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  1. Bailer41

    GPO 12.5x50

    I’m open to offers. Also, will be working in southern Az Monday/Tuesday if anybody down there is interested.
  2. Bailer41

    Glock 20 10mm $450

  3. Bailer41

    Glock 20 10mm $450

    Nearly new, box or two of rounds through it. Box and 2 magazines. $450firm. I’ll add pictures later in the weekend.
  4. Bailer41

    GPO 12.5x50

    great shape. $850. Would consider trades for swaro 12el’s or 15x56hd plus cash on my end.
  5. Bailer41

    Beretta 21a .22lr $225

  6. Bailer41

    Beretta 21a .22lr $225

    Great shape. Clearing unused stuff from the safe.
  7. Bailer41

    Maven C1 10x42 $300

  8. Bailer41

    Maven C1 10x42 $300

    Maven C1 10x42’s. Excellent shape. I picked them up used a couple months ago to try. Decided that the 8’s and 12.5’s I already have do everything I need. $300
  9. Bailer41

    Primers and bullets

    Cleaning the garage and found some stuff I don’t need: approximately 400 Winchester large pistol primers approximately 500 win small pisyol 200-250 Laredo 210 gun .452 lead rn 1/4 a 1/3lb titegroup It’s all been sitting in the garage for several years, first 6 pack of decent beer takes it. Gilbert, az
  10. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt Ignite youth bow $300

  11. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt Ignite youth bow $300

    Thanks. I Replied.
  12. Bailer41

    LH Hoyt Ignite youth bow $300

    Price too high or nobody needs a lefty kid bow? Open to reasonable offers
  13. My youngest is ready to move up to an adult bow, so this one can go. left hand, drawnlength adjustable 19” to 30”, draw weight 20ish to 70ish, whisker biscuit.
  14. Bailer41

    Outdoorsmans micro panhead $250