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    Enough moisture?

    Well after about 2 days of nonstop snow we’re up to about 25-30” on our property at around 6000’ elevation in the mountains south of Prescott. im no expert on the subject, but from what I’ve read winter snow does more good than later rains, as the slow melt of the snow allows for much more of the snow to be soaked up into the ground and stored by plants. Not to mention the melt from the higher snow on the peaks will keep creeks running and riparian areas green for far longer than a little rain will. Sure rain is always a good thing (at least in Az), but this snow is the best thing that could’ve happened to us after a couple long dry summers. at least that’s what I’m telling myself now so I don’t get too PO’d while digging out my truck to go to work.
  2. mattys281

    Enough moisture?

    We got a good 4” of snow at my place south of Prescott. Supposed to dump a bunch more tonight. Fingers crossed.
  3. Haven’t been to either of those units in years, but from what I understand 32 has some major issues with accessing public land. i used to hunt 31 and had some good luck. Never saw an illegal there and plenty of cacti as I recall. I haven’t hunted the far southern units much, but the only one I ever saw illegals in was in the Santa Rita’s south of Tucson. They were a pretty sorry looking bunch. They weren’t the ones hauling drugs, they were the ones heading to Home Depot so they could cut grass for $5/hr
  4. To me it’s pretty obvious that there is fraud in literally every election. Based on an absolute slew of evidence I think this may have been the worst ever. I’m sorely, sorely disappointed in courts refusing to even hear cases on ‘procedural basis’.... I mean WTF?!?! Are these judges living in a bubble where they have no clue about the gravity of it all? At least hear the argument.... I feel completely disenfranchised, and feel we’ve all been duped. Anybody that claims that, I’m right there with ya. I just haven’t seen/heard anything that makes me think the Pence thing was more than a fantasy born of desperation. I understand wanting to blame somebody, but I don’t think Pence is the guy to shoulder that.
  5. I don't think he did anything to himself. I think it was a very crappy expectation for people to want him to essentially throw out votes. I’m certainly no constitutional scholar, but I’ve seen a couple of lawyers (One being Ben Shapiro) stating that he had no authority to do what was expected of him, and to me that seems logically correct. Can you imagine a larger conflict of interests than to allow the incumbent VP to toss out votes in a re-election? Or for that matter, what if Biden has tossed electoral votes for Trump in 2016 citing concerns of Russian meddling? No, I don’t believe for a minute that was ever a legal option for Pence, and I don’t find it appropriate or reasonable to label him a traitor as some have. He’s been a stalwart defender of the administration and President Trumps policy since day one and he’s often been a much better spokesperson for the administration than POTUS himself. just my amateur .02
  6. I think that would’ve been the worst thing he could’ve possibly done. As it is, I think this little act of insurrection is going to cost us dearly, as we’re already seeing with censorship. I think the republicans are going to lose more ground in the midterms, and the only way that they have a chance in 2024 is if the Biden administration makes such a mess out of the economy that large swathes of people suffer from it. any chance trump or pence had of a run in 2024 is gone. Sure their base would still support them, but every election is decided by the 20ish% of swing voters, and I don’t think they’ll get that.
  7. According to the democrats, the 2016 election was stolen through Russian election meddling. They’ve literally been saying that for 4 years. My memory lasts longer than 5 minutes, so I also remember that Bush ‘stole the election’ from Gore in 2000, so NO, it’s not always the Democrats that cheat, according to democrats it’s always republicans that cheat. It really is like watching chimps in the ape house throw crap at each other. Very tiresome... in this particular election though, it’s hard to call it fair when the media was obviously shilling for one side and outright manipulating and censoring the other. Case in point : Hunter Biden scandal. It was undeniably squashed by all MSM and social media platforms, even jack dorsey admitted to Congress it was ‘a mistake’ for twitter to flag it as false information and take it down. Look it up, there’s a million videos of him getting grilled by Ted Cruz over it. polling done by Real Clear Politics after the election showed that 1:6 people that already voted for Biden say they would not have if they’d known about him and his sons ties to China. That would have reduced his votes by 17% and while trump would surely not have picked up all of those, he would’ve got some of them. this was not trump vs. Biden, Th is was Trump vs. everyone with a media presence
  8. “All men fall: mighty Caesar, the conqueror of Vercingetorix, the greatest man of the ancient world, was struck down by the knives of cowards like Brutus and Cassius, and history since is replete with great men felled by pipsqueaks.” Michael Walsh, Last Stands I’m about about a quarter of the way through and came across this gem the other day. If you’re a fan of military history, check out Last Stands. As I said, I’m only about 1/4 done, but already would strongly recommend it
  9. Absolutely ridiculous. Trump encouraged people to gather for a demonstration and then when things started to sour he put out tweets and a video encouraging people to go home and be peaceful. That’s the exact opposite of inciting violence, much less participating in murder in any way
  10. I’m referring specifically to the social media that discriminates and dumps on conservatives on a daily basis
  11. Blm lost a boat load of public support (according to surveys) as a result of their shenanigans this year, so will the MAGA crowd if they keep this up. There’s absolutely no chance of a ‘revolution’ or ‘civil war’ or whatever other radical nonsense disenfranchised repubs are dreaming of. the war to be fought is a culture war. It’s not sufficient to say their ideas are crap, you have to be able to explain why theyre crap and why yours are better. We have to fight the same way they do. That means going after the education system and entertainment. Know what your kids are ‘learning’ and be willing to raise heck with the teachers and administrators if you don’t like what you’re hearing. If necessary, pull them out and put them in a different school. I had to do that with my older kids. my younger ones are being home schooled As for the entertainment industry, stop giving money to people that hate you! I’m 100% done with pro sports for life and I’ll never give another dollar to a movie theater either. Hollywood can **** off. My wife won’t let me pull the plug all together so they get $8/month for my Hulu subscription, that’s it. Social media is your enemy. Get the heck of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other social media is harvesting your data and censoring your free speech and controlling what information you can access. Never watch major ‘news’ networks, none of them, not tucker/fox, none, not for one minute. It’s not enough to temporarily boycott these people, we need to raise up a totally separate economy, take the money away from those bastards permanently. Ben Shapiro and his guys at the daily wire are working hard to do what they can. They’ve got their first full length feature film coming out in another week or so, some R rated action film. The trailer didn’t really grab my attention, but I’ll be signing up to their website and watching it anyway jut because it’s import to support their efforts.
  12. mattys281

