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    Tipping guides

    Depending on outfit, tipping 10-15% of package price. 50-75% of that amount to guide, rest to cooks, cleaners, etc.
  2. "Her" profile pic is a different person (a popular hunting industry chick) than the pic posted of the ducks. Highly likely its another troll.
  3. brademan76


    Nice bull! Killed a cow in 2015 on McGreggor. The meat was nothing special IMO, pretty flavorless. Have had it in africa as well. Tastes same there. NM resident friend gets an off range tag most years and kills one. Driving to hopefully kill an ibex nanny this weekend. Thanks for the motivation 👍
  4. brademan76

    Monday Check in

  5. brademan76

    Interesting rescue clip from this past storm

    Do you suspect the hikers will have to foot any of the bill?
  6. I thought media were blowing it way out of proportion. They got into the capital, police were just standing by letting them walk in and out. Very little destruction or vandalism. If it were the other side they wouldve destroyed everything inside and thrown a few firey cocktails. Now Twitter shuts off Potus account.
  7. brademan76

    Anybody used these?

    I have 4 and they work well. Good night and day photo quality. I haven't tried video.
  8. brademan76


    Pakistani? That's just a shernic gunworks bullpup kit you can buy.
  9. brademan76

    SOLD Jansport made in USA frame backpack

    Some Patagonia-wearing hipster will pay a premium for that!
  10. brademan76

    Monday Check in

    The Sith Lord!
  11. brademan76

    Trail Cameras a violation in the Coronado NF??

    Don't want you invading the privacy of illegals and traffickers.
  12. brademan76

    Another Darwin Award Winner!

    Lol, super fake
  13. brademan76

    Elite Impulse 34

  14. Love the year, model and quality restore job! Not digging the Norton look though... would still love to own it. Good luck with the sale.
  15. brademan76

    Anyone to foster/adopt a great dane?

    Shared with a friend in PHX who has a foster and might be interested. She will.probably spread around in that big dog foster community if not. Hope something works out he's a good looking dog.
  16. brademan76

    Toyota 4Runner Trd 17” rims like new

    That's what I assumed and hoped to see the flat black TRD rims in your OP as I wouldn't call the take offs "TRD" rims per se. Good choice on the new rims. I'm in the market for a set but likely going to wait until the stock rubber is due to be changed.
  17. brademan76

    Toyota 4Runner Trd 17” rims like new

    If they came off the vehicle, what rims came in the boxes?
  18. brademan76

    Popcorn thread

    Give us a clue... Theology?
  19. brademan76

    Popcorn thread

    When are u one to shy away from controversy?
  20. brademan76

    Looking for a welder (wire)

    I recently bought a titanium 170 from Harbor Freight. Flux core works well. Haven't run shielding gas yet don't know if I will. They have a 200 model that does wire, TIG and stick that I'm kinda wishing I got instead.
  21. brademan76

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Public land and access to it is shrinking. People draw tags and what used to be their initial thought of a DIY hunt, more and more consider a guided hunt/paying tresspass fee, etc right off the bat. Private landowners used to grant permission for people to hunt their property. Liability and money for acces has all but taken that opportunity out of the equation. Guides and wealthy gobble up leases on those private lands and those leases expand every year as outfitters pack more and more clients into a season. I'm very intimate with this business, not only in the west, but across all of north america and throughout the world. The future of hunting is not pretty.
  22. brademan76

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Hunting has gone pay to play and getting worse all the time. The tradition will die out because of it. New blood will have no opportunity unless they have a fat wallet.