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  1. Sor-Chancho

    Results are up

    Pops and I will be archery hunting in unit 9 this year.
  2. Sor-Chancho

    November Hunts

    What part of the unit will you be focusing on?
  3. Sor-Chancho

    In Need of Swarovski Adapter

    In need of a Swarovski adapter. Please let me know if you have one and how much you are willing to part with it?
  4. Sor-Chancho

    Swarovski Tripod adapter

    I will Take it for $50.00. I live in Florence. Let me know when you can meet?
  5. Sor-Chancho

    ***Price reduced***Jeep 1980 CJ-7

    Pm sent
  6. Sor-Chancho

    ***Price reduced***Jeep 1980 CJ-7

    1980 CJ 7 4X4 with hardtop. Manual transmission 4 speed. 4.2 high output straight 6 cylinders. Shackle reversal, new carb, new radiator, and all seals recently replaced. Under hundred thousand original miles. Interior a little rough but can be cleaned up well. Asking 6,500.00 or best offer. May be willing to trade for landscaping.
  7. Sor-Chancho

    ***Price reduced***Jeep 1980 CJ-7

  8. Sor-Chancho

    ***Price reduced***Jeep 1980 CJ-7

    I will sell you the hardtop for 7499.99 and throw in the Jeep for a penny more.🤡 Thank you sir
  9. Sor-Chancho

    Chevy 1500

  10. Sor-Chancho

    Swarovski BTX, Extender, 95mm package

    3800.00 cash in hand for complete package. Respectfully submitted.
  11. Sor-Chancho

    In Need of a Garage Fridge.

    Nothing Special. Just need one to hold the overflow and cold drinks. If you have one or know someone looking to get rid of one please let me know.
  12. Sor-Chancho

    Montana Black Gold sight - price drop again

    Good Sight
  13. Sor-Chancho

    Swarovski BTX eyepeice

    Everyone, once sportmans is out of stock again!!!
  14. Sor-Chancho

    20x56 kiababs

    missing a digit
  15. Sor-Chancho

    Queensland Heeler Pup

  16. Sor-Chancho

    Bushnell game cameras

    I think its says 12 right on the box! Maybe its 112!
  17. Sor-Chancho

    Looking for youth bow

    There is one on camofire now!
  18. Sor-Chancho

    Leftover Results in the Portal

    Do you happen to have a copy of what was left over? The link is not working on the site.
  19. Sor-Chancho

    Looking for youth bow

    Check Camofire.com. The recently had two different complete setups that looked decent for a brand new archer. I am sure they will offer them again within a week, or at least they usually do. Both setups where under a $100.00.
  20. Sor-Chancho


    Did Camerlandny.com stop selling vortex riflescopes?
  21. Sor-Chancho

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder zt Turbo

    what is the draw currently set at. I know it says #3 cam.
  22. Sor-Chancho

    Wtb vortex razors

    what did you pay for them? Pm me.
  23. Sor-Chancho

    Vortex Razor Spotting Scope

    How is the clarity with the vortex Swarovski combo?