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  1. Bailer41

    Photo Radar

    Payson PD is going to try to tear my truck apart if they get me speeding? Im not agreeing to a search, so on what probable cause?
  2. Bailer41

    Decided to keep it

    Sorry, I don’t want to split.
  3. Bailer41

    Decided to keep it

    Like new BTX and 85mm. Phone scope stay on cover has been on it since day 1. Glass is perfect. Only issue is from new the right eye cup doesn’t extend. I always run mine all the way in, so I never bothered sending it back. I have both boxes with the warranty cards. $4000 firm. I’m in Gilbert, but travel the whole state for work.
  4. Bailer41

    Coues Backpack Hunt Optics

    Pack extra water in on your scouting trips
  5. Bailer41

    Youth bow question

    I’m in same situation as your son, shoot my bow left handed. Definitely take him to a good shop to get fitted.
  6. Bailer41

    22 road on the kaibab.

    On the early hunt it was open at least to the 429.
  7. Bailer41

    Grand Falls

    It looked like it was running at Cameron when I crossed the bridge yesterday.
  8. Bailer41

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    Yes. This guy was bedded in the aspens.
  9. Bailer41

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    Nice report, and nice buck!
  10. Bailer41

    12aw late

    I drove home from the 12ae muzzy hunt Sunday afternoon. Highways were still open and fine. Dirt roads in the burn had a couple inches. The heavier storm was just rolling in at that point. The check station was closed at noon on Sunday, which surprised me.
  11. Bailer41

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    There’s some abuse, not sure how often it actually happens. In theory my wife with 14 points and me with 2 apply together for something like 12aw early. We average to 8 and both draw. She turns hers in and continues to build points for a strip hunt someday. I hunt the kaibab with 2 points. Under the current system she can do that for me once. Under your system we do it every year forever.
  12. Got a bunch of Thor bullets I don’t need in a package deal with a used rifle. 50 .501 300 grain $50 15 .502 400 grain $15 https://www.muzzle-loaders.com/thor-bullet-full-bore-conical-300-grain-1449.html
  13. Bailer41

    tempe area mechanic

    Carwashes usually have a relationship with someone who gives them a good deal taking care of damage. It’s not necessarily a bad thing unless that shop gives you a bad vibe.
  14. Bailer41

    Pistol Steel Question

    I shot Tuesday steel regularly for a few years. I had one piece of someone’s jacket come back and get through my jeans and into my leg. Had to drop pants and dig it out. Wear eye protection to prevent a serious issue, otherwise have fun.
  15. Bailer41

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf $350