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  1. Allan

    Tessa’s first bear

    Great bear Tessa! I've been fortunate enough to have tagged along on quite a few hunts with Tessa and her dad, she's definitely the best hunter in the family...😊
  2. Allan

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I came across several large green colored rattlers in unit 19A last year while bear hunting. I wondered if they were Mojave’s but didn’t realize they got so big. Another former Iowa farm boy here, about 90 minutes east of Des Moines between Grinnell and Marengo in Iowa County.
  3. Allan

    Any private pilots here?

    If your on the North end of Tucson Marana airport might work for you. It’s been a few years since I was there last but there were a couple small schools. I’m in the process of selling a plane to a guy that lives down there, I’ll ask if he knows of any decent schools. If you spent any time in Phoenix I would also recommend Angel Aviation at Glendale Airport, my office was there before moving to Prescott Airport, the owner is a great guy. Deer Valley has several schools and CFI’s but it is crazy busy, you can be on the taxi way for twenty minutes waiting to take off if you get caught in the early morning “ student conga line”. Go for it and good luck, it’s quite an adventure.
  4. Allan

    August bears

    All the bear sign I've seen in the last week has been in the manzanitas. That should change in a few weeks, there's a lot of prickly pear nearby with a few just starting to turn red.
  5. Allan

    ATV Mechanic/Prescott area

    Northern Arizona Automotive in Prescott Valley works on ATVs. So far I've been happy with their pricing and work.
  6. Allan

    15X56 Vortex Binoculars

    I have the 15x Viper Vortex, huge difference over the 10's. 10x around your neck and 15x with a tripod are a great combo.
  7. Allan

    My 2016 Coues!

    Terrific buck, I agree, worth waiting till next January for.
  8. Allan

    Done for the Year

    Great buck, and sounds like you made some great memories.
  9. Allan

    My first archery kill!

    Great story and congrats on your first archery kill!
  10. Allan

    Hunting for a Giant.

    Quite a hunt, that buck is a toad!
  11. Allan

    Double Down on Opening Morning!

    You'll have a tough time beating that, congrats!!
  12. Allan

    Congratulations to CWT member 218 buck !!!!!

    Wow!! Way to go JR!!
  13. Allan

    This one's for you Grandpa!

    What a nice tribute to your Grandpa, it shows how important it is for parents and grandparents to invest time in their kids. Great bull too by the way!
  14. Allan

    Tagged out opening morning in 22n

    Great bull, congrats!
  15. Allan

    Horses for packing out elk in 19A?

    It would be an exciting downhill, I have your number on speed dial in case I need help packing one out..