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  1. My youngest is ready to move up to an adult bow, so this one can go. left hand, drawnlength adjustable 19” to 30”, draw weight 20ish to 70ish, whisker biscuit.
  2. Bailer41

    Outdoorsmans micro panhead $250

  3. Outdoorsmans micro panhead. Used a handful of times and in great condition. I switched to a pistol grip. $250
  4. Bailer41

    Vortex Viper 15x50 sold

    Viper 15x50’s in excellent shape, just planning to upgrade. Outdoorsman stud and adapter not included. No box, unless I’m able to find it tomorrow. $350
  5. Bailer41

    Vortex Viper 15x50 sold

    Sale pending. I’ll go to next in line if it falls through. Thanks!
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    Both my boys have outgrown this shotgun. It’s in good condition, and comes with original box and all of the spacers for adjusting length of pull as the kids grow. $200
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    Yeah, it’s what I kept in the tent with me on a fishing trip in grizzly country a few years ago. I think I had alternating slugs and #4 buck in it.
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    Yes, Gilbert
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    Price drop to $200.
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    Great story!
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    12AW or 12BW ?

  12. Bailer41


    Sold. Good luck on your hunt big browns.
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    Used a few times in the back yard with an air rifle, and once at he range. Both my kids shoot just as well off sticks, so I'm not going to haul this around. $80
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    Big browns has dibs on it.
  15. Bailer41


    I'm in Gilbert.
  16. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt cybertec $100

  17. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt cybertec $100

    I recently upgraded, and my trusty old Hoyt cybertec is taking up space. Left hand, draw set somewhere around 27-28, 67-68lb. New strings and cables last year. Drop away rest, don't remember the brand Hoyt quiver Stabilizer, don't remember the brand. Needs a sight, otherwise ready to go. I can include a bunch of 400 spine arrows that are too light for my new rig.
  18. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt cybertec $100

    Yeah, for years I'd shoot expensive new bows and be underwhelmed. A couple bows this year were finally enough better than the old Hoyt to make me pull the trigger. Congrats on your daughters goat.
  19. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt cybertec $100

    http://hoyt.com/uploads/manuals/c47077a8e6e627188a03a850abe766ac72c92a98.pdf Page 16
  20. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt cybertec $100

    Attempting to attach pictures
  21. Bailer41

    Ruger .22 handgun comparisons

    I like the grip angle on the 22/45. It's accurate enough and 100% reliable. It's more of a pita to strip for cleaning than other models.
  22. Bailer41

    20c youth

    I'm getting ready to send in my leftover app, and am pondering the 20c youth for my 11 year old. Anybody had the hunt and willing to share how suitable it is for a first timer kid. At this point I would limit his shots to <150 yards. I broke my oldest in on the Kaibab doe hunts, but this ones 0-2 drawing it. If it's tough to even glass up deer I'll have him wait another year. Thanks in advance.
  23. Bailer41

    Tikka t3 7mm owners

    Yeah, my superlight 30-06 loves 180 Barnes, barely shot Hornady into 1". Haven't tried Nosler with it
  24. Bailer41

    New Hunting Pack

    I have the Metcalf, really like it so far.
  25. I see a lot in my Co OTC elk area. I really need to get up there with the dogs.