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  1. mattys281

    Gas Prices, how high will they go?

    Trish Regan was on the Dinesh D’Souza show the other day. She’s predicting up to $9/gal. yeehaw, guess we all better go buy one of those fancy EV’s 🤣
  2. mattys281

    Monday Check in

    That water weight is no joke. I weighed myself before and after a couple runs last week. Sweat out just under 2# over 6 miles and 2.8# in 10 miles.
  3. mattys281

    Monday Check in

    Seem to have broke my plateau, kept ramping up the cardio with some weights mixed in. Started at 187ish last weighed in at 163#.
  4. mattys281

    Monday Check in

    I’d need a centimeter tape for my little string bean arms. That’s ok though, American gals can’t understand inches much less the metric system
  5. mattys281

    Meme Of The Year....and I know we're only two days in...

    😂 that will be a tough one to beat!
  6. mattys281

    Monday Check in

    That’s probably a much better way to measure progress than just counting pounds. I’m sure I gained some muscle, but really haven’t done anything to measure but look at the scale.
  7. mattys281

    Are you really going to shoot a fork?!?!

    Congrats, he’s a good one!
  8. mattys281

    Monday Check in

    I started doing cardio every day instead of every other and broke my plateau, 170.2# on the scale this morning right after a 5 mile jog. Gettin there….
  9. mattys281

    A coues with my kid, and a puppy

    Nice buck! Congrats
  10. mattys281

    The wife got it done

    Outstanding! Congrats to her. Wish I could get my wife to give it a try.
  11. mattys281

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everybody. Hope you enjoy it with the ones you love the most.
  12. mattys281

    Punched 2021 tag

    Congrats that’s a nice one! Got some character for sure
  13. mattys281

    All gone

    Any chocolates still available? thanks
  14. mattys281


    I’m down in Coyote springs, it’s been the same here. Nice slow steady drizzle. Perfect!
  15. mattys281

    Ode to the AZ trail Camera, The End

    F the g&f, f the IRS, f the fed, the state and every other petty tyrant that thinks they’re part of some modern day feudal lordship system that can screw with us peasants at will. I can’t wait for bird watching season to start next spring. Although, since I still have a few hanging on trees, I guess the season never really ended, did it? I consider it a moral obligation to resist would be dictators that want to micro manage every aspect of your life.