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  1. AgraffAZ

    Anyone still need to kill an elk on the 3c late archery tag?

    1(480)599-6024 Thanks for the help man!
  2. AgraffAZ

    Anyone still need to kill an elk on the 3c late archery tag?

    I have a buddy in that unit now and he hasnt been having much luck. I am sure hed love to sit that water.
  3. This is a little late because I killed this buck in October but I thought I might share it. Last year on the 22 youth hunt I had the opportunity to harvest my first deer and I couldnt have asked for anything else. he was a great first buck however I looked forward to the 2017 draw to see if I could top him. When the draw results were posted I was excited to find I had drawn a 23 Youth Hunt. As the hunt grew near I became more excited and was set on just killing a coues bigger than my previous. The week of hunt came around and my good friend Ty and I drove up a day early to try to put our eyes on a buck. Long story short we got to our spot however we were unable to find deer and even glass for the matter because we got my 2 wheel drive tundra stuck a couple of times for a total of around 6-7 hours haha. After finishing the day finally unstuck with the help of Tys dad and brother we had to start the hunt without knowing where any bucks were. Friday morning came around and we found a small 2x2 mule deer. I had my heart set on a coues buck so I passed him quickly. Friday night came around and Tys dad and brother had to leave and we still had not seen a buck I wanted to try for. My dad ended up meeting us later that night however he planned on leaving the next afternoon. Saturday morning came and Ty, my dad, and I began to glass. We found a couple does and and some cows but we never put our eyes on a buck. At around 11:00am we came upon a water hole where we busted 2 deer without being able to tell if they were bucks or does. We decided to sit the water during the day just in case any deer decided to water but nothing came in besides a falcon hunting the tweety birds. At around 2 we decided to pack up and head to a new spot for the last evening we were able to hunt. After a lot of persuasion and persistence I finally got my dad to allow me and Ty to stay for the evening hunt and he headed back home. Ty and I got to the spot we wanted to hunt around 3-4pm and we were focused on finding a good buck. After glassing for around an hour and a half we hadnt turned anything up but we knew they were going to be getting up from their beds any minute. At around 5:30pm I glasses a doe and after about a minute of watching era and looking around her I saw movement below her. I started to pick apart the movement and ending up finding another doe. I called Ty over to show him and while he was walking over I caught movement again but this time it was from above the first doe. I watched it for a couple seconds and then I noticed horns on it behind the bush. The buck walked out and I instantly knew we had a shooter! Ty got to me and we quickly threw the phone slope on him to get some footage then started to get ready for the shot. I ranged the bush he was at when I first saw him and it was at 330yds. When I got setup for the shot I ranted him agin and he was now at 350yds. Ty gave me the go ahead and I squeezed the trigger. BANG! I could here ty saying Low low low, shoot again and I put the crosshairs on him again and let another one fly. I could here Ty saying, You hit him in the leg. One more time and just aim a little higher! I located the buck again and squeezed one last time. After the shot I could hear Ty saying, Hes down! Ty watched him roll into a bush and he took a picture so we could located him in the dark. After about an hour we had made it to a pile of boulders that we knew was where he was standing because of Tys picture. We started to look around and at the base of a bush I could see the butt off a coues on the floor. We made some quick calls to my dad and Tys dad and then put our hands on the buck. He was even bigger than we had thought and that was because he had the biggest body I had ever seen on a coues deer!! we pulled him from the bush and set him up for the much deserved pictures. Many hours later we had the buck packed out and in the truck. This hunt is one of those that you will remember forever. With the help of many people Ty and I were eventually able to put down a great buck and we were able to do it with just us two in the mountains. I wouldnt change anything about this hunt and am grateful for the opportunity we were given. Thanks for reading! heres is a pic of my last buck and this bucks euo(that I only have until the taxidermist needs the horns) that I did myself I think I can say I beat my last years buck
  4. AgraffAZ

    2017 rifle coues biggest buck to date

    Dang! That think looks like a mule deer! Haha Id say around 115. He has crazy mass no doubt. Congats on that stud!
  5. AgraffAZ

    2017 deer hunt!!

    Great buck! Congrats
  6. AgraffAZ

    Lets see your best

    Oct 14, 2017 Youth Hunt 113
  7. I killed this buck on my youth hunt this year while hunting with only my buddy. He scored right around 113
  8. I killed a nice buck on the youth hunt but I cant figure out how to attach pictures.
  9. AgraffAZ

    Skull cleaning

    Get something like a screw drive and pop out the eardrums. After that everything will come out real easy!
  10. AgraffAZ

    Mixed Emotions

    That's a great story! Congrats on the bear Keith.