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  1. ElkDan


    Congrats on filling the tag, The first bull is the toughest!
  2. Since they don't have the early bull any weapon hunts every year there wasn't a hunt the previous year so they just put in ** instead of going back to the last year that they did have the early any weapon hunt.
  3. ElkDan

    Monday Check in

    Had a good half marathon last Saturday at the Yellowstone half. My goal was 1:45 and I made it in 1:43:43 so I was cutting it close. I was surprised when it was all done I ended up coming in 30th overall with around 2000 runners and got 3rd in my age class. Took the rest of the week off I need to get back after it this week.
  4. ElkDan

    2015 Elk SHow

    Nice pics, you must have some good zoom or some serious stalking skills
  5. ElkDan

    Monday Check in

    Went for a run last night on my lunch (dinner) break at work and saw a couple dozen deer and 3 bulls. I had 2 of the bulls skylined at about 50 yards. Fading light and just my phone to take a pic with didn't make a very clear picture but it was fun to see some bulls. I got in about 20 miles and 4000 ft elevation in this week.
  6. ElkDan

    L.E. utah elk tag - Manti central mountains

    Here are some Manti bulls
  7. ElkDan

    Monday Check in

    31 miles for me this week with a really good Hike/Run on Wednesday 15miles 4000 ft elevation change and right at 3 hours. Nice Job on the Half Flatlander!
  8. ElkDan

    New way to score antlers

    Dude, this is the internet!!! you can measure yer animals anyway you want and post whatever score you want to... did I ever tell you about my 500" spike bull.... so what if I took 150 mass measurements!
  9. Maybe I missed it in all the great ideas in this post but couldn't she just go before the judge and ask that the OOP be lifted??? Problem solved, no issues if they happen to meet in the woods. Honestly I think they both should have to turn in their tags... obviously hunting unit 6A wasn't all that important to either of them otherwise one of them would have demanded custody of the unit in the divorce or at least worked out some sort of custody arrangement
  10. ElkDan

    Elk Trophy Pickup Fail

    Very nice... great bull. I say put it high in the room (where the wife wants it) for now and slowly move it down a few inches every month when the wife it out of the house, until you have it where you want it. :-)
  11. Idaho Buck... 75ish" buck. Since it was my first I wanted to make sure I had some room to find a bigger one sometime
  12. ElkDan

    new use for sheds

    Very cool!
  13. ElkDan

    Monday Check in

    7 runs 34.6 miles 2488 vertical feet 4 hrs 37 min Set PR for my 5K that I ran on Saturday with 6:55 average mile Unfortunately I ate too many cookies to lose any weight!
  14. ElkDan

    Monday Check in

    Where is your half? Doing the Yellowstone Half Marathon June 13th. The course doesn't look too bad with just one 200+ ft climb in mile 6, otherwise pretty flat. It should be really scenic, just a few miles of pavement running and the rest on dirt roads and trails in the woods. I hope I don't need my bear spray!!!
  15. ElkDan

    Shooting with camo netting on the face?

    I've gone away from a face mask and paint as well and haven't had bad results yet. I do like to wear a camo ball cap pulled down and also typically grow out a full beard to cover some of my ugly mug as well.