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    Hunting: Upland, Waterfowl, Archery BG, Rifle BG, MZ BG, Varmints. Fishing: Fly Fishing, Bow Fishing. Sporting Clays, Rifle/handgun shooting. Weight Lifting. Feel free to message me about whatever.

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  1. I prefer the brand that gets me into the most circle jerks. That's performance you can quantify.
  2. brademan76

    Woodbury Fire

    Horrible, horrible, so sad to hear. Feel bad for all the people who spend lots of time there recreating, hiking, hunting, etc. Hopefully a miracle happens 🙏. I've personally not spent time there but have lots of spots circled on the map with the intention to explore sometime including Reavis Ranch and the orchard, the numerous native sites too.
  3. Still not convinced this jacksimonton isn't a bot
  4. C'mon man. 90% of this forum is just the same debates getting recycled over and over. Why stop at this one?
  5. brademan76

    Hornady ELD-X

    No matter what bullet, broadhead, or butt paper that works for lots of people, you'll find a few who have had less than ideal performance.
  6. brademan76

    Flying with Alaska airlines? Checked rifle costs?

    Depends on the check-in agent. Sometimes they'll pull out a tape measure and charge $100 for it. Sometimes they don't give it a second thought.
  7. brademan76

    Traeger at Costco Tempe

    Lol, wut?
  8. brademan76

    Dead Head

    I think it's a bogus account.
  9. brademan76

    Glorious Day in New Country

    Very cool area and full of deer! I'll come walk the draws for mearns while you overwatch and pop any bucks that I push out!
  10. brademan76

    Horse saga continues

    Its unfortunate no feral horses were harmed during this incident. 😪
  11. brademan76

    Scratch those ears for me

    The cost of a good dog is a broken heart at the end. Gave my good old boy a hearty rub tonight. Dogspeed, Charlie.
  12. brademan76

    Gun License/Registration

    You're never going to change someones mind arguing on facebook.
  13. brademan76

    Top selling toy 1964

  14. brademan76

    Glassing Seat/Pad from Phoenix Shooting Bags

    Do you offer face to face cash sales to get around paying for shipping (and tax)?
  15. brademan76

    Plumber Needed

    Probably a worn out or seized faucet cartridge. Easy DIY repair- just google the faucet manufacturer/model and "cartridge" and you'll likely find parts and videos.