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  1. roadbomber1

    Vortex Viper HST 4-16x44 *PRICE DROP*

    Fair price should sell now
  2. roadbomber1

    Vortex Viper HST 4-16x44 *PRICE DROP*

    I paid 460 for mine from sport optics a year ago. I know someone looking that might buy it for 400 what reticle?
  3. roadbomber1

    ISO/WTB H1000

    If you find any Retumbo I’ll trade ya for some h1000
  4. roadbomber1

    ISO/WTB H1000

    Ya they get it periodically I’ll luck out every once in a while but they are only getting a couple pounds in at a time
  5. roadbomber1

    Federal/Winchester large primer

    Hey bud how things going? You have more gold I see haha I’ll take 2 boxes of the federal large magnum match rifle primers.
  6. roadbomber1

    Tree stand

    It’s a ladder 5pc set
  7. roadbomber1

    Tree stand

    Bigfoot tree stand and 25’ ladder like new, I bought it last year hung and set it up in a tree but never sat it still in great shape 140 for everything. I think I paid 139 for the stand and 80 for the ladder system.
  8. roadbomber1


  9. roadbomber1

    H1000 for Retumbo

    Willing to trade up to 5lbs of h1000 for Retumbo only. (not interested in selling) long shot but worth a try
  10. roadbomber1

    ISO/WTB H1000

    I have some I would be willing to trade for Retumbo if you have any of that
  11. roadbomber1


    What a deal
  12. roadbomber1

    H1000 for trade

    I have like 4 bottles I’ll trade ya one located in gilbert
  13. roadbomber1

    WTB Hodgon H1000

    Alright just let me know I have 10 pounds of h1000 and only 2 lbs of Retumbo so I’m willing to trade some only looking for Retumbo to. 7mm I use Retumbo 300 win using h1000
  14. roadbomber1

    WTB Hodgon H1000

    I’ll trade you H1000 for retumbo