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  1. mattys281

    Happy Birthday America!

    That’s crazy how they had and kept enough documentation to trace down that family history 200 years later. Very cool stuff!
  2. mattys281

    Happy Birthday America!

    Thank god for the USA, that was born on this day under the ideas of liberty, equality, opportunity, individual freedom and the responsibility that goes with it . We’ve had our share of problems along the way, but nothing at all is perfect in this world and this country is FAR more good than it is bad. We’ve lifted 100s of millions out of poverty around the world and provided freedom from tyranny to our own citizens and many millions of foreigners as well. thank god for all the brave that have worn our uniforms, our Leo’s and first responders that guard the line between civilization and chaos, and for all the moms and dads that raise their kids right, and teach them to stand for that flag and love the country that has given so many gifts to so many people.
  3. mattys281

    WTH is the Black National Anthem??

    Lmao! Those guys are awesome! Sometimes a ‘like’ just isn’t enough
  4. mattys281

    WTH is the Black National Anthem??

    I’ll never watch a pro sport game again. That’ll be an easy boycott for me, I’m not much of a fan anyway.
  5. mattys281

    New Axisworks 6.5 Creedmoor

    That’s purdy! Eric makes some nice ones
  6. mattys281

    bars, gyms, theaters , tubing ect

    I'm willing to give the gov the benefit of the doubt and say that they over reacted in March due to bad data from China & ignorance about what we're dealing with. However, there's been data from antibody testing around the world since as early as April that showed conclusively that in Germany, South Korea, California & New York (and certainly more places, but these are the ones I specifically heard about) this disease was already waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more wide spread than they thought and packing a mortality rate 25-40x lower than what was original predicted. I also remember that in March our brilliant government in their infinite wisdom was saying 15 days to slow the spread. It was acknowledged that we could not stop the virus, we just needed to buy some time to let the hospitals get ready so they weren't over whelmed. At some point, however, a point that was actually very very early, the goal-posts started moving. There's even people talking about "we won't get back to normal until there's a vaccine". REALLY??? How's the vaccine for SARS coming along? HIV??? We've been working on that one for at least the last 40 years. Everybody know all along that cases would spike again when people went out and started moving around and going back to work. Why the heck is it suddenly a surprise, they talked about it in March. Gov. Cuomo himself stated that not one patient in NY died from lack of care. Not one! The epicenter of this mess, plus their idiotic government doing everything they could (like shoving covid patients into nursing homes with old folks) to make it the biggest disaster that they possible could, and they still couldn't over whelm the health care system. I have sympathy for anyone that gets it or has a family member get it. I also have sympathy for the people that are going to die of heart disease and cancer this year, and those diseases are going to take a helluva lot more than covid will. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I was wrong: My BS detector started beeping right out of the gate on this one & my first thought was 10% virus, 90% political BS. I now see clearly that it was and still is 99.999% BS. We can handle covid. We can't handle a decade and possibly an entire generation of state dependency & poverty.
  7. mattys281

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Wow! Very shocking and sad news. Condolences to his family and friends
  8. mattys281

    New bow or new strings?

    My business is essential too, but 90%+ of what we do is aerospace, and nobody’s flying. At least not for the moment
  9. mattys281

    New bow or new strings?

    Nice! I was gonna treat myself to a new one for my bull tag too, but then the Chinese bat flu made me poor. Instead I just built some heavier arrows. those new hoyts are pretty sweet. Enjoy!
  10. mattys281

    Mask Requirements

  11. mattys281

    Mask Requirements

    A few weeks ago there were stories that states were starting to reevaluate their covid deaths to get a more accurate count. Most prominently I remember the gov of Colorado talking about it, as they’d over counted by as much as 25% I think the number was. But as with any bit of good news surrounding the bat flu those stories are short lived and not usually remembered when making policy
  12. mattys281

