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  1. Believe these are both RCX-1's. One comes with a back plate as seen in pictures. I used the back plate one 1 time. Both in perfect condition. $100.00 for both shoot me a text 480-358-5193
  2. Awesome! They are all hers. I work in the airpark area if you want to meet tomorrow. My phone number is at the top of this listing if you want to send me a text to figure out when we can meet.
  3. Alright no more price drops. I would rather give these away to a young hunter. Anyone have a kid that is getting up in the hills and would put these to use?! I am located in Scottsdale but will be driving through Prescott and Chino tomorrow evening.
  4. Ill let you know. I might be going with the VX-6HD
  5. Ill keep you posted. Eric should be finished with my Rifle next week. Ill need something pretty soon!
  6. Lance.....Why are you doing this to me?! I need this!!
  7. Tannert

    Garmin Xero A1i Right Hand - Like New $550

    wow that is cheap!!
  8. Tannert

    Hunting items FS

    AZBIG10 for some reason my PM does not work. Can you shoot me a text? 480-358-5193
  9. Tannert

    Hunting items FS

    Ill take the wise guy release
  10. Tannert

    For sale NIB Sig Kilo 2400abs $1200

    "Display model in like new condition" Regardless, just letting you know what other people are seeing out there.
  11. Tannert

    For sale NIB Sig Kilo 2400abs $1200

    Already have one...bought it slightly used off a CWT member for far less. Was just trying to give you some help as it seems as if yours has had no interest. GLWTS
  12. Tannert

    For sale NIB Sig Kilo 2400abs $1200

    Just and FYI you can buy this brand new on eBay for $1050.00 OBO with Free shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sig-Sauer-Ballistic-Calculating-Rangefinder-Kit-7x25mm-KILO-2400ABS-SOK24701/183710197316?epid=16032162587&hash=item2ac5fb2644:g:4o8AAOSw7C5cR48L:sc:USPSPriority!85260!US!-1
  13. Used for a long time. Just upgraded to a Sig 2400 ABS. Have no use for this. Works how it should. Believe this is a 750 yard range finder. $100.00 shipped. Price drop $75.00 Price drop $50.00 Text me 480-358-5193
  14. Tannert

    leupold RX-II Rangefinder for sale

    Price drop $50.00
  15. Tannert

    leupold RX-II Rangefinder for sale

    Price drop $75.00
  16. Tannert

    .22 ammo for sale

    How much for all of it except the Federal Copper plated since AZDiamondHeat is taking that?
  17. Tannert

    Delete sold

    Interested as well.
  18. Tannert

    rifle build

    Eric from AxisWorks. Hands down the best.