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  1. Since I had to sell my meopta 15s when times got tuff I now need to replace them. If money was no object I'd probably go for the EL 12s, but.... money is an object. So I'm considering getting the meopta 15s again but now that I'm gonna have the kowa 30x wide angle I'm on the fence to what would best accompany them. Am i ok with meopta 12s as a once and done all around bino? Or even 10s?  When i back pack away from the truck will i regret 12s and want my 15s back? 

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  2. Take comfort in knowing you gave her a good life. Just got a breeders last boston from them that was a breeding dog. She's never been fishing or camping, didn't even know how to jump up on our bed to be with us, sad. She's gonna live it up know though. 

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