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  1. mattys281

    Nash’s first buck

    Outstanding! Congrats to the little man!
  2. mattys281

    Buying a 4runner …need some real feedback

    Sounds like she’s better at drafting and trail braking then you are I got the wife one a couple years ago after her RAV4 was snow bound for the second time in a month. Our is a 2019 sr5 with the v6 and came from the dealer with a lift and little bit bigger tires. Great 4 wheeler. Way better in the snow and on rocky washed out forest roads then my ram1500 is. I think that thing would climb a pine tree if you wanted it to.
  3. I've spent a couple weekends with these guys over the last month, first at Streets of Willow Springs in Rosemond California back in September & then last weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Can't say enough good things about their program. I've been riding since I was in my early twenties, and have raced previously at the amateur level. I had no idea how much I didn't know. Their coaches are top notch, and I sure gained a lot from the program. We had sportbike guys, adventure/touring riders & even harley guys in the class. It doesn't really matter what type of bike you throw your leg over, this training is an absolute blast, and you will learn a ton of stuff! Plus, let's face it, it's hard to have more fun then riding a 200hp 1000cc sportbike on a closed course/race track...
  4. mattys281


    This happened to me a few weeks ago. Someone got my logins and started posting items "for sale" here and on a motorcycle forum I'm on. For those of you that don't know, here's how it works: Most/many discussion forums are very weak on security. Some will even have a "not secure" sign at the top of your browser next to the web address. Once a site has been compromised hackers on the 'dark web' gain a list of everybody's username and login password. Since most people use exact same username & password for many or all of the forums they're on, they only need to hack one set of credentials and then google search your username which will bring up a list of other forums your are on. They then just keep trying the password for every forum you are on. If you don't want to have this happen to you, the easiest thing you can do is create a unique password for each forum. I know it's a real pain in the butt to keep track of a bunch of passwords, but if you don't they only have to get your credentials for one site and then they can easily log in to your account on all the forums you're on that use the same username/password combination.
  5. mattys281


    I got it back & changed my login. Hopefully that solves it. Thanks again!
  6. mattys281

    Vortex Kaibabs 15X56 $450

  7. mattys281

    Vortex Kaibabs 15X56 $450

    Comes with Outdoorsman’s stud placed and the the eyecup to attach to your phone. Will need the Outdoorsman’s phone adaptor plate. Lens covers and case. Paypal F&F $450 Shipped
  8. mattys281


  9. mattys281

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    My boss got some pics of it, around golf ball size for the bigger ones. We were having a company picnic at the Ramada thingy at Watson lake north of prescott when it hit. dang near everybody that works there has a vehicle that was beat all to heck, many of them being totaled out. that was a helluva storm!
  10. mattys281

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Over $13k in hail damage to my wife’s 4runner, plus a split skull from the hail. A blown down fence, and a house that had water running down the walls in literally every room from the hurricane caliber wind driving rain in sideways. I’ve had enough of this crap, I’m ready for the drought to come back please
  11. I’ve got a house up in the prescott area that needs some repair work done. There’s some brick walls and flower beds that need fixing and the driveway needs some patching/prettying up. contractors in this area are booked waaaay out and they’re outta their dam minds on pricing, so if somebody does this type of work and wants to earn some side money I’ll be happy to pay them cash in hand. Text (602)908-2931 thanks Matt
  12. mattys281

    Pray for me, my wife is already with god.

    So sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Don’t try to bare it alone, talk to your loved ones and let them help. God bless you, sir
  13. mattys281

    Who knew this person could be the voice of reason?

    Truth is stranger than fiction... I’m voting for the giant meteor in 2024.
  14. mattys281

    No Mano y No Mano

    Wow those are great pics! That would be pretty cool to see. Thanks for sharing Mr Edge
  15. mattys281

    Bear Wallow Cafe closed?

    Glad they’re still kickin. We never head to 27 without eating there at least a couple times.