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    Hunting: Upland, Waterfowl, Archery BG, Rifle BG, MZ BG, Varmints. Fishing: Fly Fishing, Bow Fishing. Sporting Clays, Rifle/handgun shooting. Weight Lifting. Feel free to message me about whatever.

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  1. brademan76

    Draw Results!

    Congrats to those who drew! All unsuccessful for me... 😔 NZ Tahr and chamois next month it is.
  2. brademan76

    Harris Bipod and AR buttstock

    $50 VLTOR IMOD stock | FDE | Mil-spec tube size $75 Harris 12-25" Pivoting Bipod Located in Laveen, can also meet at Cabela's in Glendale
  3. brademan76

    Canada Bear hunt

    Man I wish I thought as highly of myself as you...... Bob! Good thing you do too, because its obvious you're lonely and nobody really likes you so you have to share your personal life with a bunch of strangers on a hunting forum and you think anyone actually cares. Is it a tough existence being washed up at only 62, unable to hunt for yourself anymore? How can you criticize someone who goes on a hunt in Alaska as a "buyer not a hunter"? How is that at all different from your "hunt" on the Bab? Write a book? 🤣 now thats a good one! We've all seen your writing skills (or lack thereof) on full display here, although you might just have the imagination for fiction.
  4. brademan76

    Canada Bear hunt

    Oooo, me! Do me next, Bob! 🙋🏼‍♂️ C'mon you loony old coot, sock it to me! No one would bat an eyelash if they didnt see you post here again other than to say your idiotic postings were good for a laugh every now and again. Don't let the door hit you in your 62 year old keister on your way out.
  5. brademan76

    Canada Bear hunt

    Gotta be something harder (probably Old Crow) for him to get home at 3am from driving truck to Cali and then posting such dumb^$S stuff so quick... my guess anyhow. I sure do enjoy seeing his laughable, hypocritical, know-it-all comments all the time 🙄 He never forgets to add in the same, simple life story tidbits that he seems to think attest to his views. Even Forrest Gump was smart enough to know he wasn't a smart man... might be time to take the keyboard keys away from him before he hurts himself or someone else. Some people take issue with hunting bears with dogs. I believe both methods are a great way to be selective, get a good close look at a bear to make sure you're taking one that is mature and most likely a boar. Spot and stalk for bears is great, but success goes way down as does your ability to size/sex it. Most spot and stalk (or callers for that matter) bear hunters are shooting the first one they have an opportunity at regardless of size/sex anyways because they know it might be their only opportunity.
  6. brademan76

    Trail Cam BAN

    Do we really need to debate this on here every time it comes up? It's always the same arguments and it goes around in circles. Then again what else is this forum for during the off-season? If you feel so strongly one way or the other then petition game and fish about it.
  7. brademan76


    Excuse the source of the video, but this is making national news and just adds fuel to the fire for the antis. We all know these lowlifes are poachers, not hunters but unfortunately most consider us one in the same. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/video-father-son-killing-mama-bear-cubs-sparks-outrage-just-disgusting-abhorrent-140807261.html Anyone have any context to the text at the end of the video? Sounds like pure propaganda...
  8. brademan76

    Check Those Mailboxes!

    Got something in the mail yesterday, was hopeful I missed a charge but it was just an archery deer survey. 😔
  9. brademan76

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Pshh that old fad? I'm doing VR podcasts now. You can find em on my page HERE
  10. brademan76

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Nice try but that was taken by someone else and not at my request either. There is another photo of me from that same packout in the fall 2018 issue of outdoor life where I'm taking a break facedown on the ground. 😉
  11. brademan76

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Amanda, can we please to create an 'old fogies bitchin' subforum?
  12. brademan76

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Meme of his girlfriend crying is gold.
  13. brademan76

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Have you already determined an area that you're going to focus your hunt? If not then you're going about this backward. I backcountry tent camp that area (lightweight as possible) during OTC archery deer hunt and survive and sleep just fine. Maybe something like that could be a "plan B" if the forecast calls for something ugly during your hunt... my $0.02