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  1. mattys281

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    Awesome! Congrats to her and to mom and dad
  2. mattys281

    Sons 2019 muley

    Congrats to him awesome buck!
  3. Great video. Thank you for sharing your tips. subscribed
  4. mattys281

    Wifeys AZ Rim Country Archery Bull (Pics)

    Very cool! Congrats to her
  5. mattys281

    First Az Archery Coues

    Congrats that’s a fantastic buck!
  6. mattys281

    In case you missed it :)

  7. mattys281

    Last Day Bull (pics)

    Congrats! Great bull on any day
  8. mattys281

    Wife gets it done

    Very nice congrats to her!
  9. mattys281

    24b sucks

    I’ve definitely not given up, just backed out for a few years. I’ve killed a couple in there and know it’s great habitat, just needs to quiet down a little. It’ll bounce back.
  10. mattys281

    24b sucks

    I agree with the op. No deer left, best to look elsewhere. in all seriousness I had a real decent honey hole tucked away in there that got found out a few years ago. No longer a honey hole. its a big unit though, I’m sure there’s lots of other decent spots. Good luck big10
  11. mattys281

    In case you missed it :)

    Of course she campaigns in the west. People get killed for voicing their opinions in most of those other places.
  12. mattys281

    In case you missed it :)

    Saddest part is that these emotional idiots don’t even realize they’re just pawns that the ‘environmentalist industry’ is playing to make money. Solar panels, windmills, hybrid/electric cars, recycling trash collection trucks, etc etc all cost money to buy and pollute the environment to produce and install with diesel burning tractors and cranes, aircraft, plowing new roads to maintain thousands of acres of these monstrosities, and on and on... being green earns corporations and their share holders hundreds of billions per year and causes way more damage to the environment than it prevents. Good job killing the Earth you bunch of rocket scientists. Seriously, how did NASA miss scooping up these geniuses right out of grade school???
  13. mattys281

    Curious little bear

    I’m no bear expert but to me it looked just about the size when mama chases them off so she can breed again. I would guess 80-100# size range. Looked pretty young too.
  14. mattys281

    Wounding bulls

    I think you raise another excellent point with the tracking. A bad hit with a tough tracking job can be soul crushing and demoralizing. It’s easy to want to quit. I’ve been on a couple that took hours and hours to finally find the animal. At times I thought his is pointless why bother? Kept going anyway and recovered them. I think one of the best things a person can do in this situation is call for help. Your buddy will be less emotional and more rational than you when they arrive on scene, plus having another person participate helps keep the motivation up to keep trying. It’s much harder for a person to quit in front of someone else than it is when you’re alone. My hunting partner has been crucial in helping me recover a couple animals. Could I have done it alone? Probably. But it was much easier and quicker with the help.
  15. mattys281

    first archery coues

    Man that is an awesome coues! Congrats!