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  1. $1400.00 OBO. The Roadmaster InvisiBrake is a fully-automatic supplemental braking system that stops your towed vehicle in tandem with your truck camper. Plus Roadmaster Allterrain tow bar and accessories.
  2. dchamsr06

    A price drop Glock 22 40cal

    S&W gen 22 Glock. With 2 10 capacity mags and ammo. $375.00.
  3. dchamsr06

    Glock 22 S&W 40 Cal.

    Price dropped.
  4. dchamsr06

    Glock 22 S&W 40 Cal.

    I'm in Peoria.
  5. dchamsr06

    Glock 22 S&W 40 Cal.

    I have this Glock 22 with 2 10 capacity mags. $375.00 or OBO comes with ammo. glock2.docx glock1.docx
  6. dchamsr06


    Just an FYI it is illegal to breed Desert Tortoise.
  7. dchamsr06

    Glock 22 40cal

    Hello I have a Glock 22 40cal with 2 ten round magazines for sale $475.00.
  8. I would be willing to trade the towdolly for something of equal value. Anyone might have a Ruger 9mm LCR, or a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm.
  9. The Coleman and flatbed have been sold. Nice Towdolly still available.
  10. Still open to offers.
  11. Trailer free with the purchase of the Coleman. I am willing to deal.
  12. Nobody needs a nice rig?
  13. The sportsman's Warehouse is selling the Outfitter 500 $7900.00.
  14. If any of you are concerned with the performance of the Coleman I can tell I have had no issues at all. I owned a Rhino 450 for 9 years prior to the Coleman. They both performed equally well. Always get me to where I want to go.