    Mask Requirements

    And you have to keep in mind that 0.3% is a blanket of ALL age groups. If you spend some time digging through the several thousands of lines of data on the CDC website you find that for younger people the flu and pneumonia are more deadly, then they catch up around mid forties to 50 ish, the covid becomes more deadly for people in their 60s and 70s, then around 75+ it’s all neck & neck again, because at that age many people would get knocked out of the saddle by a stiff breeze or literally ANYTHING! And it’s important to note that the cdc data is based only in confirmed test results, it does not include all the people who never identified they had the virus. If you factor in all those people, covid becomes less dangerous than the flu and pneumonia for all age groups under 60. But of course it is much more highly contagious, so it’ll still out score the flu in the long run, but this thing is not the Black Plague or anything even close. we were duped. Dr Fauci needs to be tied to a stake and shot in the face with a ball of his own feces.
  13. mattys281

    Mask Requirements

    I agree to the point that California is not representative and their mortality rate may well have shifted. NYC’s mortality was much higher, although it was influenced heavily by their local leaders’ decision to throw covid patience back into nursing homes with obviously extremely vulnerable populations. With any disease , you will inherently see a drop off in mortality rate after the initial hit that ravages the vulnerable. That’s an ugly fact, but a lot about nature is ugly. I consider it a worth while effort to shelter the vulnerable, but that could have been done without shutting down the worlds economy and courting the disaster of global poverty. the part that really pisses me off is that they already know their models and data were bad at the outset, but they keep persisting with the same line of bs. To me it’s painfully obvious that a certain perspective is being pushed and any countervailing arguments are being intentionally silenced. That’s worrisome to say the least.
  14. mattys281

    Mask Requirements

    This is a total bs number. It’s not 0.5% mortality. It’s 0.5% of severe cases that are bad enough to get tested and require some sort of medical attention. Antibody testing showed that in April over 4% of LA county more than 400,000 people had already had the bat flu and most had no idea. They just got over it at home: also in April, antibody testing showed that up to 25% of NYC had already had it and over 20% of New York State had already had it. Why isn’t this in the news? It was never widely reported on mainstream media, even though it was coming from credible sources like the cdc and UCLA that did the study in LA county? A couple doctors in Bakersfield, both ER docs who were highly trained in infectious disease, had a press conference on it and the video was almost immediate removed from YouTube as ‘false information’. According to those docs, the covid mortality rate was approximately 0.03% in California at that time. when you have multiple experts that are all educated experienced and qualified to evaluate data and surmise conclusions, but the government, the media and major platforms like YouTube and Facebook all agree that they’ll only give air to one side of the argument, what do you call that? Sure sounds like conspiracy to me. So then the question is why? What are they going to gain? Chase the money and political power (although I repeat myself there don’t I?). as for hospitals being overwhelmed in Az, that’s total bs. Sorry, I’ve got a brother and his wife that both work in the medical industry in the west valley. Their hours were cut and their hospitals were almost empty. I took my daughter to the ER in Prescott Valleyba few weeks ago, it was a ghost town. Not one other person in the ER, we were in and out in about an hour. Their ‘covid unit’ they had set up in the parking lot was also completely empty. the data shows its highly contagious and most likely we all will get it (and many already have and just don’t know it yet), but the mortality rate is less than 1/25th of what the government claims, and that’s been proven by antibody testing in Europe, Asia and the good ole US of A.
  15. mattys281

    Mask Requirements

    Yep, that's my story too. My older brother has it now, just tested positive a week ago. As of yesterday, he says it's no worse than any cold he's ever had and not nearly as bad as a hangover. No hospital needed. My younger brother works at a pharmacy down in Litchfield where they're doing testing. He says over 70% of the people they test are coming back positive. They proved with anitbody testing that this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more widespread and not nearly as deadly as initially though way back in April. Yet here we are with the media and dumbsh!t politicians still trying to fear monger, second wave, cases are spiking blah blah blah. I just don't know how we've tolerated their crap this long. AT first it was 2 weeks to slow the spread, then 30 days to keep from overwhelming the hospitals, and then somehow we went from slow the spread to stay locked down until a vaccine is here? WTF??? Who they heck ever signed up for that? How many decades do they need to come up with a vaccine for HIV? What about SARS? Even if they do claim they came up with one by the end of the year, my family isn't going to be the guinea pigs they test that poison on. Maybe five years from now after it's go some mileage on it, but no way your sticking that crap in me or my kids on the first go-around. Now after all these riots & crap & mass protests full of unmasked people, they still want to try to push their BS. Good luck selling us that story again.