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  1. AZhuntingfamily

    Goulds in 31

    Probably a late response but we use to see them alot around the lake on top.
  2. AZhuntingfamily

    .243 or 7-08 for Youth Cow

    I put a muzzle break on my .270 and it reduced the recoil a bunch. Just something to consider
  3. AZhuntingfamily

    Fire watch 2018

    Thanks for the website!
  4. AZhuntingfamily

    Fire watch 2018

    I think this is going to be a really bad fire year. With the Tinder fire ablaze I thought it would be helpful to keep track of what's burning, where. Any updates?
  5. AZhuntingfamily

    Looking for GSP pup

    I figure you guys would be the best group to ask. Does anyone know of any German Shorthair Pointer pups that will be coming up for sale in the next couple of months? I am looking for a AKC Female with a decent bloodline, the bigger the Sire and Dam the better. Thanks
  6. AZhuntingfamily

    .243 for elk?

    I think you would ne fine as long as you keep the shot around 100y and maybe longer with some Amax or Berger style bullets. I Would just look at the kinetic impact charts for what you are shooting and make an educated guess at what distance is reasonable.
  7. AZhuntingfamily

    G&F Proposed Rule Changes

    I am 100% behind game and fish on the trail camera, drone and satellite image laws. These past couple of decades have really stacked the odds in the hunter’s favor and its time to do little more to protect the tradition of fair chase.
  8. AZhuntingfamily

    Looking for swaro 12×50 EL

    Looking to buy a used pair of 12x50EL
  9. AZhuntingfamily

    4B Roll Call

    Oh man.... maybe I will just stay home this year. 😂
  10. AZhuntingfamily

    Results up!

    where did you pull that info from?
  11. AZhuntingfamily

    Results up!

    4B archery Bull... Here we go again
  12. AZhuntingfamily

    The Plague!

    I have only been in AZ for 10 years and this is the first I have heard of the Plague. I dont think it is somthing to be concerned with but it is somthing to be aware of. I would be the guy to get bit by an infected flea day one of my hunt and think I had the flu for the next 14 days only to wind up dead in my lazy boy when I got home. No way would I think I had the Plague! Just some food for thought...no intentions of "freaking people out".
  13. AZhuntingfamily

    The Plague!

    No its not funny, its true. They supposedly discovered it when a resident noticed a bunch of Prarie dogs dying off.
  14. AZhuntingfamily

    The Plague!

    I just read an article from ABC stating that fleas around flagstaff have tested positive for the Plague. They are urging people not to sleep on the ground and to avoid contact with dead animals. Kind of a hard thing to do as a hunter! I just thought I would give everyone a heads up. Stay safe!
  15. AZhuntingfamily

    Humless 1500 solar generator.

    Has anyone used the this product? Im thinking at $1999 it might be a better alternative to a Honda invertor. I want to see if it will keep a 7.2cu deep freeze running for 14 days. As it stands now we can run a gas generator for 5 hours a day and keep things chilled. It claims to have a 20 hour solar charge time and can run a max of 1500w for 3 hours. Thoughts?