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    Respect the Coues!

    My respects to the hunter also
  2. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    Hi everyone, First of all I would like to start by stating that is is a great site to learn about hunting in Arizona. All your forum topics have been very helpful. This is my first time rifle hunting and I'll be hunting in 36A thanksgiving weekend. My question is do you guys have any additional pointers for hunting this unit? I read the info that AZGF has but I was wondering if other hunters have tips they would like to share as well. I'm just trying to have a successful first time hunt. I would grately appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    Well my hunting time is up. I wasn't able to bring down a buck. I saw a 3x3 and a 4x4 but they were to far away. I'll take my first hunt as a success because of the experience and start getting ready for the next year
  4. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    I talked to a local hunter that said all that firing is what they call "bush firing" and just like you said it's illegal and unsafe. The reason behind it is to agitate the deer to get them to move around. Sounds to me like a technique a weekend hunter would use cause he's desperate.
  5. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    Thanks everyone on the helpful pointers. So far I have been getting good results an been able to spot a lot of does. First thing I spot Saturday morning from atop of a mountain a 3x3 Buck @ 1888 yards. I took my eyes off of him to wipe the fog off my binoculars and just like that he was gone. Bitter sweet feeling it gives me. I got frustrated but In hindsight it was for the best. I wouldn't want my adventure to finish this early and so easy. It actually gives me releaf that there's still grey ghost left out there for me to pursue a challenging quest. On a side note I have heard to many gun shot noise from an overpopulated hunting unit. it seems to me hunters are randomly shooting due to the excitement. Is their some type of hunting etiquette retarding this?
  6. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    Those are good news Thanks. What part of the unit where you hunting?
  7. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    Since this is my first hunt I'm just looking for at least a medium size buck, but I would settle for anything that has antlers
  8. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    Sounds like I'm gonna have to put in some work to get my buck.....looking forward to the adventure.
  9. Mhayez

    Coues fever

    Nice I'll be in 36A. Starting my first whitetail