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  1. mattys281

    41W Sheep 2019

    Awesome ram! Way to go
  2. mattys281

    Pops 2019 buck

    Nice work gentlemen. Congrats on an awesome trophy.
  3. mattys281

    43B Ram down

    Awesome ram! Congrats
  4. mattys281

    My Kaibab buck

    He’s a nice one! Congrats
  5. mattys281

    Coues to Midwest Whitetail Conversion

    Yotebuster nailed my line of thought. Look at the minimum entrance scores from p&y and b&c and you should be able to draw a pretty easy ratio to use for the score. coues deer are fun and can be challenging, but having recently got my butt kicked on eastern whitetail I think us western guys often don’t give them their due. Eastern whitetails on private land can be a slam dunk (sometimes). Eastern whitetail on public land can be every bit as tough as hunting out here, at least with archery gear. Five days of hunting Oklahoma public land, I never got to pick up my bow. 3 days on private ground in Nebraska and I had close range opportunities every day.
  6. mattys281

    Missing hunters in Mexico

    Terrible news. Sounds like Mexico is almost as dangerous as Chicago or DC.
  7. mattys281

    Black Friday Deals

    https://www.pnumaoutdoors.com/system/all-weather 30% of pnuma gear. I’ve got the Selkirk all weather jacket and bibs. They are warm, wind proof and have kept me dry in persistent snow and light rain. Haven’t got to try them in heavy rain yet. Rogerssportinggoods.com also had a really good deal going on Sitka gear last week. I picked up a coldfront jacket and bibs for about 40% off. Not sure what they have left now, they were getting low on sizes last week.
  8. mattys281

    Albino Coues Whitetail Deer😳😳😳

    Very cool. I’ve seen an adult mule deer doe that was all white once. Pretty rare
  9. mattys281

    Buddy’s buck

    Nice one congrats!
  10. mattys281


    Happy thanksgiving everyone
  11. mattys281

    The boy tagged a nice little buck

    Really nice one! Congrats to him
  12. Congrats to him! Great buck
  13. mattys281

    The Big 3

    Outstanding buck! Congrats
  14. mattys281

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Man! Outstanding buck. Put my name in the jealous column. Congrats to her!
  15. mattys281

    My sons 1st coues

    That’s a nice one congrats to him