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    Who knew this person could be the voice of reason?

    Truth is stranger than fiction... I’m voting for the giant meteor in 2024.
  2. mattys281

    No Mano y No Mano

    Wow those are great pics! That would be pretty cool to see. Thanks for sharing Mr Edge
  3. mattys281

    Bear Wallow Cafe closed?

    Glad they’re still kickin. We never head to 27 without eating there at least a couple times.
  4. mattys281

    Arizona women target serial killer of Heber wild horses

    I believe they do in Australia. I think they eat them too, as most of the world does. Americans have overly sympathetic emotion views on certain animals that most people do not share
  5. mattys281

    Arizona women target serial killer of Heber wild horses

    Same argument they made over Cecil the lion. Eco tourism brings in tens of dollars per year for local economies. 😂 it’s a joke
  6. mattys281

    Any Crypto traders out there?

    Not to thread jack, but hopefully to add to it: im curious what firms are people using to buy physical precious metals? I’ve been pulling back on the stock market the last couple months and considering some crypto and metals with the prospect of astronomical inflation on the horizon
  7. mattys281

    Kim divorce

    She’s gonna regret that when Kanye wins the POTUS in 2024
  8. mattys281

    Elk archery setup

    This. Having read about a million ‘I can’t find my elk’ stories on this site and others, it’s quite obvious that there’s plenty of ways to screw up what should be an easy shot on an animal with a huge kill zone. I’ve personally completely missed one at about 20 yards. I’m know stranger buck fever when it’s trigger time, but nothing I’ve experienced has ever been close to the rush you get when a bull comes in screaming and walks right up to you. there’s lots of men with 70# bows shooting razor tipped telephone poles that lose elk ever year. And there’s lots of ladies with little 40# bows and short draw lengths that manage to put one in the boiler room and take home some meat. Work on staying calm and making a good shot and you’ll be fine
  9. mattys281

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    Congrats! Twice...
  10. mattys281

    Building a water catchment

    Cmon man! Give Jason some props, that guy puts in some serious work and makes some nice informative videos
  11. mattys281

    Building a water catchment

    It’s an awesome hobby and you’ll catch pics of stuff you didn’t even know was around. Years ago I got pics of a jaguarundi in southeastern Az. Had no idea those things even existed, much less in Az. There was a guy in here named Jason Miller that put together some really cool videos he’d done with trail cam pics and videos. Has a cool YouTube channel jason Miller outdoors. Check him out
  12. A real tragedy. Guy does 8 in the Corp, including a tour in Afghanistan, comes home and gets killed for doing his job as a security guard by some POS. https://www.kmov.com/news/family-of-slain-metrolink-security-guard-speaks-about-outpouring-of-support-he-is-so-missed/article_d11cafd2-65ce-11eb-b7c8-7f1ae0fb5427.html?block_id=680478 If anyone wants to help his widow, here's a gofundme link. https://www.gofundme.com/f/expenses...mes-cook?qid=080d8df85380749c4dba3522a2727a95
  13. mattys281

    GameStop Craziness!!

    It’s a pretty bad precedent that brokerage firms like Robinhood and others get to decide who can and can’t trade any security. Those companies have revealed themselves for the scumbags they are, so if anyone stays with them it’s their own fault from this point forward. they should be sued out of existence. Also, if this episode has revealed anything at all it’s that people should be allowed direct access to the exchanges, it’s nothing but a money making scheme to force people to go through obviously corrupt gatekeeper organizations
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    Wow! Biggin for sure!
  15. mattys281


    Nice work. Sounds like one helluva run. you have any pics of that cat on the ground?
  16. mattys281

    Trail camera rule changes!

