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  1. mattys281

    First muley with a bow

    Great muley, congrats!
  2. mattys281

    1987 Suzuki Samurai Tin Top

    Dang sweet rig! I’m sorry I missed that ad, I’ve been thinking about getting something like that
  3. So I guess they’re going to hire a couple thousand more tree cops and pay them to hike every ridge in the state on a weekly basis to check for cameras? good luck with the enforcement on this one
  4. No, I mean Presidente Trump, in honor of our Mexican brothers & sisters that are being put back in their place by his strong leadership. He's doing more for them then their half-butt leader with his "hugs, not bullets" BS. And once the cartels are officially designated as terrorist organizations, I think he'll do a lot more for them.
  5. We need to petition presidente trump and get him to run a branch off his wall up the west bank of the Colorado River while he’s building, keep that trash where it belongs
  6. There’s little point in contacting this POS. The better move is to contact the other state reps from rural districts and make sure they will vote against it.
  7. mattys281

    Must be the full moon

    I believe @trphyhntr knows some gals that can help you out for a nominal fee
  8. mattys281

    My 2020 Mexico DIY Hunt

    Sounds like a great adventure. Congrats to you guys!
  9. mattys281

    Anyone find a 3x3

    And money. At least with his gals he knows the price up front. Wish I would’ve seen the price tag on my ex before I decided to buy.
  10. mattys281

    Anyone find a 3x3

  11. mattys281

    Too late for the muley rut?

    Killed a small spike buck in Az in August then I hunted a week in Ok and got my butt kicked on public land. After that I went up to Nebraska for a few days and had some better luck on private ground.
  12. mattys281

    Anyone find a 3x3

    Good luck man. Hope you find your unicorn.
  13. mattys281

    Too late for the muley rut?

    Haha I know the feeling. I’ve killed three deer in the last six months and still get so dang excited when it’s time to shoot.... i guess if I’m ever not excited, it’s probably time to find a new hobby
  14. mattys281

    Too late for the muley rut?

    Here’s a little one I missed the other day. Not sure how that happened, shot right over him. Guess I still get too dang excited... heres one I had at about 45 yards a few days before that. He busted me trying to range him and then he turned around instead of stepping out. Another real amateur maneuver on my part.... anyhow, been seeing a lot more movement in person and on trail cam this week. Seems like it’s heating up to me. You should have a good hunt
  15. mattys281

    First deer ever!

    Congrats on your deer! Good stuff.