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    6 pack charters

    sorry hadnt seen this post, I got that part figured out. its not a bad deal at all. trying to figure out when we can book a trip. Was suppose to go to san diego this weekend to see our Daughter get promoted, but they are doing it next month. once I know her dates going to try to get a boat. Ironically her and and bunch of people in her squadron are going on a fishing charter the 3rd of july.
  2. Delw

    Bare shaft tune

    Best write up on the subject I ever seen. we were shown by charles the whys and hows when daughter was shooting competitivly and that took a few days to finally sink it.
  3. Delw

    Any browning A5 Belgium made for sale

    Nor mine, and its 95% or better, plus mine never ate a thumb some of you guys will understand that one.
  4. Delw

    Electronic tags

    And there the same ones who get upset cause G&F doesn't remind them about updating credit cards. think about it. when G&F was charging upfront moneys for tags, there was no issues(except those complaining about G&F using there money for interest collection) then it went to app fees only. there was some issues ir people complaining cause at that time they didnt have enough money in there account and it got declined. then it went to cards, people complained cause there cards were declined for insufficient funds, and cards being rejected cause of hacking or loosing them etc etc. we all know a ton of people that get fraudulent charges on there cards from people stealing numbers, store employees gas station card reader hacks and the list goes on. but yet people still use cards and electronic funds online. back when people used checks and cash sure there was an occasion break in stealling checks from business. thats about it. Actually there was more than a few it was big time scam in the 90s, but people got smart and put there business checks in a safe at work.
  5. Delw

    Electronic tags

    We still write checks. I dont like electronics for banking/paying bills etc etc, put it this way if you can do it electronically so can some little 6 year old chinese kid eating with chops sticks, playing PS4 while hacking into your account. it would definatly help with kill reports thats forsure. but like so many other things with technology it gets abused.
  6. Delw

    Dumb it down...please

    That explains it, every time I type "pawg" in a search engine it comes up with some chick thats usually "pretty" then I was getting my Haircut one day in my Local Ghetto, and some stacked chick walked by , I said WOW, the dude cutting my hair said. " pretty a$$ white girl". the other dude cutting hair said NO thats a PAWG Dog. talking to the guy cutting my hair. learn something new everyday. ;)
  7. Delw

    Dumb it down...please

    I'm still trying to figure out what WOKE means. On the bright side I did finannly figure out what "Pawg" means pretty a$$ white girls But I'm already and Equal opportunity racist and proud of it
  8. Delw

    Electronic tags

    Thats pretty interesting, if this pass's you have to carry your cel phone while hunting. (so much for being away from technology while hunting). The you have to worry about everyone knowing your location while hunting and were you killed your animal. Wonder if they will pass this list out to guides like they do your drawing results.
  9. Delw

    Pulled a deer out of a pothole

    thats pretty cool.
  10. Delw

    Rafael fire

    saw this on inciweb good news
  11. Delw

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    I believe its a back burn
  12. Delw

    Did you know?

    Sammy Davis Jr was a very talented guy.
  13. That is really cool, I never seen one like that. I am wondering if that would hold a jeep tj they weigh a tad over 3000 lbs
  14. Delw

    Credit card updates

    I'm hoping for another reminder I got short term memory loss
  15. Delw

    Outdoor Writer (Tony)

    I mean think about it, dogs are like the homeless and Liberials. The beg for food, , drool all over themselves, then when you kick them outside for crapping on the floor after just coming in from outside, the people around you start sticking up for them and saying poor dog you need to be nice he she couldnt help it. They take your shoes and chew them up. and the list goes on. A cat on the other hand can take care of itself, doesnt beg, stays out of your way. finds its own food if need be. craps in the neighbors yard. and the list goes on. I'm typing this as this dumb dog is hiding under the table because the cats staring at her funny.
  16. Delw

    Mexico hesitation

    some of you guys need to start being honest. Especially you guides and outfitters. Mexico is a 3rd world $hit hole and corrupt as all can be. .its nothing like the U.S and your a dumbass for saying so. unless your comparing it to Chicago NY city etc etc. That being said I know quite a few people that go down there fishing hunting and traveling, but most everyone I know fly in and out to the ranchs/lakes or close to and are driven by there guides/ranch owners to the destination. They wont have issues #1 because the cartels and the mexican gov knows its big money. There going to keep that money flowing cause they get paid too. The problem is when you drive down there yourself your covering lots of ground of people that dont give a crap about you and your money. 3rd world country stuff you take your life in your own hands. Mexico has some of the most beautiful country I have seen, from friends pics and videos and even live chats while there down there. I'm more than likely going to head down there in the next year, but i'm flying. as my chance of getting there and getting home alive go up a few 100% western mexico is far safer than eastern mexico for driving, a few guys I know that live in south texas and used to hunt and fish there all the time quit going in the last 2 years
  17. Delw

    Credit card updates

    so what happens to those special people that take a extra long weekend and dont have time to update there card?
  18. Delw

    Outdoor Writer (Tony)

    Oh yeah there is, but I dont like dogs anyhow.
  19. Delw

    Outdoor Writer (Tony)

    I'm going to play the devils advocate. what exactly has some of these "guys done for the hunting community". we tend to see this all the time people saying so and so was a good guy.. Just because someone is a good guy doesn't mean everyone has to like them. if someone leaves it doesn't mean that people on the board ran them off. what it means is they cant handle a difference of opinions or being questioned on things,
  20. Delw

    Outdoor Writer (Tony)

    That thread was funny.
  21. Delw

    Now For The Good News

    Great, just in time for fireworks on the 4th in your driveway ;)
  22. oh get your mind out of the gutter ;) this was in the back yard again, about 1-2 times a year this Blue heron is in the back yard ,fence,roof even light pole. there are no ponds or golf coarse anywhere around. just a few pools.
  23. Delw


    yes kinda, bass are on the banks and off points as well as the crappie all with in casting distance. problem is.... its hotter than heck out there in the day time, fishing at night and early morning is best, but then you have to deal with snakes and lots of them along the shore.
  24. Delw

    Fires fires fires

  25. Delw

    Fires fires fires

    looks like a bunch of storm clouds moving in, from the south to up north. a few drops here in peoria, no lightning in these storms so thats a plus. That myradar app is pretty cool. on another note, I noticed 2 fires, one real close to pine along the highway then one called the snake fire above that. is that unnamed fire a fire break for pine?