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    Thats awesome, Im heading down there in a few weeks for the HAM hunt... Did you see many? we hunted it last year and did not see a lot, I think 9 in 5 days... Congrats!
  2. Tikka

    First Coues hunt

    Awesome, congrats to you and Cory... They are addicting!
  3. Tikka


    that's a good deal for someone...
  4. Tikka

    Two Point Tuesday

    oh he!! yes, I'd love to get a big two like... Nicely done!!!!
  5. Tikka

    Coatimundi Forms?

    I am looking for options on coati forms they seem to be hard to come by, I can only find one on McKenzie and I don't like it much. Anybody out there have any leads? Thanks in advance
  6. Well done and congrats on memories to last a lifetime!
  7. This is good stuff, you’ve got plenty of support rooting for ya!!!
  8. Tikka

    FS: 25-06 Reloading Setup: SOLD

    Good deal for someone looking for added components. I'm in need of just the dies.
  9. Tikka

    For Sale Reloading Components

    sent you a text Thanks
  10. Tikka

    For Sale Reloading Components

    what are your thoughts on price for the 25.06 die?
  11. Tikka

    Leica Spotting Scope FS

    you have me thinking...
  12. Tikka

    Tikka T3x vs Bergara B14 HMR

    Tikka!!! and never look back
  13. that's a good looking bullet/case combo
  14. Tikka

    Leftover Shrinkage

    Yes, I did post this on social media... The difference is you and I do not get paid by sponsors for our content we post here... Well at I don't, so therefor you or I do not have exploit any hunting places states or potential sleeper units in order to keep follower's and sponsors happy and liking their content... It's a double edged sword...
  15. Tikka

    Leftover Shrinkage

    You can thank social media for this all over the west... Randy Newberg, Hushpuppies & Steve Rinella just to name a few...
  16. Tikka

    Activists in the draw

    Hushpuppies are the worst
  17. Tikka

    Where is I?????

    Correct, he loved eating fritos... don't take this the wrong way because I'm not trying to be a dick, but for internet searching purposes its Tooele Army Depot... https://www.monstermuleys.info/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.pl?az=show_thread&om=9104&forum=DCForumID6&archive=yes
  18. Tikka

    Gould's success!

    one of my favorite places to be... Congrats on a great bird....
  19. Tikka

    Slik PRO 724 CF - New In Box

    That's a sweet deal for someone in the market... I just bought the Slik Lite CF-422 or I'd pick it up...
  20. Tikka

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    Just returned from my first Javelina Hunt... let me just say you guys that live in Arizona, I’m a little jealous everywhere I’ve been in your state has been really enjoyable... Anyhow back to the hunt, day one my first 20 minutes and I passed 2 pigs at 60yds... I didn’t want it to end that soon... well little did I know that could have been the wrong decision... Saturday morning comes around and we spot 3 more fighting and chasing each other up and down a hillside... well I miss them 3 times at ranges from 220-330yds... I wouldn’t see anything else until Monday morning... Monday we wake up to a little snow on the ground with high hopes for some good tracking... well the snow didn’t provide anything fresh as far as tracks go and the wind was terrible... I just about called it quits for the morning when I glasses up two Javies about 1500yds out... so off I went and got into 120yds and the rest is history... i had a great time as always...
  21. Tikka

    1st javalina

    Pretty cool, congrats to the two of you...
  22. Tikka

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    I used the Rem ultimate muzzleloader in .50 cal. I know it’s always a gamble, I just didn’t want the hunt to end before it really even began... I don’t think I’ll do that in the future...
  23. Tikka

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    Sure wished I new the trick for rotating the pictures, sorry guys...