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  1. TonyC

    Found skull, with horns

    awesome find! my bro has a nice find here in vegas. ill have to post it up soon
  2. I've been all over the place and now have settled BACK in NV. unfortunately, all my hunting partners are in AZ and other states. if anyone knows someone, I'd appreciate an introduction. thanks.. hope everyone had a great Xmas!
  3. I can provide a picture if interested via text to your phone or email. Thanks https://www.arizonahuntingforums.com/threads/wts-auto-ordnance-1911a1.14631/#post-112907 (picture provided on this link above)
  4. Looking to sell my 1911a1. Good condition. have original hard case as well as a leather back holster and an extra magazine included. Will give .45 rounds that I have as well. Less than 300 rounds have been shot out of this 1911.
  5. TonyC

    Small Mouth Fishing on the Black River

    I'm sure you know but if you time it right with the monsoon storms coming in.. you can hit right before and after a storm when they are most active.
  6. TonyC

    Elk Spotlight

    haha! great video. Looked like that last elk was using the camera to scratch a spot on his neck.
  7. TonyC

    Found the one I'm looking for!

  8. TonyC

    Family Strengths

    welcome matt, thanks for sharing the pictures. those are some beautiful trophies.
  9. TonyC

    Midwestern Farm Pond Bass

    beautiful pictures! I bet that was a great time out with the family. It certainly makes the trip worth it when you catch good looking bass like that. congrats
  10. TonyC

    A little buckshot action

    haha! i love the comments as much as the picture. "I think you got it" ...
  11. TonyC

    Unit 1 Rams

    ahahaha! dang right in the parking lot! lol.. wow
  12. TonyC

    Possible New Record Coues Shed Found

    lol... he just has gigantic hands guys.. don't let him fool you!
  13. TonyC

    2017 Shed Year

    oh man! what a great collection.
  14. TonyC

    Housing in Queen Creek

    STV has definitely developed and still is developing.. The homes seem to popping up everywhere and rentals are in and out within days.
  15. TonyC

    Chairless chair

    dang!! that is awesome!