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  1. drebo1212

    Vortex Vulture 10x56’s

    Still have them?
  2. drebo1212

    what might this bull score?

    camera dates are wrong. Biggest I have seen but wanted to see what he may score.
  3. drebo1212

    2016 is off to a great start!

    Congrats. That is an awesome story.
  4. drebo1212

    Really? Really???

    I am impressed that they got it up there.
  5. drebo1212

    It finally happened!!!

    Great Story and Deer!
  6. drebo1212

    More Desert Bucks

    Great pics
  7. drebo1212

    First Archery Buck

    Got this guy on Saturday morning. I was very excited. I wish I had taken more pics including some with my bow, but here are a few. I think about how quick time went from when I saw the buck until I shot maybe 45 seconds almost a blur, but then I realize it started for me in February. After I unsuccessful January hunt I wanted to spend more time scouting and shooting for this August. I spent hours shooting so when I got the chance I wouldn't miss again. I spent days in the woods scouting and placing cameras, trying to figure out what the deer were doing and what their patterns were. In seconds the hunt was over but the memory will last forever. I thank God for this amazing sport and opportunity to enjoy his wonderful creation. Also thanks to my wife for allowing me to leave her alone with a two year old and two month old all the weekends spent scouting and hunting. And last thanks to my hunting buddy Drew for all his help and guidance. He will get his buck next week.
  8. drebo1212

    Cant Wait!

    That's what I interpreted the rule or law as. Its seems to be up for debate I guess.
  9. drebo1212

    Cant Wait!

    I thought you could use mineral licks for live stock. Was bought at a feed store.
  10. drebo1212

    Cant Wait!

    Archery opens in 5 days.
  11. drebo1212

    Need Help?

    This is an awesome website and post topic. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach for Phoenix College and have my own performance facility in the North Valley. I work with all ages and abilities. from pro athletes to couch potatoes. Check out www.speedandstrengthuniversity.com We can design a program for your specific needs and goals. Hope to hear from anyone up this way that needs to get ready for their hunt.
  12. drebo1212

    Antler Growth

    Thought it was cool to see this bucks growth over a couple week. first photo July 8th next 4 July 13th last two July 23rd