 15s I noticed more magnification but lost a lot of clarity. Opinions or advice?
  3. roadbomber1

    Which rangefinder?

    I had the vortex ranger 1800 I believe for a few years and I’ve never had any issues with it, I mainly just use it for archery but I have ranged deer out to 1200 yards with it as well.
  4. roadbomber1

    Swarovski 20-60x65 nonHD

    You buying the btx or what Joey?
  5. roadbomber1

    Browning x-bolt 6.5creedmore for trade.

    I have a browning bar 300wm made in belgium I would consider trading.
  6. roadbomber1

    Reloder 16 In Stock in Tucson

    That ace is awsome down there every time I go see my mom down in vail I try to stop in there. Any Retumbo, h1000, or primers in there?
  7. roadbomber1


    Precisionreloading.com just got some powders in call and see if they have it. Rim country guns in Payson also had some the other day.
  8. roadbomber1

    WTB/WTT 30cal eld-x 200gr bullets

    I’m pretty sure I have a full box I’ll double check when I get home. Where are you located
  9. roadbomber1

    Retumbo, H1000, federal primers

    If anyone has Retumbo wanting to trade for h1000 as well I’d be willing to.
  10. Rim country guns in Payson just got in a big shipment of 556 7.62 Retumbo, h1000, h4831 and federal primers. They would only sell me 2 of each powders but 2 lbs of Retumbo is better than none, just a heads up!
  11. roadbomber1

    Vortex Viper HST 4-16x44 ***SOLD***

    Fair price should sell now
  12. roadbomber1

    Vortex Viper HST 4-16x44 ***SOLD***

    I paid 460 for mine from sport optics a year ago. I know someone looking that might buy it for 400 what reticle?
  13. roadbomber1

    ISO/WTB H1000

    If you find any Retumbo I’ll trade ya for some h1000
  14. roadbomber1

    ISO/WTB H1000

    Ya they get it periodically I’ll luck out every once in a while but they are only getting a couple pounds in at a time
  15. roadbomber1

    Federal/Winchester large primer

    Hey bud how things going? You have more gold I see haha I’ll take 2 boxes of the federal large magnum match rifle primers.