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  1. mattys281

    Last Day pig

    Very nice, man. Congrats
  2. mattys281

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    G&f has signs up in my neighborhood (groom creek, south of Prescott) stating that bowhunters cannot shoot within 1/4 mile of an occupied structure, period. If you read the note in the regs for 20a it also says this, it’s just illegal no matter who’s permission you get. Im sure antis have something to do with it, but in talking to the neighbors it also has a lot to do with a lack of respect for private property rules. Apparently some “Hunters” feel it’s ok to drive their side by sides up and down the neighborhood streets and jump out to try to spook deer out of people’s yards so they can shoot them. This plus people having deer walk through their yards with arrows in their hams (happened this year) and other non-vital hits. i don’t know about other units, but it’s not just a problem with antis and Californians here: bow toting jackasses are equally responsible in this unit.
  3. mattys281

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Had about 4” on my driveway in Prescott this morning. Still enough left to go sledding with the kiddos after work this evening. Good times!
  4. Nothin wrong with that. Pulling wire's a good trade, especially if he goes the lineman route.
  5. Looking for another set of hands in my machine shop. I've got 5 CNC's right now, and may be buying number 6 at some point this year. At this point, I can't really justify a full time employee as I can pretty well keep them running on my own, but I could use some part time help so that I can free up a few hours to get caught up on my office/paper work and process improvement projects. I'd like to throw this out there to anyone that has a college student in the area studying engineering, science major or something manufacturing related. A high school kid is fine too as long as they have reliable transportation, and intend to study one of the fore mentioned topics when they finish high school. I expect I can keep them busy 15-25 hours per week. Start at $15/hr. Schedule can be flexible around class times, I'm usually there between 5-6am and stay until at least 6pm, usually 6 or 7 days per week, so we can certainly work something out. What they will learn from me: - Set up & operation of CNC lathes & Mills - Blue print reading - Inspection & QC - Process improvement activities - Calibration - Hand finishing - Depending on how long they stay with me, may get into CNC programming & manufacturing engineering What I expect from them: - Reliability. I don't tolerate people I can't count on. - Honesty. I've been doing this a long time and can get past just about any honest mistake. I can't tolerate someone that tries to hide their mistakes or is otherwise deceitful - Willingness to learn and take on any necessary task. Every shop has some dirty grunt work that has to be done. I'm the owner and I'm not too good to sweep floors or clean a toilet, so my employees won't be too good for it either. Anyone interested can contact me at: matt@zerotolmfg.com.
  6. mattys281

    33/37 Archery Hunters

    I only got to hunt one day this season, but got into a herd about an hour into the morning and then my buddy glasses up a lone javi an hour or so before dusk. That was northern end of 37b. Not bad for a one day hunt. good luck, hope you find some.
  7. mattys281

    Year of the mule deer

    That's one helluva year. Congrats to you and your son, those are great mulies!
  8. mattys281

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    Awesome congrats to her!
  9. mattys281

    Unique buck

    He does have some character. Congrats, a great addition to the wall!
  10. mattys281

    Archery Javi Minimum Arrow Weight and FPS?

    put one in the right spot and it should work. Lots of kids killing whitetail deer with light tackle. Should be fine for javelina. If he’s shooting over 30# and is accurate enough to get the job done I wouldn’t worry a whole lot over calculators and chronographs at this point
  11. Welcome to the site & good luck on your hunt. I've killed a couple spot & stalk hunting, but most of mine (muleys & coues) have been sitting ambushes. The same tactics you used in Oklahoma & NY can make you successful in Az. The main difference is that the deer population & concentration is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less here than either of those states. It's not uncommon to sit for a day or two and see nothing but birds & squirrels here, but then other days it seems like every deer in the county is around your stand. Deer here have much larger ranges than their eastern cousins, so a "good spot" will often not have deer everyday. If deer pass through it consistently every 3-5 days, it's still a good spot. Just my experience, but most of my trail cams will show daily use for several days in a row, then almost nothing for 2-7 days, then they're back again. It's a waiting game and long hours are the rule of thumb. I've had opportunities at small bucks within minutes of getting in a tree before, but usually I sit for 2-4 days before I kill something. My buddy that I hunt with just killed a 90" coues deer this August on his third morning. A few years before that I killed a 113" one from the same stand on the 3rd or 4th morning, can't really remember now. Last year he killed opening morning and I got mine on the fourth evening. Just gotta commit and sit it out all day. Never know when one will show up. As you're probably going to have very limited scouting opportunities, it's not a bad idea to set up an ambush in a high saddle or on a ridge top overlooking a trail in a spot where you can also glass for the first couple days. Scout & hunt at the same time. If your glassing reveals deer hanging out in a certain area you can either stalk them or switch over and set-up an ambush over there the next day. There's no rule saying you have to hunt one way or the other, you can mix it up. I used to glass during the mornings & into the afternoon & then sit in saddles the last 1-2 hours of the evening if I hadn't found anything to spot & spook yet.
  12. mattys281

    My 2018 Desert Buck **More Pics Added 11/28***

    Great buck! Congrats to you
  13. mattys281

    Persistency pays off

    Congrats! Nice looking buck for sure.
  14. mattys281

    Employment Opportunity

    Trying to hire people is a nightmare. I don’t miss those days a bit. Good luck with your search. Over the years I spent in management, we always had better luck hiring young guys to sweep the floors and then training them to do other stuff after they proved they could show up to work reliably and understand simple directions.
  15. Congrats man, awesome buck!