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    Hunting: Upland, Waterfowl, Archery BG, Rifle BG, MZ BG, Varmints. Fishing: Fly Fishing, Bow Fishing. Sporting Clays, Rifle/handgun shooting. Weight Lifting. Feel free to message me about whatever.

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  1. brademan76

    Looking for a welder (wire)

    I recently bought a titanium 170 from Harbor Freight. Flux core works well. Haven't run shielding gas yet don't know if I will. They have a 200 model that does wire, TIG and stick that I'm kinda wishing I got instead.
  2. brademan76

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Public land and access to it is shrinking. People draw tags and what used to be their initial thought of a DIY hunt, more and more consider a guided hunt/paying tresspass fee, etc right off the bat. Private landowners used to grant permission for people to hunt their property. Liability and money for acces has all but taken that opportunity out of the equation. Guides and wealthy gobble up leases on those private lands and those leases expand every year as outfitters pack more and more clients into a season. I'm very intimate with this business, not only in the west, but across all of north america and throughout the world. The future of hunting is not pretty.
  3. brademan76

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Hunting has gone pay to play and getting worse all the time. The tradition will die out because of it. New blood will have no opportunity unless they have a fat wallet.
  4. brademan76

    4Runner for Sale

    Toyota-4runner.org has all the lift info you need
  5. brademan76

    4Runner for Sale

    Has hardly used this off-road but needs a Jeep? I'd be all over this if I didn't buy a 2018 last week 😔
  6. brademan76

    Outlaw bc777

    Outlaws in streets, freaks in the sheets. Them owens boys sure love taking that D, especially Rog. Too bad Blakey wakey doesn't get prison time, he'd sure love being the cell block pincushion.
  7. brademan76

    CZ P-07 traded

    I've got one and have it configured as a decocker- really like it.. I carry it more than my other pistols (Glocks and S&W). Paid 425 new years ago.
  8. brademan76

    New stove (backpack)

    dimensions? It requires fuel or can you use small sticks & tinder?
  9. brademan76

    Hide tanning

    I tanned a cowhide last fall. Holy shnikes that was work!
  10. brademan76

    Talk me out of this

    Seems there is no "talking you out of this".
  11. brademan76

    S&W Classic 629

    .44 mag?
  12. brademan76

    Tri-Tronics Dog Collar SOLD

    I'll take it if you'd ship.
  13. brademan76

    New Mexico draw results

    3rd choice ibex nanny for me. Still a chance at sponsored oryx for wife later.
  14. brademan76

    223 ammo at BPS 33 cents a round

    Thanks I snagged some. If you purchase through activejunky.com, can us still use cabelas CC and get the cabela's points rate back?