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  1. WACem44

    Jim White Pan Heads for Sale

    He still have one left! Price is $260
  2. I'm selling for a buddy that went to the Outdoorsman Pan head setup. He has two Jim White heads and four (two of each size) shoes $500 Will break up one head with two shoes (one of each size) for $260 Both in great condition and Pan and Tilt awesome! Craig is his name 520-403-1327 Text works best! Email craigtps@msn.com He is in Tucson, however runs to Phoenix usually once a week! PLEASE DO NOT PM ME FOR DETAILS. TEXT OR EMAIL ABOVE
  3. WACem44


    Still have this?
  4. WACem44


    No trade yet? Do you still have it?
  5. WACem44


    I don't blame you!
  6. WACem44


    Interested in any trades? I have a Bad Bull muzzleloader X-Series? With a Z5 Swarovski on it? I also have a brand new ATACR 5-25x56 34mm Scope, never been mounted on anything!
  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words! I wasn't sure how she was going to do seeing that she is a "Pretty Princess" as you can tell by her pink dance shirt that she has on. She did have a camo long sleeve shirt prior to the stalk but got hot on the way. She asked if she could take it off and keep the pink undershirt on. With the cover we had I knew it wouldn't be a problem and I thought to myself how fitting this was going to be that she would shoot this buck with her pink shirt on! She keeps very busy with here dance schedule during the week and weekend and it's hard to get her in the field as much as I would want. Although I had her shooting out to 700 yards to get her prepared for this hunt so I knew she could make the shot. It's amazing how calm and cool "girls" are when it comes to shooting. I had buck fever and was shaking more than she was...
  8. This hunt will go down as my favorite! My 10 year old daughter sealed the deal on Saturday with her first Coues. I want to thank Big Browns with the awesome find of this bedded buck!
  9. WACem44

    AZGFD and Portal for Leftovers

    I called in the local Tucson office yesterday and they told me what I drew! They had over 4k worth of applications for leftovers though. They were still trying to get through them all today...
  10. WACem44

    Swarovski sts 80 HD 25-50 eyepiece

    If it's the scope and eyepiece I will let it go for $4,000. I do have the TLS-APO for it as well if you are into digiscoping and the Swarovksi Spotting Scope Rail II.
  11. WACem44

    Swarovski sts 80 HD 25-50 eyepiece

    I have a STX 95 that I would trade if you can add something elseto the deal? I want to get the Kowa's!
  12. WACem44

    BNIB SLC 15x56 Swarovski SOLD!

    Where are you located?