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  1. haywire

    Arizona Elk Society Banquet

    Yep. We get the pleasure of your presence at our table this year!! Looking forward to another great time this year. See you guys tomorrow Houston. We will be sure to look for those of you who are also attending, oh and you to Christian.....
  2. haywire

    Honda 200 ATC

    PM sent! Thanks
  3. haywire

    Quad / ATV Stuff

    PM sent! Thanks
  4. Would love to make the trip down to help, but it was not scheduled very well..... There are juniors hunts this weekend.. Daughter has a juniors deer hunt starting tomorrow. Maybe next time
  5. You may want to pull up the regs online or call them..... The hunt is not "any wmat unit" it is basically all the units to the east, units 1-5. You can scout on your own but it is only a certain number of days prior to the hunt, like a week or two, can't remember for sure. Richard
  6. haywire

    Lab puppys

    More info please.... Bloodline, parents, etc etc etc, price? Anything?
  7. haywire

    Carp Contest?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Now thats funny right there!! Richard
  8. haywire

    Couple rifles for sale...

    Anyone..... anyone? Talked to a few of you guys, thanks. But no takers yet. Richard
  9. haywire

    Black Widows

    Yes price on recurve please.... Richard
  10. haywire

    Slik Tripod

    I have the Slik PRO 713CF and love it! The carbon fiber is lightweight and easy to carry.
  11. haywire

    cell phone amplifier?

    Thats the unit that I have. Well worth the money, except I did not pay that much for it. Works much better than just the antenna alone.
  12. haywire

    New to site ! Trail cam photos

    Great pics!! Thanks for sharing and welcome!! Richard
  13. haywire

    A few critters from today

    That coyote pic is classic!! Thats some funny stuff. Richard
  14. haywire

    Personal best?

    My thoughts exactly. I have a problem waiting for the big one.. All I have shot are little ones, the biggest being a 3x3 with no eyeguards. I get to try it again this year, maybe I will have more patience!! Richard