    2021 buck opening morning

    Congrats to him, looks like a great buck
  13. mattys281

    2021 archery coues deer

    Congrats! He’s a good one alright
  14. mattys281

    Son's first archery pig

    Congrats to him!
  15. mattys281

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I saw a little 6 pt pushing a doe around pretty hard this morning out in 20a. There’s some action goin on out there
  16. Got a good video on my fence this morning of a little spike buck I’ve been watching the last week or so. He keeps pushing does, but they’re not giving in to his charms. I knew they grunted and stuff, but man is this guy talkative!
  17. Haha yeah, me neither. We’re not allowed to hunt in the neighborhood though.
  18. Had a new face show up yesterday, this little forky. Still waiting on the big boys to start cruising the neighborhood, they’re running late this year. Got a couple inches of snow today, maybe the cold snap will bring them in. i texted this video to my brother and he says ‘You should name that one Creepy Joe’ seems appropriate.
  19. mattys281

    Vaseline tubs-$50/ea

    Fortunately I’ve got plenty of ammo and several dozen raw arrow shafts so I don’t really have to play those scarcity games. The empty ammo isle and the desperate souls roaming them at sportsman’s is a sad sight to behold. Like a bunch of junkies hanging out hoping to bump into a friend with some meth they’ll share. I think I’ll add @Sobrbiker to my contacts though, I’ll need some of that Vaseline in 4/15 when it’s finally my turn to get a ‘stimulus’. God, I hat the ****in government...
  20. Lol! No doubt. Gotta love the optimism of youth
  21. mattys281

    46A East?

    That’s awesome man, congrats to you guys! Great ram!
  22. mattys281

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    Congrats! Buck of a lifetime for sure
  23. mattys281

    Tagged Out, First Coues Deer

    Heck yeah! Nice one, congrats!
  24. mattys281

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    this was from the October coues hunt this year. Just under 700 yards away across a canyon. There was a couple coues does feeding a few hundred yards below it at the bottom of the hill.
  25. mattys281

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    It’s possible, I only know of one guy that has stalked one and killed it (archery). I’ve glassed up 3 of them, and my buddy’s glassed up a couple and called a couple in. All I can say is it’s a dang hard hunt and takes a good helping of luck.