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  1. unit21savage

    WTB savage 110 magpul stock

    Thanks for the info also. Not looking for one right this minute but I will he in a about a month 🙌🤝
  2. unit21savage

    6.5 PRC 143 eldx

    They also have 300 prc
  3. unit21savage

    6.5 PRC 143 eldx

    As you can see they have a stack and at the best price I've seen it on the shelf. Located at Shoppers in Apache Junction.
  4. unit21savage

    WTT/WTS 2019 Hoyt Hyperforce RH

  5. unit21savage


    Too bad you're not interested in a trade for a bow. I even have half a dozen iron wills and a dozen arrows I could throw in if you care to look at my add in here. The 2019 Hyperforce.
  6. unit21savage

    WTT/WTS 2019 Hoyt Hyperforce RH

    For the bow, sight, rest, and quiver... I was thinking somewhere around $700. I know bows drop in price so it's kinda tough to come up with a number. Let me know what you think.
  7. unit21savage

    WTT/WTS 2019 Hoyt Hyperforce RH

    Interested in trading this Hoyt Hyperforce. Essentially the Aluminum version of the RX-1 Comes with Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 pin QAD dropaway Tight spot quiver Bee stinger 8" stabilizer I have some of the Limited Edition Easton FMJs if you're interested also. Probably around a dozen cut for a 28.5" draw length and fixed blade Broadheads. String looks like it has good life left. Plastic housing on the sight is cracked. 60-70lb weight adjustment. Does not interfere with function whatsoever. Killed a small buck with it in its current state. Looking for a hunting rifle bare. Calibers I like in order. 300 PRC, 6.5 PRC, 270, 28 nosler, and maybe a 6.5 Creedmoor, I'd entertain a 308 also. Or... Sub compact glock, sig, or Hellcat or... A base level cheap AR-15. I'm a lifelong AZ resident. No criminal history. Happy to do a bill of sale. Have bought and sold many transactions through here so I have references if needed. Please text Nick at 928 270 8428. Located in Apache Junction .
  8. unit21savage

    WTB used vehicle $2-5k

    Hi there I'm very interested. Can you call me 9282708428
  9. unit21savage

    WTB used vehicle $2-5k

    Pm sent
  10. unit21savage

    WTB used vehicle $2-5k

    Thank you but not really what I'm looking for. I appreciate it though 🙏
  11. unit21savage

    WTB used vehicle $2-5k

    Like it says, looking for a running used truck/suv preferably but also interested in cars. Truck was repossessed recently and I just need something that isn't about to fall apart any second.
  12. unit21savage

    97 gen 3 Toyota 4R $900 or trade

    Apparently there's a line of us lol
  13. unit21savage

    WTS/WTT Frenchie Puppy Female

    I have 1 female left and she is so teeny tiny and beautiful! Found homes for several pups through this group already so let's see if we can find a home for this last girl. 12 weeks old up to date on vaccines, AKC papers in hand, 1 year health guarantee. Would love to trade her for a running old used car/truck/van around the 3k range. Asking $2800 cash for her. Feel free to call or text Nick at 9282708428 located in the East Valley.
  14. unit21savage

    looking for POST about Frenchie Pups FS

    My name is Nick 🤝
  15. unit21savage

    looking for POST about Frenchie Pups FS

    It was me my friend. Feel free to text me. 9282708428. My frenchie Instagram is @bearmountainfrenchies