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  1. $1400.00 OBO. The Roadmaster InvisiBrake is a fully-automatic supplemental braking system that stops your towed vehicle in tandem with your truck camper. Plus Roadmaster Allterrain tow bar and accessories.
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    Glock 22 S&W 40 Cal.

    I have this Glock 22 with 2 10 capacity mags. $375.00 or OBO comes with ammo. glock2.docx glock1.docx
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    A price drop Glock 22 40cal

    S&W gen 22 Glock. With 2 10 capacity mags and ammo. $375.00.
  4. dchamsr06

    Glock 22 S&W 40 Cal.

    Price dropped.
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    Glock 22 S&W 40 Cal.

    I'm in Peoria.
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    Glock 22 40cal

    Hello I have a Glock 22 40cal with 2 ten round magazines for sale $475.00.
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    Just an FYI it is illegal to breed Desert Tortoise.
  8. I would be willing to trade the towdolly for something of equal value. Anyone might have a Ruger 9mm LCR, or a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm.
  9. Ok I'm changing my strategy so I'm selling everything. Going to buy a Jeep to pull behind my RV. The Coleman 500 is selling for $5200.00 OBO. Flatbed Trailer 6' X 9'5" I will throw in the trailer to the one who buys the Coleman and the towdolly is $500.00. I bought the Coleman new in April 2015. It has 50 hours on it. It has a wench and a Sizemic front rack. The other 2 items I picked up used. Both the trailer and towdolly have good tires. Trailer free with the purchase of the Coleman. I am willing to deal.
  10. The Coleman and flatbed have been sold. Nice Towdolly still available.
  11. Still open to offers.
  12. Trailer free with the purchase of the Coleman. I am willing to deal.
  13. Nobody needs a nice rig?
  14. The sportsman's Warehouse is selling the Outfitter 500 $7900.00.
  15. If any of you are concerned with the performance of the Coleman I can tell I have had no issues at all. I owned a Rhino 450 for 9 years prior to the Coleman. They both performed equally well. Always get me to where I want to go.
  16. This Saturday Wildlife Day at the Sportsman's Warehouse. Come out and have fun.
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    Free Event Wildlife Day at Sportsman's Warehouse Phx

    Come on out have some family fun!!!
  18. Hello, I’m Dennis Chamberlain. I am the president of the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Auxiliary. We are a 501C3 nonprofit who helps Arizona Game and Fish feed and maintain the animals at the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center locate at 2800 W Pinnacle Peak Rd. Phoenix 85027. The Sportsman’s Warehouse has agreed to allow us to have a fundraiser in their parking lot on November 19 2016 9AM to 5 PM.. We are going to have many of our animals there for the public to enjoy. We will have Hunter the bobcat and Magnum our Golden Eagle at specified times that day TBD. We would like for you folks to join the fun. This event is in lieu of our annual open house. We will be raffling off an Ruger 556 (AR-15) $5.00 a ticket or 5 for $20.00 (ONLY 400 tickets will be sold). Bring the family and join the fun. Lots of fun for the kids games and face painting. Sportsman's Warehouse 19205 N. 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ Thanks Dennis L Chamberlain Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Auxiliary President
  19. I don't think that Game and Fish would do anything that might hinder the hunting experience for anyone. The sad truth is that by 2020 there won't be enough license sold to cover expenses. The Millennials seem to have very little interest in hunting. When that happens we will probably see large jumps in license fees.
  20. Hi everyone I'm the president of the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Auxiliary. We work with native Arizona animals. We rehab them and also the ones that can't be released back to the wild we use them for educational purposes. We do several expos and wildlife shows yearly. During these shows we sell merchandise to raise funds to feed and maintain our animals, We are looking for a popup trailer that we can convert to a merchandise trailer. We are a nonprofit so we don't have a large budget for a trailer. We were hoping someone might donate a trailer. We can give a receipt for tax write off. Or sell us something very cheap with a donation letter. Thanks Dennis Chamberlain.
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    Donation or inexpensive pop up trailer

    Thanks to those who responded.
  22. The Jazzy is in great shape asking $700.00.OBO Rear rack is new. Setup for the smaller receiver.$125.00 OBO The bike is in good shape asking $175.00 OBO. My brother brought the Jazzy and rack and found his Fiat couldn't maintain the weight on the back. He paid more for the Jazzy than the asking price. His loss your gain.