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  1. brademan76

    COVID Vaccine Info

    dang dude, best wishes you are over that crap asap!
  2. brademan76

    COVID Vaccine Info

    It's a miracle! Thanks Biden!
  3. brademan76

    COVID Vaccine Info

    You transphobe. You'll be jailed soon enough for calling them it and for not knowing their preferred pronouns!!!
  4. brademan76

    COVID Vaccine Info

    I sure hope you posted it on social media too!
  5. I thought media were blowing it way out of proportion. They got into the capital, police were just standing by letting them walk in and out. Very little destruction or vandalism. If it were the other side they wouldve destroyed everything inside and thrown a few firey cocktails. Now Twitter shuts off Potus account.
  6. brademan76

    Anybody used these?

    I have 4 and they work well. Good night and day photo quality. I haven't tried video.
  7. brademan76


    Pakistani? That's just a shernic gunworks bullpup kit you can buy.
  8. brademan76

    SOLD Jansport made in USA frame backpack

    Some Patagonia-wearing hipster will pay a premium for that!
  9. brademan76

    Monday Check in

    The Sith Lord!
  10. brademan76

    Trail Cameras a violation in the Coronado NF??

    Don't want you invading the privacy of illegals and traffickers.
  11. brademan76

    Another Darwin Award Winner!

    Lol, super fake
  12. brademan76

    Elite Impulse 34

  13. Love the year, model and quality restore job! Not digging the Norton look though... would still love to own it. Good luck with the sale.
  14. brademan76

    Anyone to foster/adopt a great dane?

    Shared with a friend in PHX who has a foster and might be interested. She will.probably spread around in that big dog foster community if not. Hope something works out he's a good looking dog.
  15. brademan76

    Toyota 4Runner Trd 17” rims like new

    That's what I assumed and hoped to see the flat black TRD rims in your OP as I wouldn't call the take offs "TRD" rims per se. Good choice on the new rims. I'm in the market for a set but likely going to wait until the stock rubber is due to be changed.