    To Whom It May Concern: I'm writing to you in regards to the proposed trail camera ban. I understand that there has been some conflict and controversy over this issue. Perhaps I am misinformed, and I hope you'll correct me if I am, but my understanding is that this issue is largely contributed to by guides and/or outfitters using large fleets of cameras and hired scouters while conducting commercial activities on public land. If this is the case, I don't think it's appropriate to pass laws that are punitive to weekend hunters, most of whom have very few cameras, if any. I personally am a small business owner and normally have very little time to hunt, sometimes getting only a couple days to hunt per season. While I certainly can still hunt without them, I find them to be a very enjoyable activity in their own right, and quite frankly I don't think they increase my success rate. If anything, they've lessened it, as when I get a picture of a nice animal on a camera it helps me to hold my fire on smaller juvenile animals. As I mentioned, I have very limited time so I've never been one to be a real picky "trophy hunter", but I've found that since I started using cameras it's much easier to let spikes and fork horned deer walk by unmolested. It's also a fun family activity. My kids love going for hikes and looking for new spots and then later checking pictures to see what we find. I think it's a great activity for hunter recruitment and retention. In addition to these personal points, I believe Game & Fish may be bypassing a very valuable research opportunity here. As an organization, you often ask hunters to give feedback through harvest surveys, etc. I also recall some surveys about turkey & bear sightings in the past. Why not create a page on your website where people can give you pictures and very accurate locational information about animals you're interested in? I live in unit 20A south of Prescott, I've got pictures, date and GPS coordinates of bears, lions, and turkeys in this unit that I've found with trail cameras, all of which I'm more than willing to share. In closing, if the real issue here is conflicts that arise from commercial entities, then why not hold them responsible on their own? It's common practice to hold businesses to different standards in this country, via taxation & zoning, waste disposal, etc. Please don't hold the hobbyist to count for the excess of the professionals. Thank you for your time.
  17. mattys281

    Stalkzone Sneekerz?

    I know some guys that are super sneaky and do it with boots and no coverings of any sort. I’m not that sneaky or patient. The number one benefit of going ‘boots off’ for me has always been that it forced my clumsy butt to slow down
  18. mattys281

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Absolutely. This has been the most conveniently timed and over exaggerated thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I know some people have suffered greatly from it and I certainly mean no disrespect or lack of sympathy, but public policy should not be made be cherry picked anecdotal data points, it should be made by statistics and macro level thinking. The out right censorship of anything that disagrees with the government approved narrative has showed that’s not been the case. for the last several weeks I’ve been making a concerted effort to not listen to politics, but last I heard there were studies showing that the infection and transmission rate was very low amongst teenagers and even more so amongst younger school children; hence they should be very low on the priority list. That was all I meant.
  19. mattys281

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Statistically speaking, people 20 and under are more likely to get crushed by a falling pine tree while in Yuma then they are of having a serious reaction to Covid. The moral thing is to tranche it by risk groups, elderly and high risk preconditions first, then first responders then whoever else
  20. mattys281

    Gotta love those seniors

    Funny thing about boobies: after you’ve seen a couple thousand of them... you still want to see the rest
  21. mattys281

    Enough moisture?

    I wouldn’t trade you for a minute. I did my 15 years in all that sunlight and thank god every day it’s over
  22. mattys281

    Enough moisture?

    Here’s the wife’s lifted 4Runner. Just may not get to work today... haha!
  23. mattys281

    Enough moisture?

    Well after about 2 days of nonstop snow we’re up to about 25-30” on our property at around 6000’ elevation in the mountains south of Prescott. im no expert on the subject, but from what I’ve read winter snow does more good than later rains, as the slow melt of the snow allows for much more of the snow to be soaked up into the ground and stored by plants. Not to mention the melt from the higher snow on the peaks will keep creeks running and riparian areas green for far longer than a little rain will. Sure rain is always a good thing (at least in Az), but this snow is the best thing that could’ve happened to us after a couple long dry summers. at least that’s what I’m telling myself now so I don’t get too PO’d while digging out my truck to go to work.
  24. mattys281

    Enough moisture?

    We got a good 4” of snow at my place south of Prescott. Supposed to dump a bunch more tonight. Fingers crossed.
  25. Haven’t been to either of those units in years, but from what I understand 32 has some major issues with accessing public land. i used to hunt 31 and had some good luck. Never saw an illegal there and plenty of cacti as I recall. I haven’t hunted the far southern units much, but the only one I ever saw illegals in was in the Santa Rita’s south of Tucson. They were a pretty sorry looking bunch. They weren’t the ones hauling drugs, they were the ones heading to Home Depot so they could cut grass for $5/hr